Delicious Destiny Episode 8 – Mother’s Message

Song Jia Ming gets a call from Yan Juan who calls her as her mother’s friend. Chen Li Hua visits Yan Juan warning her to keep the secret and promises her some money. Yan Juan requires 100,000 hush money. However, Song Jia Ming comes. Chen Li Hua is frightened and accepts her requirement.

Delicious Destiny Episode 8 Recap Part 1:

Delicious Destiny

Yan Juan tells Song Jia Ming that her mother broke off with them before going abroad. Song Jia Ming is desperate because she almost thinks she is going to see her mother. Chen Li Hua follows her and wants to hold umbrella for her, but she hesitates. The mother and daughter walk in the rain, their emotions are different.

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Song Jia Ming (Mao Xiao Tong) trembles and faints on the ground. Chen Li Hua holds her. The rainwater washes their bodies. It’s cold and ruthless. Chen Li Hua opens her phone.

Li Yu Zhe doesn’t see Song Jia Ming in the food festival. He worries about her. Ye Yi Lan gives him her prepared speech draft. He just needs to read it. However, he doesn’t want to say words which she doesn’t believe. He shreds the speech draft and tells everybody his feeling.

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He gets a call from Chen Li Hua while completing his speech. Chen Li Hua holds comatose Song Jia Ming and constantly apologizes to her. She hides in her car while Li Yu Zhe arrives.

Li Yu Zhe (D’Angelo Mike) sends Song Jia Ming to a clinic in the suburbs. She doesn’t wake up until doctors are going to go home. He has to begs doctor to let him stay there all night. Song Jia Ming cries after she knows he takes off and wears clothes for her. He holds her hand after driving away mouse for her.

Li Yu Zhe inquires of Yan Juan about Chen Lan in the morning. She insists she doesn’t know it at all. He gives her all of his money and saves her falling daughter. She thinks to him.

Song Jia Ming wakes up and sees he is socked. He brings vegetable rice cake soup to her. He thinks it tastes good. She is curious on how he chances himself and takes him to walk around village. While they drive boat on the lake, Yan Juan gives them Chen Lan’s phone. Song Jia Ming realizes he begs Yan Juan and prays for her while he leaves his wish note.

Delicious Destiny Episode 8 Recap Part 2:

Delicious Destiny

Li Jian Guo and his wife propose a marriage to Han Xiu Yun after believing Ye Yi Lan (Chen Xin Yu) spends all night with his son. However, Li Yu Zhe stays with Song Jia Ming all night. Li Jian Guo warns his son to quit the show. However, Li Yu Zhe refuses to utilize his love to exchange fortune.

After experiences these things, Li Yu Zhe cannot live without Song Jia Ming. She is happy while seeing his wish note.

Song De Zhong forces his daughter to reveal their love relationship. He wears business suit and takes Peng Fei to Li Yu Zhe’s shop. However they are discovered by Li Yu Zhe. Song De Zhong escapes. Li Yu Zhe packs all of special dishes and sends it to Song De Zhong.

Song Jia Ming calls the phone which is given by Yan Juan. The number belongs to Jiang Xiu Yun who is in bathroom. Chen Li Hua answers the phone and is scared. She lies she doesn’t know Chen Lan and warns her not to call it again.

Song Jia Ming goes home and meets Li Yu Zhe. He lets her not to give up. Li Yu Zhe begs her to give the dishes to her father. Song De Zhong is satisfied with him and reminds her daughter to care more about their love. Song Jia Ming is happy.

Jiang Xiu Yun is disappointed with Li Jian Guo. Because he cannot control his son and buy the house for her. Jiang Li Hua knows the house belongs to Song De Zhong. Hence, she visits him.

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