Love Between Fairy and Devil: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Love Between Fairy and Devil: Episode 1. Orchid wakes up. She runs out of her house to see the tree. She takes off the leaf from the tree. She reveals that the tree is Destiny Tree. She claims that she won’t interfere with anyone’s destiny.

Does Chang Heng Accept Orchid’s Flowers?

Love Between Fairy and Devil

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Between Fairy and Devil: Episode 1.

Orchid introduces her master Si Ming. Si Ming is drunk to tell people that immortals are like humans who have bad luck. The wine drops to Orchid. It reduces her power. Orchid wakes up the flowers and plants. She tells them that they will be fairies like her if they work hard.

But the flowers and plants doesn’t want to be like Orchid. The fairy tears up the portrait of Chang Heng after knowing Orchid has feelings for Chang Heng. She tells her that Chang Heng won’t take a look at her. Orchid cries. She decides to take immortal exam to repay Chang Heng’s grace. She intends to resign after she fixes 500 destiny books. She thinks Chang Heng will come back at that time.

Chang Heng goes to Cloud Palace to see his brother Cloud Emperor. Cloud Emperor mentions Chang Heng defeats the the chief of Moon Clan Xun Feng. He asks him what reward he wants to get. Chang Heng doesn’t want to take the credit because he thinks it’s his duty.

San Sheng thinks Chang Heng is too modest. Li Yuan agrees to what San Sheng said. He thinks Chang Heng has the credit even if Xun Feng isn’t stronger than Dongfang Qingcang. Chang Heng thinks he would kill Dongfang Qingcang even if he’s alive. He wonders why Cloud Emperor summoned him.

Chang Heng is told that Haotian Tower moved. He wonders why it’s related to Dongfang Qingcang. Cloud Emperor leaks that the immortals couldn’t kill Dongfang Qingcang. So they sealed him inside Haotian Tower. Li Yuan tells Chang Heng that Haotian Seal is strong enough.

Chang Heng wonders why Haotian Tower moved. Cloud Emperor reveals Dongfang Qingcang kept attacking the seal. He worries that the demon will break the seal. He asks Chang Heng to protect the seal with him. The fairy Yu Lin visits Orchid. She asks her for the destiny books.

The fairy complains that they were asked to come to the place when Chang Heng came back. Orchid hears what the fairy said. She asks Yu Lin about it. Yu Lin scolds Orchid. She tells her to focus on her odd jobs. Orchid feels happy after knowing Chang Heng came back. She wants to send flowers to his palace. Orchid’s friend tells her to dress up to be a beauty.

Orchid runs into Chang Heng in the woods. She remembers what her friend told her to pay attention to her looks. She tries to fly to Cheng Heng. But she gets hung by the branch. She falls to the ground. He holds out his hand and helps her get up.

Chang Heng tries to leave. Orchid stops him. She tries to hand over the flowers to him. He rejects it because he thinks it’s his duty to kill enemies. She tells him that the flowers aren’t for his winning. She reveals she became a fairy because he told her master to keep her.

Why Orchid Gets Into Haotian Tower?

Orchid tells Chang Heng that she wants to give the flowers to him because he saved her life. But he rejects it again. He tells her that he forgot it. He takes one of the flowers. It makes her happy. She picks up the stone and reminds him that he forgot to take it. He tells her to keep it because he thinks it’s just a normal stone.

Orchid thinks it’s destiny because Chang Heng chose orchid from the flowers. She tells him that she will pass the immortal exam to join his palace. Orchid applies the exam. The fairies don’t remember who she is. Orchid tells Yu Lin that she’s orchid. She tells her that she will defeat all of them. The fairies mock Orchid.

Dong Qing comforts Orchid that the fairies won’t pass the exam as well. The elf agrees to what Dong Qing said. She tells Orchid that they will accompany her. Orchid is moved. She asks the elves for the money. But they tell her not to waste the money.

Orchid tells the elves that she wants to repay Chang Heng. Peach points out that Orchid has feelings for Chang Heng. She tells her that Chang Heng won’t fall for her. She adds that her competitor is Dan Yin who’s the first beauty.

Orchid shows the stone Chang Heng gave her. Dong Qing thinks the stone was given up by Chang Heng. Creeper stops the elves. She asks them if they’re Orchid’s friends. She tells Orchid to go to take her spirit stones from the garden.

Orchid is moved to hug Creeper. Creeper leaks that the spirit stones the elves gathered are in the garden as well. Orchid gets the spirit stones. She thinks she can buy immortal medicine. She finds out that Chang Heng’s destiny is changed. She worries that he will be killed.

Orchid wishes Chang Heng to be fine when he’s reinforcing the seal with other immortals. She remembers what Si Ming told her not to change the immortal’s destiny. She flies into Haotian Tower. Chang Heng reports to Cloud Emperor that there was a fairy falling into Haotian Tower. But Cloud Emperor refuses to open Haotian Tower because the seal was done.

Orchid screams and asks for help when she falls. She finds out that she can fly in Haotian Tower. She flies to Dongfang Qingcang. She touches his chest. She wakes him up and kisses him. She wakes up and touches the frozen tree. The snow drops. She sneezes.

Love Between Fairy and Devil: Episode 1 Ending

Episode 1 of Love Between Fairy and Devil ends with Orchid walking to the girl. She wonders why she wears her clothes. She tries to touch her. The girl grabs Orchid’s hand. Orchid is scared to scream. She thinks the girl is a ghost. The girl grabs her neck and lifts her. She tells her not to speak. She releases her.

Orchid wonders why the girl looks like her. The girl tells Orchid that he exchanged the bodies with her. Orchid asks Dongfang Qingcang what to do. He throws the stone to the sky. The Haotian Matrix shows up. Dongfang Qingcang tells Orchid that she can leave if she breaks the matrix. He thinks they can exchanged the bodies once they leave Haotian Tower.

Orchid realizes that Dongfang Qingcang is the prisoner. She thinks he wants to trick her to release him. He grabs her neck. He tells her that he will kill her if she doesn’t break the Haotian Matrix.

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