“Make My Heart Smile” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

Make My Heart Smile” is a new Chinese romance drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about a girl Ye Weimian who has to pretend to be Gu Yanluo’s girlfriend. Because she broke the bracelet which he intended to give it to his mom as the birthday present.

“Make My Heart Smile” is adapted from the novel “Attack on School Grass, Insane Girl is so Sweet”.

Ji Meihan and Luo Zheng are the lead actors.

Xing Fei cast Chinese historical drama The Heiress in 2020. She played a maid Jin Zi who wants to protect her master. She also cast “Sparkle Love” in same year. She played the role Jun Jun.

Luo Zheng starred Chinese romance dramaPoisoned Love” in 2020. He played the role Shi Yi. He cast “Count Your Lucky Stars” in same year.

Make My Heart Smile (2021)

Make My Heart Smile


Title: Make My Heart Smile

Director: Xi Dao

Writer: Liu Yimeng

Network: Aiqiyi

Runtime: From Feb. 13

Episodes: 24

Language: Chinese


Ye Weimian applies to be the exchange student with the name Ye Zhenhan. But she’s told that she needs to go to the studio to hand over the paper. Gu Yanluo tries to tell his audience that he is good at knowing women. He hints Ye Meimian the button on her clothes. But she mistakes him as a pervert, and gives him a slap.

Ye Weimian visits Gu Yanluo. She tries to hand over the bracelet to him. But she breaks it by mistake when she wants to make him not recognize her. He tells her to compensate for the bracelet. But she’s very poor. She tells him that she’s good at acting. She thinks she can pretend to be his girlfriend to deal with his mom.

Gu Yanluo takes Ye Weimian to the clothing shop. He buys her a beautiful dress. She wears the dress to show up in the birthday party with him. Madam Gu is satisfied with the girlfriend Gu Yanluo took back after the two had a perfect dance. But Xia Meiqing points out that Ye Weimian was just hired by Gu Yanluo. She’s in jealousy when she spots Gu Yanluo kissing Ye Weimian.


Ji Meihan as Ye Weimian (Ye Zhenhan)

She is a girl who likes to study. She breaks Gu Yanluo’s bracelet and volunteers to be his girlfriend when his mom tells him that she only wants him to take a girl home.

Luo Zheng as Gu Yanluo

He’s the Male God in the school. He’s chased by those insane girls. He tries to avoid them. But Ye Weimian mistakes him as a pervert when he gets changed in front of her.

Lisha Minzi as Lu Yao

She’s Ye Weimian’s best friend.

Chen Heyi as Mu Ze

He likes to flirt with girls. But he disappears after he got their love.

Mai Tong as Xia Meiqing

She’s Gu Yanluo’s childhood friend. She likes him and wants to be his girlfriend. But he keeps rejecting her.

Liu Yuanyuan as Fang Meimei

She’s the president of Gu Yanluo’s fan group. She thinks Ye Weimian isn’t match for Gu Yanluo.

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