Love in Contract K-Drama: Episode 2 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Love in Contract K-Drama: Episode 2. Ji-Ho thinks Sang-Eun did a great job on cooking. He turns around and sees the mess she left. He turns on the TV. He watches the news of Hae-Jin. The director admits to the reporter that he used Hae-Jin to make Kangjin Group give in.

Love in Contract K-Drama: Episode 2 Recap

Love in Contract

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love in Contract K-Drama: Episode 2.

Hae-Jin is furious to ask Jung-Hwan if he knew the director’s goal. Jung-Hwan admits it. He points out that Hae-Jin signed the contract on his own. Jung-Hwan comforts Hae-Jin that people don’t know he’s the heir of Kangjin Group. Hae-Jin scolds Jung-Hwan. Because he believes that his parents can recognize him.

Hae-Jin gets in the van. He takes out his phone and calls Jamie. He’s surprised that Jung-Hwan doesn’t leave. Jung-Hwan persuades Hae-Jin not to reject the movie. Hae-Jin is furious to tell Jung-Hwan that he made Jamie not appear. He closes the door of the van. Jung-Hwan tells Hae-Jin that Jamie has gotten divorces many times. He walks away.

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Sang-Eun eats the chicken with Gwang-Nam when they watched TV together. She reveals Ji-Ho asked her for a divorce. Gwang-Nam thinks it’s a good news. He tells Sang-Eun to refund Ji-Ho like she did to her other clients. She remembers she told Ji-Ho that she will continue to be his wife for twenty-seven days because of the money he gave him. She stands up. He volunteered to clean the dishes. She thought he has duty to do so. She left his house.

Sang-Eun regrets that she got angry. Hae-Jin visits Sun-Jin. Sun-Jin asks Hae-Jin to sign the commercial contract. Hae-Jin rejects it. Mr. Kim reports to Sun-Jin that Mi-Ho was the previous employee of Ina Group. Sun-Jin tells Mr. Kim to go to look for Mi-Ho. Hae-Jin hears what they said. He pays attention to the name Ina Group.

Mi-Ho takes a look at the bankbook of Jamie. The landlady visits Mi-Ho. She asks her to pay the rent. Mi-Ho hands over the bag to the landlady. She tells her to use it when she meets with her son-in-law. He landlady wants to return the bag to Mi-Ho after she cleans it.

Mi-Ho tells the landlady that she doesn’t have to do that. She tells her that she can ask for everything from her. She closes the door. She shakes her head and thinks it’s not difficult to trick the landlady. She takes a look at the bankbook. She remembers that the bankbook was given by Sang-Eun.

Mi-Ho goes to see Sang-Moo. She sees Sang-Eun. Sang-Moo hands over the cash to Mi-Ho. Se-Eun mentions Mi-Ho wanted to be the wife of Kil-Tae. Ji-Ho returns home. The guy is waiting for him. He mentions his families and asks him for some money. Ji-Ho tells the guy that he will sue him if he dares to be close to him. He walks away.

Sang-Eun prepares the dinner for Gwang-Nam. She complains to him that Ji-Ho asked her to fulfill the contract after he told her that he wants to get a divorce with her. Gwang-Nam tells Sang-Eun to refund Ji-Ho. But she rejects it. He believes that she gets angry because she loves Ji-Ho deeply.

Ji-Ho tears up the contract. Gwang-Nam notes that Sang-Eun drinks because of Ji-Ho. He asks her if the guy is romantic. She remembers Ji-Ho told her to move aside when he washes the dishes. She denies it. Gwang-Nam notes the injury of Sang-Eun’s hand. He asks her if Ji-Ho helped her. She remembers Ji-Ho gave straw to her instead of feeding her soup.

Sang-Eun reveals her mouth got burned. But she still takes Ji-Ho’s side. She’s drunk to sing. Gwang-Nam carries her to her room. He closes the door. Hae-Jin walks into the house. He finds out that the house is pretty good. He asks Jung-Hwan who asks him to com out to pick up Jamie. Hae-Jin walks out of his house.

Ji-Ho gets a call from someone who ask him to come out to take the package. Jung-Hwan hands over the box to Hae-Jin. He walks away. Ji-Ho sees Hae-Jin taking the box to walk to him. He mistakes that the box belongs to him. He has a fight with Hae-Jin for the box.

The cat Jamie comes out from the box. Ji-Ho tries to walk to Jamie. Hae-Jin reminds Ji-Ho that Jamie will attack him. But Jamie doesn’t do that when Ji-Ho hugs her. Hae-Jin tries to take over Jamie from Ji-Ho. But Jamie attacks him.

Hae-Jin asks Ji-Ho to take Jamie to his house. He takes his package. Sang-Eun is at the parking lot. She wonders why she came to Ji-Ho’s house. She leaves the parking lot and tries to take the elevator to leave. But she runs into Ji-Ho.

Hae-Jin recognizes Sang-Eun. The two men get in the elevator. Sang-Eun takes a look at Ji-Ho. He explains that he hugs Hae-Jin’s cat because the cat dislikes her owner. Hae-Jin takes a look at Sang-Eun and Ji-Ho. He notes that the two wear wedding ring.

Hae-Jin tells his name to Sang-Eun. She stares at him. He mistakes that she remembers him. But she presses the elevator for him. She gets off the elevator. She sneezes. Ji-Ho carries Jamie to get into Hae-Jin’s house. Hae-Jin asks Ji-Ho if Sang-Eun is his wife. Ji-Ho admits it.

Hae-Jin asks Ji-Ho if he knows Sang-Eun is the heir of Ina Group. Ji-Ho is confused. Hae-Jin mentions the name Jamie. Ji-Ho mistakes what Hae-Jin meant is the cat. He hands over the cat to him. Hae-Jin refuses to take the cat. He tells Ji-Ho to carry Jamie to her room.

Ji-Ho reminds Sang-Eun that she needs to cook for him according to the contract. She cooks for him and offers to drink when he eats the food. But he tells her that he doesn’t drink. Hae-Jin lies on the couch. He remembers he ran into Sang-Eun. He’s confident that Sang-Eun is Jamie.

Love in Contract K-Drama: Episode 2 Ending

Episode 2 of Love in Contract K-Drama ends with Hae-Jin following Sang-Eun to the elevator. He gets in the elevator with her. He mentions Ji-Ho. She’s furious to tell him not to care for someone else’s business. She gets off the elevator.

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