Love and Redemption: Episode 1 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Chinese drama Love and Redemption: Episode 1. Yuan Lang arrives and asks Xing Xiu if what he says are the two stars. Xing Xiu admits it, and says that there are extra stars in the sky after demon star passed away.

Love and Redemption: Episode 1 Recap & Review

Love and Redemption

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love and Redemption: Episode 1.

Yuan Lang thinks demon star is going to wake up. The follower reports that demon star’s soul appears in burning city, and the soul will travel to human world.

The immortal tells the souls to drink up the memory water. The follower reports to Yuan Lang that war god and demon star will get in human world at the same time. Xing Xiu worries that it will harm demon world. But Yuan Lang points out that they need holy circle to save demon star, and he wants to get the kids both. He tells the follower to look into where war god and demon star will be sent to.

Chu Lei’s wife is going to give birth. But the baby doesn’t come out. He worries about it. The demon follower breaks into burning city. The heavenly guard fights with the demon follower, and opens the gate. The soul gets into the body of Chu Lei’s wife. The midwife tells Madam that she gave birth.

The man tells people that Xuan Ji cannot master the Shao Yang spell of the first floor as she lacks six senses. He casts the fireball to Xuan Ji, and she catches it with her hand. He tells people that she cannot sense the pain.

Xuan Ji casts the fireball back to the man Min Jue, and asks him if they fear it. He says yes and thinks she cannot sense it. Ling Long arrives and takes a look at Xuan Ji’s hand. She is furious to pinch Min Jue’s ear, and threatens to get her dad to punish him if she sees him bullying her sister next time. He explains that they just made fun of Xuan Ji.

Xuan Ji tells Ling Long not to put it into her mind as she cannot feel the pain and get angry. Ling Long intends to get master to beat Min Jue’s ass. Min Yan stops Ling Long, and she asks him which side he takes. He reminds her what Ying Hong wants them to do.

Ling Long tells Xuan Ji that Ying Hong asks them to entertain the men of all sects, and she wants to take her to go downhill. Xuan Ji thinks it isn’t a good news, and she wants to sleep there. Ling Long tells Xuan Ji that they will see some handsome guys. Min Yan tells Ling Long not to misguide Xuan Ji. But Ling Long points out that they’re 16 years old, and they can see anyone.

Gong Zhu uses Wolf Beast to test the disciples of Lize Sect. Yuan Lang thinks it’s too risky. Si Feng shows up and kills Wolf Beast with his sword. Gong Zhu praises Si Feng. Yuan Lang asks Gong Zhu how to deal with the rest disciples. Gong Zhu says that Lizi Sect never raises trashes. Yuan Lang orders to drive those disciples out.

Gong Zhu tells people that he will give Blue Badge to Si Feng and let him take over the business of Lize Sect after he’s victory from the Picking Flower Meeting. Yuan Lang promises to listen to Gong Zhu since he’s made the decision. He reminds disciples the rule that they shouldn’t take off their masks in front of outsiders.

The follower reports to Tang Zhu that Heaven Circle is related to Wu Zhiqi. Tang Zhu thinks he should meet with Wu Zhiqi since he’s his old friend.

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