“Love in Time” (2020 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

Love in Time” is a new Chinese romance drama which comes out in 2020. The drama tells a story about a girl Su Jianan who is forced to get married. She chooses the man Lu Boyan she hates most as her husband. Because her father told her that she needs to take over the family business if she doesn’t get married in one day.

“Love in Time” is adapted from the novel “Mr. Lu’s New Wife”.

Cheng Xiaomeng and Ren Yankai are the lead actors.

Cheng Xiaomeng cast Chinese historical drama “Weaving a Tale of Love” in 2021. She played the princess Yong Ning. She also cast “Royal Nirvana Special” in 2020. She played the crown princess Zhang Nianzhi.

Ren Yankai starred Chinese romance dramaMy Mowgli Boy” in 2019. He played the role Zheng Li. He cast “The Prince of Tennis” in same year.

Love in Time (2020)

Love in Time


Title: Love in Time

Director: Chen Shiyi

Writer: Huo Wenda

Network: Youku

Runtime: From Sep. 24

Episodes: 24

Language: Chinese


Su Jianan is told that she cannot continue to write her novel because her father President Su invested in the website. She’s furious to go to see President Su. He takes out the contract she wrote that she promises to take over the family business if she cannot take a proper boyfriend.

Su Jianan visits President Du. She mistakes Lu Boyan as President Du, and blames him for ending her novel. He remembers she was the one who rejected him when he tried to confess his feelings to her. He gets his mom Madam Lu to run into Su Jianan at the blind date corner. Madam Lu wants the girl to be her daughter-in-law because she thinks she’s a very nice girl.


Cheng Xiaomeng as Su Jianan

She’s a writer who focuses on writing male novels. But her father makes her not write through investing in the novel website she works. She worries that she will become underwear queen. So she wants to look for a husband. She runs into Lu Boyan’s mom at the blind date corner. Madam Lu arranges the blind date for the two kids.

Ren Yankai as Lu Boyan

He has loved Su Jianan for many years. He agrees to get married with her after know her situation. But she still treats him as a demon after he did many good things for her.

Sen Jun as Jiang Liankai

He’s Su Jianan’s friend. He pretends to be her boyfriend, and goes to see President Su. But President Su exposes the two’s relationship because Jiang Liankai doesn’t know Su Jianan doesn’t like to eat tofu.

Pan Yiwei as Luo Xiaoxi

She’s Su Jianan’s best friend. Su Jianan usually asks Luo Xiaoxi for a help when she doesn’t know how to continue the novel. But Luo Xiaoxi abandons her best friend when she sees handsome guy.

Liu Yuqi as Han Ruoxi

She’s the model of Lu Group. She’s the gossip girlfriend of Lu Boyan. But Madam Lu is against it when she knows that his son wants to get married with Han Ruoxi.

Zhao Chengyu as Shen Yuechuan

He’s the assistant of Lu Boyan.

Wu You as President Du

He’s the president of Taoran novel website. He wants to get more money from Lu Boyan after knowing Lu Boyan is interested in Su Jianan’s novel.

Jiang Yibing as Chen Xuanxuan

She’s the secretary of President Du. She tries to flirt with Lu Boyan. But he’s cold to her.

What Is Love in Time Chinese Drama About?

Lu Boyan is waiting for his bride Su Jianan. He takes a look at his watch. She runs to him. He takes off her veil and asks her if she feels shame to marry him. She tells him that she doesn’t want to be called concubine. He lets her put her hand on his arm. He holds her neck and tries to kiss her at the wedding. But he releases his hand and makes her fall to the floor.

It flashes back. Su Jianan is writing her novel. She receives the invitation card from her father who asks her to attending the heir meeting of Su family. Su Jianan arrives at Taoran station. She slaps Jiang Shaokai from his back when he’s talking with his lover over the phone.

Jiang Shaokai puts Su Jianan’s suitcase into his trunk. He thinks Su Jianan’s father did it too much to make her novel ends with the money. Su Jianan complains to Jiang Shaokai that his father ruined her career many times. She thinks there’s no father like her father.

Jiang Shaokai thinks Su Jianan needs to face it because she has avoided for many years. She points out that she did nothing wrong to do the things she wants to do. He tells her to have a good talk with her father. The assistant asks Lu Boyan if he wants to sign contract with the president of Tao Ran.

Lu Boyan admits it. He takes a look at the news. He remembers that Su Jianan cried when she was called underwear queen. He asks the assistant Yue Chuan if Su Group is working with Tao Ran. Yue Chuan admits it. Su Jianan is furious to break into President Su’s office. She blames him for using the method to force her to come back.

President Su thinks it wouldn’t work if he didn’t force Su Jianan. He asks her if she has her father in her mind. She tells him that she actually doesn’t want to take over his underwear firm. He asks her if the novels she wrote are useful. She points out that the novels cannot be measured by money.

Su Jianan thinks her words can warm each lonely person. President Su smiles. He asks her if she thinks she did good things. She nods. He points out that his underwear is better than her novel to warm people. She tells him that she has a dream to pass on her happiness to people.

Did Lu Boyan Confess His Feelings to Su Jianan?

But President Su thinks dream cannot be treated as food. He mentions Su Jianan lost weight. She blames him for making the literature website end her novel. She asks him for letting her continue to write the novel. He rejects it and tells her not to leave since she came back.

President Su asks Su Jianan to inherit his firm. She comforts him that he will get son-in-law if he waits for it for a few years. He tells her not to have the idea. He takes out the note she wrote. She takes a look at the note. She remembers she promised her father that she will inherit the firm if she cannot take back his son-in-law.

Su Jianan tries to take the note. But President Su takes the note away. He tells her that he’s not the one who can be fooled. She reminds her that it’s a law world. She tells him that it was just a joke. She asks him not to treat it seriously.

President Su reminds Su Jianan that she only has thirty-six hours of time. She tells him that she won’t give up here novel. She claims that she plans to get married with her boyfriend. He tells her that he will transfer the shares to her if she cannot take back a son-in-law he likes.

Su Jianan walks in the lobby of Su Group. The employees call her lingerie queen. Lu Boyan arrives at Taoran Literature Network. The girl Chen Xuanxuan welcomes him. She introduces herself as the assistant of the president. Yue Chuan tells Chen Xuanxuan that he knows she’s an outstanding woman.

Chen Xuanxuan asks Lu Boyan if he read her novel. Yue Chuan explains that Lu Boyan is very busy. He asks Chen Xuanxuan about the president. She reveals the president is going to arrive. Chen Xuanxuan runs into Su Jianan. She tells her that President Du is meeting the guests. She tells her to come next time.

Su Jianan walks into the meeting room. She mistakes Lu Boyan as President Du. She asks him why she ended her novel. She thinks he did it because of money. She asks him to explain it to her. He turns around. She recognizes him. He asks her if the novel “Lin Nan Killing Case” was written by her.

Su Jianan admits it. She realizes that Lu Boyan tricked her to sign the contract with her. She thinks he didn’t promote her novel because he wanted to shame her. He remembers she yelled at him. He’s startled when she talks with her. Su Jianan tells Lu Boyan that he will regret for what he did. She’s furious to walk away.

It flashes back. Wang Shuai asks Su Jianan to be his girlfriend. She agrees to it. But he lets his friends show up. The friend is surprised that Su Jianan believed what Wang Shuai said. She cries to run into the classroom. Lu Boyan hands over the paper crane to Su Jianan. He tries to confess his feelings to Su Jianan.

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