Love in Contract K-Drama: Episode 4 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Love in Contract K-Drama: Episode 4. Gwang-Nam calls his mom. He thinks she didn’t have to send so much food to him. She ask him to attend the memorial of his grandfather. He hangs up and thinks she doesn’t know he’s going to leave Korea.

Was Sang-Eun Pregnant?

Love in Contract

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love in Contract K-Drama: Episode 4.

Gwang-Nam tastes the kimchi. He finds out that it’s very delicious. He thinks he’s going to miss home. He cleans Sang-Eun’s room. He opens the drawer. He finds out that all of the rings are gone except Ji-Ho’s ring. He smiles and thinks Ji-Ho is Sang-Eun’s last client. He opens another drawer. He finds out taht Sang-Eun didn’t clean out the candies. He takes one of candies before he leaves her room.

Ji-Ho takes Sang-Eun and Hae-Jin to watch the footage. He tells Hae-Jin that the killer attacked Sang-Eun because he mistook him and Sang-Eun’s relationship. Sang-Eun tells Hae-Jin not to feel sorry for getting her involved. He walks away.

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Ji-Ho explains to Sang-Eun that he didn’t know she had been hurt because she looked fine. He decides to escort her because he worries that she will be hurt again. He tells her that he knows she has been angry at him. Ji-Ho tries to leave after he took Sang-Eun to the safe place.

But Sang-Eun stops Ji-Ho. She throws a fit to him. She asks him why he gave the tickets to her since he’s not going to watch the concert with her. He promises to come to the concert. She claims that she doesn’t beg him to do that. He reveals he has a ticket as well.

Sang-Eun realizes that Ji-Ho intended to go to the concert with her. But he denies it and leaks that he has many tickets. She learns that he will pretend not to see her even if he comes to the concert. He tells her that she doesn’t have to come to the concert. But she wants to come to the concert. She walks away.

Jung-Hwan tells Hae-Jin that he wants to look for a secret house for him. Hae-Jin agrees to it. He tells Jung-Hwan to go to look for a secret island for him. Chan-Hee shows up. He notes that Hae-Jin closes his eyes when he lies on the couch.

Chan-Hee asks Jung-Hwan if Hae-Jin falls asleep. Hae-Jin denies it when he opens his eyes. Sang-Eun arrives at the concert. She sees Ji-Ho. She walks to him and tells him that she will enjoy the concert. She stands up to applaud after she watched the show.

The principal manager walks out of the concert with his wife. He runs into Ji-Ho. He wants to see his colleagues. Ji-Ho tells the principal manager that he didn’t give the tickets to his colleagues. It makes the principal manager believe that Ji-Ho is a sociopath.

Sang-Eun joins Ji-Ho. He introduces the principal manager to her. He tells her that the one who gave the tickets to him was him. She’s happy to thank the principal manager and his wife. The principal manager wonders who Sang-Eun is.

Ji-Ho tells the principal manager that Sang-Eun is his wife. She’s happy to take his arm. The principal manager takes Ji-Ho and Sang-Eun to the restaurant. He tells Sang-Eun that he was shocked after knowing Ji-Ho got married. The principal manager’s wife tells Sang-Eun that his husband is happy after knowing the student he likes is a human.

Sang-Eun explains that he told her that he wants to buy his colleagues a meal. The principal manager is surprised. He mentions Ji-Ho didn’t told anyone about his wedding. Sang-Eun tells the principal manager that Ji-Ho couldn’t tell it to him because she was pregnant.

The principal manager’s wife tells Sang-Eun that she knows her feelings. She praises her. Sang-Eun mentions Ji-Ho told her that he just needs her when she was helpless. The principal manager’s wife thinks Ji-Ho is a good man. The principal manager learns that Sang-Eun and Ji-Ho have a kid.

The principal manager’s wife grabs Sang-Eun’s hand. She asks her if she lost the baby. She thinks she was very sad. Sang-Eun cries to admit it. The principal manager’s wife walks the principal manager out of the restaurant. She tells him that Ji-Ho is a good person. She turns around and see Ji-Ho. She gets in the car with her husband.

Sang-Eun parts with Ji-Ho after the principal manager and his wife left. She asks him why he told his boss that she’s his wife when she walks him. He tells her that she’s actually his wife. She tells him that she can help him resolve his problem. But he wants to resolve it on his own.

Ji-Ho protects Sang-Eun before the man in helmet hits her. He tells her that he wants to continue the marriage contract with her because he thinks she needs to be protected. She agrees to it. She tells him that she will train him how to be favored by people.

Gwang-Nam reveals he got the bump after his sister had used to soap to attack him. But he confesses that he wants to hug his sister. Sang-Eun realizes that Gwang-Nam didn’t told his families about his leaving. He admits it and promises to tell it to his families. He asks Sang-Eun if she says goodbye to someone she cares for.

Ran-Hee walks into Sun-Jin’s office. She tells him to persuade Hae-Jin to return home. But he tells her that Hae-Jin fears his home most. He gets a call from Mr. Kim who tells him that John Brown refused to sign the contract because of the greenbelt isn’t resolved.

Sun-Jin is furious to tell Mr. Kim to trick John Brown to sign the contract. He tells Ran-Hee that he’s very busy. He leaves his office. The principal manager walks into Ji-Ho’s office. He tells him that he has invited all of his colleagues to his house.

Love in Contract K-Drama: Episode 4 Ending

Episode 4 of Love in Contract K-Drama ends with Ji-Ho drinking with his colleagues at the bar. He explains to them that he cannot invite them to his house because his wife is going to leave Korea. He remembers Sang-Eun told him that she wants to eat alone. Hae-Jin takes Sang-Eun to see the reporters. He told them that he got married with the woman.

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