Cheer Up K-Drama: Episode 8 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Cheer Up K-Drama: Episode 8. Jin-Hee takes Sun-Ho to go to the ocean park to watch seahorse. Narrator tells Sun-Ho that seahorse only has one wife all his life. Sun-Ho tells his mom that he likes seahorse.

Cheer Up K-Drama: Episode 8 Recap

Cheer Up K-Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Cheer Up K-Drama: Episode 8.

Sun-Ho’s father Min-Chul runs into the woman. The woman tells her husband that Min-Chul is someone she knows. So the husband takes the kid away. Jin-Hee finds Sun-Ho. She sees her husband talking with a woman. She tells Sun-Ho that he will miss the chance to watch the dolphin.

Sun-Ho sees the kid asking his father for the dolphin. The man laughs to agree to it. Sun-Ho asks Min-Chul if he will only like his wife all his life. Jin-Hee feels happy. Min-Chul promises it. But Sun-Hi asks him for only loving him all his life.

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Jin-Hee laughs to promise it for Min-Chul when she touches his hand. But he avoids her. Sun-Ho sees the guy getting on knees to ask the girl he likes to accept his feelings. But the girl is furious to take off her hand. Sun-Ho remembers his father avoided his mother.

Sun-Ho tries to take Hae-Yi away. But she shakes off his hand. She tries to join Jung-Woo. Sun-Ho stops Hae-Yi when he holds her hand. He confesses his feelings to her. Jung-Woo tries to walk to Hae-Yi. But Woon-Chan stops him. He shows the footage to him. He asks him to explain it.

Jung-Woo tells Woon-Chan that he will explain it to him later. But he sees Hae-Yi leaving with Sun-Ho. He throws a fit to Woon-Chan but he praises him. Hae-Yi eats the vegetable leaf. She complains to her mom that she wants to live like a ordinary girl even if she’s poor. Chun-Yang comforts Hae-Yi that she’s young. But Hae-Yi tells Chun-Yang that she wants to be aged. Chun-Yang tells Hae-Yi not to talk nonsense. She puts the vegetable leaf into her daughter’s mouth. Hae-Yi sighs.

Sun-Ho is in the elevator. He remembers he confessed his feelings to Hae-Yi. He thinks he did a crazy thing. Hae-Yi goes to Young-Woong’s restaurant. He asks her to wear the work clothes. Jung-Woo shows up. He sees Hae-Yi working. He remembers she told him that she’s in jealousy when he cares for Yoo-Min.

Hae-Yi tells Jung-Woo that she’s working at the the restaurant. He finds the table and has a seat. She greets the customer. But she finds out that the customer is Yoo-Min. Yoo-Min carries the box to join Jung-Woo. Hae-Yi glares at Jung-Woo. She walks away.

Yoo-Min notes that Jung-Woo’s attention is on Hae-Yi. Yoo-Min summons Hae-Yi. She asks her to number the tickets. She tells Jung-Woo to leave. Yoo-Min tells Hae-Yi that she knows she has feelings for Jung-Woo. She admits that she has feelings for Jung-Woo. Hae-Yi admits her feelings as well. Yoo-Min tells Hae-Yi not to continue to like Jung-Woo. But Hae-Yi rejects it.

Jung-Woo meets with Min-Jae. He sends the messages to someone. Min-Jae receives the messages. Jung-Woo learns that the one who texted him was Min-Jae. He asks him why he threatened him. Min-Jae confesses that he did it because he didn’t like Hae-Yi.

Jung-Woo asks Min-Jae about the photos of him and Hae-Yi. Min-Jae tells Jung-Woo that he didn’t take the photo. He tells him to be careful so that nobody will know he likes Hae-Yi. Young-Woong sits on the bench. He remembers Ji-Young avoided the bicycle and lied on him.

Young-Woong touches the grass when he lies on the ground. Jung-Hoon sees Young-Woong. He sees Ji-Young if she knows Young-Woong. She denies and wonders why she always runs into Young-Woong. Hae-Yi stamps the ticket. She ruins the ticket because she did it too hard.

Jung-Woo sees What Hae-Yi does when he passes by. He teaches her how to stamp it in the right way. She’s excited to show the ticket to him after she made it. He sits with her and stops her when she tries to confess her feelings to him.

Jung-Woo runs into Sun-Ho before he leaves. Sun-Ho notes that Hae-Yi is unhappy. He asks her what happened. She denies it and continues to stamp the ticket. She runs the ticket again. She throws away the ticket. Soo-Il sneaks into Jung-Woo’s office. He finds Yoo-Min’s cover from the locker.

Cho-Hee turns on the light. It startles Soo-Il. She films him with her phone. He sighs. Soo-Il tells Jung-Woo to report to police that he stole the cover. He leaves. Jung-Woo sighs when he plays the flower. Cho-Hee shows up. She reminds Jung-Woo that the flower won’t give the answer to him that if Soo-Il was the criminal.

Jung-Woo tells Cho-Hee that he didn’t ask the flower about Soo-Il. She believes that Soo-Il won’t cause any trouble after they caught him. Woon-Chan tells So-Yoon that he wants to give medicine to Ji-Yoon after he heard she was sick. So-Yoon is against it. She tells him to wait for Ji-Yoon’s message. She sighs.

Sun-Ja teaches Sun-Ho how to cheer. But he refuses to get educated. He tells her that he has to leave when he takes his bag. She tells him to work hard because Min-Jae is better than him in her mind. He tells her to do cheering herself. He walks away.

Jung-Woo shows up. He tells Sun-Ja not to grill Sun-Ho. She tells him that she worries that they will get defeated. She blames him for taking Sun-Ho’s side. She’s furious to walk away. Ji-Young sighs a song at Young-Woong’s bar. She praises the singer and sees the girl. She confesses that she’s envy of the youth of the girl. She tells Young-Woong that she wants to be his girlfriend. She tells him to call her baby.

Jae-Yi walks out of the school. He sees Sun-Ho who’s waiting for him. He asks him why he likes Hae-Yi since so many girls like him. Sun-Ho tells Jae-Yi that he likes Hae-Yi because she’s charm when she works. Jae-Yi tells Sun-Ho that his sister doesn’t like him because he always tangles her. Sun-Ho returns to the classroom. He does cheering alone.

Sun-Ja is surprised that Hae-Yi got rejected by Jung-Woo. She tells her that she wouldn’t get rejected if she’s Yoo-Min. Hae-Yi agrees to what Sun-Ja said. She claims that she will pretend nothing happened. She runs into Jung-Woo. She laughs to greet him.

Jae-Yi returns home. Hae-Yi hands over the present to him. She tells him to give the present to the madam. But he’s furious to throw away the present. She picks up the present. He tells her that people look down on her because she’s so cheap. Chun-Yang hits Jae-Yi’s head. She asks him to apologize to Hae-Yi. But he leaves home. Chun-Yang cries to tell Hae-Yi to use the cream on her own. She wipes off her tears. She returns to her room. Hae-Yi takes a look at the cream.

Cho-Hee notes that Hae-Yi is tired when she does cheering. She tells her to take a break. Sun-Ho joins Hae-Yi. He asks her what happened. She tells him that she feels uncomfortable. He remembers Jae-Yi told him to ask his sister about it on his own.

Hae-Yi asks Sun-Ho if he thinks she’s cheap because she always mentions money. He denies it and thinks she’s very cool. He mentions she cheered people. She agrees to what he said. She stands up and walks away with him because she wants to show her talent to Cho-Hee. Jung-Woo sees the two off.

Sun-Ja praises Min-Jae when he cheers. He trips. She asks him if he wanted to do cheering when he was in high school. He admits it and walks away. She walks to him and tries to hand over the towel to him. She’s lost when she sees his face. The towel drops. He catches the towel and wipes his face with the towel. He walks away. She wonders why he’s so handsome.

Woon-Chan tells the members of two team that the winner is Jung-Woo’s team. Sun-Ja feels happy. She thinks Sun-Ho trained himself without letting her know. Cho-Hee praises Yong-Il and Hae-Yi. She feels guilty for not training them well. Yong-Il disagrees to what she said. She smiles to walk away.

Yong-Il follows Cho-Hee. He calls her and makes her turn around. He finds out that she’s crying. She tells him that she wished to make them show up at the stage. He comforts her that they can achieve it next time. She smiles to wipe off her tears. She tells him that she thinks her team is better than Jung-Woo’s team.

Yong-Il tells Cho-Hee that she’s very cute. She’s furious to tell him not to tell others that she cried. He smiles to promise it. She tells him not to smile. She walks away. He smiles to follow her. Yoo-Min sees Soo-Il failing to persuade the guy. She thinks he did it because he worries that he will get defeated.

Yoo-Min tries to leave. Soo-Il stops her. He thinks she shouldn’t come back. He reminds her that she will be hurt again. He walks away with his followers. Cho-Hee tries to leave. Yong-Il stops her. He asks her for a meeting up. She agrees to it.

Hae-Yi hands over the tickets to Chun-Yang. She tells her to come to watch the show with her brother. Chun-Yang pretends to be calm. She tells Hae-Yi to leave. But she’s flustered after she left. Sun-Ho helps Jin-Hee when she’s drunk to clean up the glass shards.

Cheer Up K-Drama: Episode 8 Ending

Episode 8 of Cheer Up K-Drama ends with Sun-Ho telling Hae-Yi that he was upset because his father is a good father. But she points out that he dislikes his father because he cares for him. It makes him tear up. He begs her to look at him. She hugs him to comfort him.

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