Love Is Sweet: Episode 25 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Chinese drama Love Is Sweet: Episode 25. Yuan Shuai asks Jiang Jun what happened, and hugs her. He goes to see Aunt and asks her to tell him what happened. She asks him if he remembers that he liked to eat the rice noodles his uncle cooked.

Love Is Sweet: Episode 25 Recap & Review

Love Is Sweet

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Is Sweet: Episode 25.

It flashes back. Uncle brings the rice noodles to Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai, and tells them to eat it.

Aunt tells Yuan Shuai that Uncle created a rice noodle brand “Yixian Qian” for not wasting his skills. She adds that MH had invested in the business. But the things became weird after he cooperated with MH. MH had wanted to change the production pattern to agree to the buying of C Group. But Uncle didn’t agree. There was a food safety problem when they lacked money.

It flashes back. Uncle tells the employees to stop sending the goods to Xinxin supermarket, and asks them to get out. He throws away all of the stuff and looks at the family photos.

Aunt tells Yuan Shuai that Uncle agreed to it for the living of the employees. She adds that he never came back after going to Shanghai. She holds the family photos and tears up. Yuan Shuai tells her not to be sad as the thing is past. He asks her if she suspected someone used dirty method on the food safety part.

Aunt denies and claims that she believes in her husband. She adds that he had high demand on food quality and wouldn’t use bad goods to replace good goods. She says that he wouldn’t have heart attack if there wasn’t irritating from outside. Yuan Shuai promises to look into the uncle’s cause of death. He asks her if she keeps the agreement.

Aunt gives the contract to Yuan Shuai. He promises to take care of Jiang Jun. She’s moved and thanks him. He takes a look at the contract and sees the name Cao Heng. Du Le takes a look at the contract as well. He remembers something.

It flashes back. Du Lei shows up at Mr. Jiang’s funeral. The follower gives the chamomile to Du Lei. But Du Lei doesn’t walk in the room. Linda tells him that the world is a pit, and thinks Mr. Jiang forced himself to take the death path. She says that It wasn’t him, and tells him not to feel guilty.

Linda tells Du Lei not to mind the death and benefits of other people, and thinks nobody won’t fight for it if he doesn’t fight for it.

Yuan Shuai walks Jiang Jun and thinks Aunt fed him to get weight. Aunt stops Yuan Shuai and gives many supplements to him. He says that he can eat it until next year. She tells him that it’s good for his health, and gets Jiang Jun to supervise Yuan Shuai. Jiang Jun comforts her mom that they will take care of themselves. Because they have grown up.

Aunt smiles and tells Jiang Jun that she won’t stop her working in MH as Yuan Shuai told it to her. She asks her to tell it to Yuan Shuai first when she encounters anything.

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