Love in Contract K-Drama: Episode 3 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Love in Contract K-Drama: Episode 3. Sang-Eun hands over the bank card to Ji-Ho. She tells him that it was his mistake. She walks away. He wipes off his tears. He remembers he wanted her to be his wife after she had told him that it had been her mistakes in her previous marriages.

Why Principal Manager Gives the Tickets to Ji-Ho?

Love in Contract

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love in Contract K-Drama: Episode 3.

Ji-Ho takes a look at the marriage contract. He thinks it’s time to make Sang-Eun not tell him that it’s her mistake. He opens his door and lets her in. But he notes that Hae-Jin is holding his wife’s hand. Sang-Eun notes it as well. She shakes off Hae-Jin’s hand.

Hae-Jin mentions he saw Ji-Ho held a knife and a woman’s photo. He asks Ji-Ho to explain it. Ji-Ho explains to Sang-Eun that he faces serial killers in real life. He tries to drag her into his house. She rejects it because she worries that he’s a serial killer.

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Hae-Jin tells Sang-Eun to call police. Ji-Ho has to confess that he’s a judge. Hae-Jin asks Ji-Ho to explain the knife and the photo of a dead woman. Ji-Ho tells Hae-Jin that they’re related to the case he’s looking into. Hae-Jin asks Sang-Eun to explain why she had left her house for two days.

Sang-Eun tries to explain it. But Ji-Ho stops her. He tells Hae-Jin not to care for their lives. He takes Sang-Eun to get into his house. She feels happy when he hugs her. But he pushes her away when he changes his shoes. He walks away.

Sang-Eun is surprised that Ji-Ho is a judge when she cooks for him. She tells him to leave the kitchen because she thinks she can handle it on her own. He’s embarrassed to smile. He cleans up the mess she made. Sang-Eun tells Ji-Ho to enjoy the meal. She asks him why he called her honey early. It makes him cough. He explains to her that he worried that Hae-Jin would do something bad to her. She smiles.

Sang-Eun tells Ji-Ho that she plans to have a date. She leaves his house. Someone takes photos of Sang-Eun when she’s driving. Ji-Ho walks into the office. Yoo-Mi tries to introduce Sang-Goo to him. But he tells them not to look stressed. He gets into his office.

Yoo-Mi thinks Ji-Ho mocked them. Sang-Goo walks into Ji-Ho’s office. Ji-Ho hands over the papers to Sang-Goo. He tells him to leave. The principal manager shows up. He places the tickets on the table. He tells Ji-Ho to watch the show with his colleagues.

Ji-Ho greets Sang-Goo. Sang-Goo explains to Ji-Ho that he tried to introduce himself to him. But Ji-Ho returns to his office. Sang-Eun goes shopping with Gwang-Nam. She runs into Ki-Doo. Gwang-Nam tries to flee. But Sang-Eun stops him. She leans her head on his shoulder. She tells Ki-Doo that Gwang-Nam is her new boyfriend. She tells him that she is changed.

Gwang-Nam walks Sang-Eun. He asks her if she broke Ki-Doo’s heart. She tells him that she thought Ki-Doo wants to do something bad after she saw his eyes. Someone sneaks into Hae-Jin’s room. She touches his nose. She walks away. Hae-Jin wakes up from the nightmare. He follows the woman to the second floor. He catches her when she finds the medicine.

Hae-Jin finds out that the woman is his mother Ran-Hee. She throws the medicine to him. She asks him about the medicine. He picks up the medicine. He explains to her that the medicine is just sleeping pills. He lets Jung-Hwan take her away. Ran-Hee walks out of Hae-Jin’s house. She tells Jung-Hwan that they will die if something bad happened to Hae-Jin.

Sang-Eun decides to donate all of her rings. She takes a look Ji-Ho’s ring. She realizes that she needs to get a divorce. She signs the divorce contract. She gets into her car. The car almost hits her car. She gets off her car and knocks at the window of the car. Sang-Hyuk gets off his car. He apologizes to her. She sees his daughter who waves at her. She smiles and tells him to move his car. She gets in her car and drives away.

Sang-Eun returns home. Gwang-Nam tells Sang-Eun that he wants to use her car. She agrees to it. But she asks him to give her a ride. Gwang-Nam gets in Sang-Eun’s car. He complains about the rain. He takes a look at Sang-Eun. He notes that she wore a full-face makeup.

Gwang-Nam drops Sang-Eun. He tells her that he wants to pick her up. She rejects it when she holds the umbrella. He drives away. She walks alone the street. She runs into a man in helmet. He holds a knife which is covered by the newspaper.

Sang-Eun asks the man in helmet who he is. He refuses to leak it. She has a fight with him. She’s poured by the water. The man in helmet picks up the knife. He tries to kill Sang-Eun. Hae-Jin kicks the man in helmet away. The man in helmet runs away.

Hae-Jin walks to Sang-Eun. He helps her get up. He sees the blood in his hand. She thanks him for saving her. He reminds her that she was hurt. He shows the blood to her. He tells her to go to his place. He tries to leave when she’s silent. She stops him and lets him take her away.

Sang-Eun takes a bath in Hae-Jin’s bathroom. She lets him treat her wound on her back. He tells her that he worries that she will be killed by the judge. She laughs to comfort him that she and Ji-Ho are just ordinary husband and wife.

Does Ji Ho Give the Divorce Contract to Sang-Eun?

Hae-Jin doesn’t believe that a wife would borrow clothes from her neighbor. He worries that Ji-Ho did something to Sang-Eun. It makes her laugh. She realizes that she doesn’t have to pretend to be Ji-Ho’s wife since he’s not her client anymore. She confesses to Hae-Jin that she’s Ji-Ho’s housekeeper.

Sang-Eun is going to leave Hae-Jin’s house. He calls her Jamie and reminds her that he saw her before. She sneezes. The guard reports to Ji-Ho that Hae-Jin took Sang-Eun to his house after Sang-Eun was hurt. Ji-Ho returns home. He has an illusion that Hae-Jin kisses Sang-Eun when they eat noodles together.

Sang-Eun learns that Hae-Jin is the heir of Kangjin Group. She asks him to keep it secret that she’s the heir of Ina Group. She gets an envelope from him. Sang-Eun walks out of Hae-Jin’s house. She tries to take the elevator. But she runs into Ji-Ho who holds an envelope as well.

Sang-Eun is surprised to see Ji-Ho. He explains to her that the guard told him that she went to Hae-Jin’s house. He invites her to get into his house. But she rejects it. She tells him that she prefers to go to the cafe with him because they’re not couple anymore.

Hae-Jin calls his uncle. He asks him to look into Sang-Eun. He trips and goes to the bathroom. He sees the clothes Sang-Eun left. Ji-Ho walks Sang-Eun on the street. He offers to eat together after knowing she didn’t have dinner. She agrees to it.

Ji-Ho takes Sang-Eun to the restaurant. He asks her what happened. She leaks that she was attacked by a man in helmet. He thinks the killer is one of her clients. He believes that she deserves to be killed. She’s furious to stand up. She leaves the restaurant.

Sang-Eun takes out the envelope from her bag. She turns around and sees Ji-Ho who walks out of the restaurant with the envelope. He tries to leave. She stops him and exchanged the envelopes with him. Gwang-Nam drives by. Sang-Eun gets in the car.

Ji-Ho takes a look at the divorce contract after Sang-Eun left. Gwang-Nam thinks Sang-Eun should hit on Ji-Ho when he’s driving. Because he thinks Ji-Ho is very handsome. She tells him that she dislikes Ji-Ho. He grabs her shirt. He mentions she got changed by Ji-Ho.

Mi-Ho picks up John Brown from the airport. She takes him to the hotel. Sang-Eun wakes up in the morning. She opens Ji-Ho’s envelope. She’s surprised when she sees the tickets. She’s embarrassed when she realizes that Ji-Ho is reading her divorce contract.

Love in Contract K-Drama: Episode 3 Ending – Does Ji-Ho Find the Killer?

Episode 3 of Love in Contract K-Drama ends with Sang-Eun calling Ji-Ho. She tells him that she’s very happy after she received his tickets. But he tells her that he will submit the papers. He tells her to go to watch the show on her own. He hangs up. Ji-Ho checks the footage. He finds the man in helmet.

Hae-Jin calls Sang-Eun. He asks her to return his shirt to him. She visits him and hands over his shirt to him. He lets her in. She tells him that she doesn’t have to get into Ji-Ho’s house because she ended the marriage with Ji-Ho. Someone rings the bell. Hae-Jin goes to open the door. He’s surprised to see Ji-Ho. Hae-Jin mistakes that Ji-Ho came to look for Sang-Eun. But Ji-Ho tells Hae-Jin that the one he wants to see is him. He tells him that he knows the killer who attacks Sang-Eun.

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