Love Between Fairy and Devil: Episode 34 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Love Between Fairy and Devil: Episode 34. Dan Yin tells Chidi Woman that she wants to work for her. She tells her that she’s not afraid of hardship. Chidi Woman stops Dan Yin. She tells her to leave because she feels uncomfortable. Dan Yin leaves Chidi Woman’s room.

Who Kills Die Yi?

Love Between Fairy and Devil

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Between Fairy and Devil: Episode 34.

Chidi Woman is scared to yell because she hears a woman’s voice. The guards show up after they heard the voice. Chidi Woman walks out of her room with a sword. She opens her red eyes. She wakes up and sees the dead bodies. She’s startled to throw away her sword.

Tai Sui gets into Chidi Woman’s body. She recognizes him. He asks her about the feelings of killing her clansmen. He tells her that he has expected the scene. She asks him if he tricked Rong Hao. He claims that he just gave Rong Hao a hope. He laughs when he thinks about her killing.

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Chidi Woman yells at Tai Sui that he cannot move her. He points out that he didn’t come to persuade her. She tells him that she will report what he did to Cloud Emperor. But he thinks nobody will believe her. Chidi Woman calls people. She tells them that she wants to see Cloud Emperor.

Chang Heng reports what Chidi Woman said to Cloud Emperor. But Cloud Emperor thinks Chidi Woman talked nonsense because her soul was hurt. Chang Heng tells Cloud Emperor to prepare for it because Chidi Woman’s soul was eroded by evil spirit.

Cloud Emperor mentions Tai Sui doesn’t have enough power after his body was ruined by first goddess. He believes Xi Yun will deal with Tai Sui’s soul. He thinks Tai Sui cannot damage Immortal Realm. Chang Heng realizes that the most important thing in Cloud Emperor’s eyes is the fight of two clans.

Cloud Emperor mentions Moon Clan hates Immortal Clan. He thinks he won’t deal with Moon Clan if he doesn’t attack them now. Chang Heng points out that Moon Clan doesn’t intend to fight. He thinks Cloud Emperor wants to do the fight because of his selfishness.

Cloud Emperor points out that Chidi Woman has selfishness as well. He thinks she mentioned Tai Sui for Rong Hao. He tells Chang Heng to prepare the wedding of him and Goddess. The immortal tells Cloud Emperor to kill Chidi Woman for avoiding the disaster. Cloud Emperor agrees to the immortal’s plan.

Die Yi flies into Rong Hao’s cell. She reports to Rong Hao that Cloud Emperor wants to kill Chidi Woman. Rong Hao opens his eyes. Li Yuan tries to leave. Dan Yin stops him. She asks him why he asked her to take care of Jie Li. She asks him if he concealed something from her. He denies it and tells her to go to sleep.

Dan Yin walks into Jie Li’s room. She wakes her up. She asks her if she knows where Li Yuan went. She mentions Li Yuan has been weird since she came. She thinks it was related to her. She tells her not to care for Li Yuan because he’s not her father. She leaves her room.

Li Yuan gets into the jail. The chief guard greets Li Yuan. Li Yuan reveals Cloud Emperor asked him to interrogate Rong Hao. He tells Chief Guard to leave with the guards. Li Yuan goes to see Rong Hao. Die Yi shows up. She greets Rong Hao.

Li Yuan mentions he betrayed Immortal Realm twice. He asks Rong Hao to give Die Yi to him. He tells him that he will kill Die Yi after she detoxifies Jie Li’s body. Rong Hao tells Li Yuan to help Die Yi when he kills her. Li Yuan thinks Rong Hao is a bad person.

Rong Hao mentions the immortals are going to kill Chidi Woman. He thinks he’s not match for them. Li Yuan tries to release Rong Hao. But Dan Yin stops Li Yuan. She thinks he would make mistake if she didn’t come. Die Yi catches the chance to release Rong Hao.

Rong Hao attacks Li Yuan. Li Yuan is hurt. Rong Hao tries to leave. Dan Yin blocks his way when she points the sword at him. She tells him that she cannot let him leave because she worries that Li Yuan will be punished. Rong Hao attacks Dan Yin. She avoids it.

Dan Yin tries to attack Rong Hao. Li Yuan calls Dan Yin. She goes to take care of him. Rong Hao tells Die Yi to kill Li Yuan. He walks away. Dan Yin goes to chase Rong Hao. Die Yi attacks Dan Yin. She stops her when she chases Rong Hao.

Dan Yin finds out that Die Yi kidnaps Li Yuan. Die Yi tells Dan Yin to drop her sword. Dan Yin throws away her sword. She asks Die Yi to release Li Yuan. Die Yi rejects it because Rong Hao asked her to kill Li Yuan. Jie Li shows up. She pays her respect to Die Yi.

Li Yuan tells Jie Li to leave. Dan Yin tells Li Yuan not to care for Jie Li because she thinks Jie Li and Die Yi are friends. Li Yuan explains that Jie Li is just poisoned. Die Yi tells Jie Li to pick up Dan Yin’s sword and join her.

Dan Yin tells Jie Li to kill her. But Jie Li kills Die Yi. Die Yi reminds Jie Li that she will die as well. Jie Li tells Die Yi that she cannot control her. Die Yi passes away. Rong Hao walks into Chidi Woman’s room. She falls asleep. He touches her hair.

Jie Li and Dan Yin help Li Yuan return home. He tells Dan Yin to return to her room with Jie Li. He reveals he’s going to confess what he did to Cloud Emperor. Dan Yin wants to join Li Yuan. He holds his two daughter’s hands. He feels guilty for not protecting them.

Li Yuan tells Dan Yin and Jie Li to help each other. He tries to leave. Dan Yin hugs Li Yuan. She tells him that she wants to stay with him when she hugs him. He tells her to get into the room. She rejects it. Jie Li stuns Dan Yin. She takes a look at her father. She takes Dan Yin to get into the room.

Jie Li wakes Dan Yin up. Dan Yin tries to chase Li Yuan. Jie Li stops Dan Yin. She mentions Li Yuan told her that he goes to confess his sins. She tells her that she helped Li Yuan because he prepared the food for her. Dan Yin reminds Jie Li that Li Yuan is her father as well.

Why Dan Yin Takes Jie Li to See Goddess?

Dan Yin thinks Jie Li ruined her father. She asks her why she was hypocritical to save her. Jie Li tells Dan Yin that she did it just for living. Dan Yin points out that Jie Li cannot be alive since she killed Die Yi. Jie Li agrees to what Dan Yin said. She tells her that she doesn’t want to live.

Jie Li asks Dan Yin if she will fool Chang Heng. Dan Yin denies it. Jie Li laughs. She tells Dan Yin that she will betrayed her best friend and fool the lover she loves most for keeping her life. She tells Dan Yin that she killed Die Yi because she had hated her.

Jie Li mentions Die Yi forced her to do the things she didn’t want to do. Dan Yin thinks the man Jie Li loves will forgive her since she killed Die Yi. Jie Li doesn’t believe Shang Que and Orchid will do that. She adds that she doesn’t want them to do so even if they do it.

Jie Li thinks she’s such a bad woman. She thinks everyone can live well without her. She thinks Li Yuan is a fool. She mentions he was nice to her when she pretended to be cute. She doesn’t want to get the love which she got through trick.

Jie Li tells Dan Yin that she doesn’t want to tell lies anymore. She passes out because of pain. Dongfang Qingcang thinks Orchid will get her memories back if she takes the medicine. Shang Que points out that the medicine is only suitable for old people.

Dongfang Qingcang asks Shang Que why he’s always against his plans. Goddess shows up. She tells Dongfang Qingcang that she has known that he and Orchid had been in love. It makes him believe that she remembered their past. But she shakes her head.

Goddess explains to Dongfang Qingcang that Chang Heng told the love story to her. She tells him that Orchid won’t come back. He thinks she’s Orchid. She denies it. She tells him that the one who stands in front of him is Goddess. He disagrees to what she said. He thinks Orchid is alive.

Goddess tells Dongfang Qingcang that she will get married with Chang Heng three days later. She walks away. Dan Yin helps Jie Li walk. Jie Li trips. She thinks it won’t be useful even if she goes to the place. Dan Yin mentions Goddess is a good doctor. She thinks Goddess can cure Jie Li.

Jie Li tells Dan Yin to give up her. Dan Yin carries Jie Li to walk. They arrive at Siming Palace. Dan Yin rings the bell. Shang Que shows up. He sees Dan Yin and Jie Li. He takes them to see Goddess. Dan Ying and Jie Li pay their respect to Goddess.

Love Between Fairy and Devil: Episode 34 Ending

Episode 34 of Love Between Fairy and Devil ends with Dan Yin walking to Chang Heng. She asks him if they’re friends. He admits it. She asks him if he wants to get married with Goddess. She asks him if the marriage is really the thing he wants to get. She tells him that she has wished him to have feelings for her.

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