Love Is Sweet: Episode 24 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Chinese drama Love Is Sweet: Episode 24. Jiang Jun walks in the kitchen because she smelled the flavor. She wants to eat the cucumber. But Yuan Shuai stops her as it’s not washed. She tells him to wash it for her as she wants to eat it.

Love Is Sweet: Episode 24 Recap & Review

Love Is Sweet

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Is Sweet: Episode 24.

Yuan Shuai is surprised that Jiang Jun just flirted with him. So she asks him if she likes it. He says yes and gives the washed cucumber to her. Aunt walks in and she is surprised that Yuan Shuai is cooking. She tells him to rest as he’s a guest.

But Yuan Shuai tells Aunt and Jiang Jun to rest instead, and reveals he and Jiang Jun get together. Jiang Jun is startled while biting the cucumber. She laughs when Yuan Shuai explains to her mom that they get together to work. He adds that he will visit Aunt often. Aunt says that she’s happy to see him each day.

Jiang Jun tells her mom to let Yuan Shuai cook, and reveals he’s good at cooking. Aunt stops Jiang Jun from eating, and reminds her that Yuan Shuai is busy in the kitchen. Jiang Jun is surprised that Aunt prepared the dish she likes. But she is asked to help Yuan Shuai. Aunt tastes the dish and finds out the it tastes good.

Aunt asks Yuan Shuai how he cooked the dish, and reveals she saw Jiang Jun liking it. He says that he cooks it at home frequently. Jiang Jun stops Yuan Shuai and tells her mom that he cooked for everyone during the company gathering. She adds that he can cook many dishes.

Yuan Shuai tells Aunt that he can visit her family frequently, and he can write down the recipe. She tells him that Jiang Jun wouldn’t go to hospital if her speech draft wasn’t stolen. She thinks the person who steal Jiang Jun’s speech draft is most hateful.

Yuan Shuai tells Aunt not to hate the person as he thinks he didn’t intend to do that. She says that she thinks he’s most hateful when she thinks of the person. Yuan Shuai gets on knees and confesses that the person who took away Jiang Jun’s speech draft was him.

Jiang Jun tells her mom that Yuan Shuai regretted to do so. Yuan Shuai tells Aunt that he won’t get up if she doesn’t forgive him. She tells him that she’s forgiven him. He promises to protect Jiang Jun from now on, and tries to drink up the wine. But she tells him to put down the wine glass, and pours up the glass.

Yuan Shuai drinks up the wine. But Aunt pours up the glass again, and tells him that she believes he won’t hurt Jiang Jun. He drinks it up. But she pours the third glass of wine to him, and says happy new year to him. He drinks the wine up and goes to restroom. Jiang Jun wants to help Yuan Shuai. But her mom tells her to sit down.

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