She is the One: Episode 11 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for She is the One: Episode 11. Yuan Yueyue tells Wen Jinchen that she has something to give to him. She turns on the light, and asks him if he’s Wen Jinchen. He wants to leave because she got the present. She stops him and asks him why he wanted to trick her.

She is the One: Episode 11 Recap & Review

She is the One

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for She is the One: Episode 11.

Wen Jinchen tells Yuan Yueyue that he never denied that he’s not Wen Jinchen. He points out that she didn’t ask him about it. She thinks he’s still dishonest and it was the trap which was set up by him. She says that everyone knew it except her. She asks him why he wanted to do that.

Wen Jinchen tells Yuan Yueyue that he did it for her. He mentions what she said that the love isn’t pure if the turns are disorderly. He reveals he worried that she wants to cancel the marriage when she knows he’s Wen Jinchen. He says that he saw the elimination to the marriage from her face. He explains that he just used his way to keep her.

Yuan Yueyue asks Wen Jinchen if trick is pure. She complains that she worried that he would be unhappy if he got fire because of her. She thinks the one should be unhappy was her. She says that she was like a fool. He smiles and thinks she’s not smart. He tries to put his hand on her head. But she’s furious to let his hand go.

Wen Jinchen asks Yuan Yueyue if she loves him in her mind. She denies and thinks she wouldn’t fall for a jerk. But he points out that what she did proved it. She claims that it was the caring to superior. She says that she would do that if it was Xiao Rong.

Wen Jinchen hugs Yuan Yueyue. He thinks Xiao Rong isn’t his rival. She thinks Xiao Rong wouldn’t trick her. She pushes him away. Gui Yi thinks Wen Jinchen is successful, so he turns on the light. Yuan Yueyue walks downstairs. He asks her what happened. She glares at him and thinks he tricked her. He tells Wen Jinchen that Yuan Yueyue fled. He thinks he should chase her. But Wen Jinchen wants to give Yuan Yueyue some time to calm down.

Yuan Yueyue sits on the bench. She remembers Wen Jinchen kissed her when she said that she loves someone else. She thinks she was so slow. She visits Xiao Rong and tells her that she wants to sleep over at her house. She tells her that she actually doesn’t have home to stay. But Xiao Rong says that she gets used to it. She asks her what happened.

Yuan Yueyue asks Xiao Rong if she will forgive her friend after she told her about the story of her and Wen Jinchen. Xiao Rong thinks Yuan Yueyue should forgive Wen Jinchen because the woman is very important to the man. Xiao Rong asks Yuan Yueyue what her friend thinks. Yuan Yueyue says that her friend feels awkward because she had some intimate action with the man.

Xiao Rong asks Yuan Yueyue if her friend slept with the man. Yuan Yueyue denies and thinks Xiao Rong thought it too much. Xiao Rong thinks the two kissed and hugged. Yuan Yueyue admits it. Xiao Rong thinks it was normal. Yuan Yueyue asks Xiao Rong if she didn’t want to see the man’s face since he acted two males to flirt with her.

Xiao Rong wonders why it was related to Yuan Yueyue’s homeless. She goes to pick up a phone, and asks Yuan Yueyue if what she said was herself and Manager Wen was the hero. Yuan Yueyue asks Xiao Rong who told her about it. Xiao Rong shows her phone to Yuan Yueyue. Wen Jinchen tells Yuan Yueyue not to get angry.

Yuan Yueyue conceals the phone under the pillow. She tells Xiao Rong not to betrayed her. Xiao Rong tells Yuan Yueyue not to forgive Wen Jinchen. She doesn’t expect Wen Jinchen is such a person. She thinks Yuan Yueyue will be fooled by the man once they get married. Yuan Yueyue mentions what Xiao Rong told her to forgive Wen Jinchen.

Xiao Rong thinks Wen Jinchen shouldn’t trick people. She complains that the president got all of people in the company to accompany him to act for picking up a girl. She thinks he ignored the sanctity of the post of duty. She adds that he ignored all of the employees. Yuan Yueyue tells Xiao Rong not to get angry because it will damage her health.

The assistant reports to Wen Jinchen that Yuan Yueyue asked for leave for one year. Wen Jinchen is furious to throw a fit. He summons Xiao Rong to his office, and asks her if Yuan Yueyue is still in anger. Xiao Rong rejects to tell him about it because he can only order her to do that in working scope.

Wen Jinchen threatens to fire Xiao Rong. She reminds him that Yuan Yueyue will be homeless if she’s unemployed. He tells her to leave. The assistant tells Xiao Rong not to flee. She trips. He catches her. He asks her if he’s ugly. She tells him to let her go, and asks him why he chased her. He tells her that he just wanted to ask her about Yuan Yueyue. She says that Yuan Yueyue feels shame to see Wen Jinchen’s face like her.

The assistant reports it to Wen Jinchen. Wen Jinchen doesn’t believe it because he thinks Yuan Yueyue likes him. He thinks the girl should forgive him. The assistant thinks Yuan Yueyue is shy because she likes Wen Jinchen very much. He asks him if she’s his first love. Wen Jinchen wants to get Yuan Yueyue to get used to his face.

Yuan Yueyue watches the news of Wen Jinchen. She’s startled and thinks he’s trying to say hello to her. But she thinks she thought it too much.

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