Lost Love in Times Episode 1 – Couple Stars

Sorceress live in dense jungle Lijing Sky. They never enters China and their goal are supporting Emperor and protecting human being. There is a test to decide who is the deacon of sorceress today. Only deacon can leaves Lijing Sky and protects the world.

Lost Love in Times Episode 1 Recap Part 1:

Lost Love in Times

Head sorceress Tao Yao (Han Xue) dresses white and plays chess with head sorceress Xi Xie (Han Dong). She knows her fellow apprentice worrying about his student Feng Qingchen (Cecilia Liu), but he just watches on her.

Sorceresses climb green vine and run each other. They try their best to pass the test. There are sorceresses loses in the trap, but a girl steps on the wind with purple dress and passes the examination. She is Feng Qingchen.

The emperor (Liu Yijun) watches his princes fight for a bow. A man gets the bow from princes. He is 4th prince Yuan Ling (William Chan). The emperor lets him to fight with 7th prince Yuan Zhan (Xu Haiqiao) for gold sign. However, he find that it’s not gold sign but the stolen seal after Yuan Ling defeats others with 11th prince Yuan Che (Gong Jun). At this time, 9th prince Yuan Ming (Ryan Zhang) is going to arrest him because he stole the seal. Yuan Ling thinks it’s his father’s trap.

Lost Love in Times Episode 1 Recap Part 2:

Lost Love in Times

He escapes to cliff, and falls from it because he is shot. Meanwhile, Feng Qingchen looks for water and saves him while she sees him falling from cliff. She persuades him to leaves because Lijing Sky dislike stranger. He knows she is a sorceress while she says, then he faints.

Tao Yao and Xi Xie knows it while Yuan Lin enters Lijing Sky. However, they doesn’t know Yuan Lin is Yang Star of couple stars, Feng Qingchen is Yin Star. Xi Xie gives Feng Qingchen the key which is very important to sorceresses. He worries about her. Because there is one star must be fallen in couple stars.

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Qingchen returns log cabin to take care of Yuan Lin. He has waken up and just pretends to sleep. She has no idea but to send him to safe place.

Mo Buping (Zhang Gong) sends message from palace that prince Lin disappeared. The sorceress supported emperor was because of enemies. The prince’s life might be known by emperor. He is in danger. Xi Xie decides to find him in Lijing Sky.

Qingchen places Yuan Lin in a flower mirror, then she leaves. He reminds his father and brothers believe rumor and think he is betrayal them, even if he returns seal. He is sad.

Qingchen returns and is curious why Yuan Lin still doesn’t wake up. She tells him she is going to use his blood as herb, so that he will listen to her since then. Asleep Yuan Lin wakes up. She tells him, “You cannot stay here!” He wants to take a look the view of Lijing Sky before leaving.

They walks around a waterfall. Someone looks for Qingchen. She almost falls, fortunately he saves her.

Xi Xie lets Qingchen give previous emperor’s imperial jade to Mo Buping. She guessed Yuan Lin’s identify after her teach left. He wants to protect her to palace for repaying.

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