Love Is Sweet: Episode 6 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Chinese drama Love Is Sweet: Episode 6. Jiang Jun asks Yuan Shuai why he stole her love letter. He says that he did it for the salary her dad paid him, and thinks the man wouldn’t agree to be her boyfriend. He adds that he wanted to throttle her dream from the cradle.

Love Is Sweet: Episode 6 Recap & Review

Love Is Sweet

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Is Sweet: Episode 6.

Yuan Shuai tells Jiang Jun that he won’t be mercy in the works to her since she received his apology. She says that she doesn’t need his mercy because she has a good teacher who can support her. She adds that he is the teacher who was born from investment bank.

Yuan Shuai thinks the people who are idle to help others are rookie. Jiang Jun tells him that not anyone wants to be successful like him. He is furious to leave the restaurant. She follows him, and he wants to get the pot to cook soup. She tells him to buy it. But he wants to take part in the free event to get the pot.

Jiang Jun is surprised that Yuan Shuai would take part in the event. He thinks the white color is suitable for him as it’s high quality. But she doesn’t think so, and wants to buy him the pot if he likes it. He stops her and takes her to walk in the store.

The waitress welcomes the two and asks them if they’re lovers. Jiang Jun admits it after Yuan Shuai glares at her. So the waitress lets them get in the photostudio. Yuan Shuai pulls Jiang Jun’s hair when she is taking photos. She scolds him and wants to delete it.

But Yuan Shuai stops Jiang Jun and thinks her posture was bad. He asks her if she didn’t want to do it when he helped her. He takes out the photos and thinks it’s beautiful. But the waitress wishes Yuan Shuai to express their relationship with the photos. She thinks they’re not close, and offers to take photos with the lover postures.

Jiang Jun wants to leave after seeing those lover postures. But she is taken into the photostudio by Yuan Shuai. He tells her to do it again. But she refuses to do it. He tells her that it will be counted into her KPI. She fears it and takes photos. But he ruins the machine by mistake, and the waitress gives the bill to him. Yuan Shuai gets the photos. He leaves the pot to Jiang Jun.

Yuan Shuai drives Wang Cai away and threatens to chop his claws if he ruins the photos.

It flashes back. Yuan Shuai pulls Jiang Jun to take photos. But she doesn’t want to do it. He thinks she shouldn’t be upset for being the last place and she will be thumped by the iron fist of society with the psychological quality.

Yuan Shuai tells Jiang Jun to smile, and thinks her smiling is like a bitter gourd. She gets angry and doesn’t want to continue taking photos. So he pulls her hair to complete the photo. She’s furious and wants to delete it. But he kicks her out.

Su Chang texts Yuan Shuai and asks him to save him. Yuan Shuai arrives at the bar and defeats the men of Wan Hua with her drinking skill. Su Chang praises Yuan Shuai and thinks he would get defeated if he didn’t come. Yuan Shuai tells Su Chang that Jiang Jun has a teacher who always gives ideas to her.

Su Chang asks Yuan Shuai if he knows who the person is. Yuan Shuai says that he doesn’t care for it. He wants to know how long the swindler can fool Jiang Jun. Su Chang reminds Yuan Shuai that he claimed to kick Jiang Out out from MH, and thinks he is a natural enemy to her.

Yuan Shuai explains that he wanted to kick Jiang Jun out because he thought she isn’t suitable for the industry. But he admits that he was wrong. Su Chang thinks Yuan Shuai is changed. Yuan Shuai says that he wants to know Jiang Jun again. Su Chang thinks jealousy makes Yuan Shuai rational. But he thinks his change is late.

Su Chang says that the mysterious master keeps warm Jiang Jun, but Yuan Shuai drives her away. He tells him to use strategy on the iron flower.

Yuan Shuai remembers what Su Chang told him that women cannot refuse the lovely stuff. He gets Wang Cai to walk to him and thinks it’s time to use him as he’s raised him so long. Jiang Jun sees Wang Cai and holds his head. She asks him if he did prison break, and decides to send him to Yuan Shuai’s place.

Jiang Jun carries Wang Cai into Yuan Shuai’s house. She decides to leave but hears the cough sound of Yuan Shuai. He tells her that he caught a cold last night. She wonders why he didn’t go to the hospital, and decides to send him to the hospital since his body temperature is so high.

But Yuan Shuai rejects it. Jiang Jun tells him to rest well and she decides to leave. But he says that he feels cold. She asks him if he’s sure that he doesn’t need her to take him to see a doctor. He shakes his head and tells her that he wants to drink water.

Jiang Jun gives the water to Yuan Shuai. But he claims that he’s hungry. So she asks him what he wants to eat. He tells her that the ingredients are in the fridge. She thinks there is nothing in the fridge since he’s so busy. But she finds out that the fridge is full of ingredients. So she asks her what kind of dishes he wants to eat.

Yuan Shuai tells Jiang Jun to make many dishes for him. She thinks he’s not like the person who is sick. But he says that he feels uncomfortable and doesn’t have anyone to take care of him.

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