Love Is Sweet: Episode 5 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Chinese drama Love Is Sweet: Episode 5. Xu Li tells Jiang Jun that she didn’t know what to do when she was weak. She says that her Prince Charming showed up in front of her, and thinks she was happiness.

Love Is Sweet: Episode 5 Recap & Review

Love Is Sweet

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Is Sweet: Episode 5.

Mom calls Jiang Jun and asks her if she does her job well. Jiang Jun tells Mom that her colleagues are friendly. Mom tells Jiang Jun not to cry when she’s wronged. She thinks she should get herself a boyfriend who can take care of her. But Jiang Jun rejects it.

Mom says that she won’t force Jiang Jun, and tells her to be careful since she is alone in Shanghai. Jiang Jun tells Mom to take care of herself as well. Xu Li learns that Mom called Jiang Jun. She tells her to get herself another job, and promises to raise her through selling instant noodles.

Xu Li thinks it’s a good thing that Jiang Jun leaves big demon king because she doesn’t like him. She tells her not to write resignation letter as she has power to fight if she’s full up. She goes to cook instant noodles. Du Lei texts Jiang Jun and asks her which level she is, if treating MH as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Jiang Jun tells Du Lei that she is going to get kicked out from the newbie village. He thinks she needs a newbie tutor, and claims he is experienced in investment bank. He wants to be her tutor. She thinks she should give it a try since she doesn’t have any clue.

Jiang Jun tells Du Lei to accept her worship as her master. But he thinks she doesn’t have any sincerity because she worships him with the phone. He tells her to treat him as he doesn’t have dinner. Xu Li brings the noodles to Jiang Jun. But Jiang Jun tells Xu Li to eat it herself, and she goes out.

Yuan Shuai walks to the rooftop, and sees Jiang Jun getting in a taxi. He wonders where she went as it’s in the evening. He texts her and asks if she is going to kill Deng Ke. He thinks it’s a good idea but it costs too much. She says that she will kill him first if she wants to assassinate. He smiles and tells her to get back safely as he wants to die with her.

Jiang Jun tells Du Lei to change a restaurant as she thinks the place isn’t suitable for him. He says that fried chicken and steak are no different because he just wants to be full up. She thanks him for helping no matter she can learn something from him or not.

Jiang Jun intends to drink up the wine. But Du Lei takes away the wine and tells her that alcohol can affect her verdict. He says that what he teaches isn’t drunken fist. She asks him if there is a chance to win since the little ant carries the huge pot.

Du Lei thinks it’s related to Ke Lang pharmacy. Jiang Jun says that she thought she was going to win but got herself a pig team member. She adds that they suspected that the director of Ke Lang did bad things, but the witness they found quit at the critical time. It caused them to be killed.

Du Lei wonders if the witness owns the evidence. Jiang Jun learns that the person intended to do so. He tells her that Deng Ke is good at setting up traps, and thinks there wasn’t any stupid followers around him. He adds that most of the companies conceal their weakness when they face huge profits.

Du Lei tells Jiang Jun not to just see the materials they gave her. She thinks he is right that the thing isn’t simple. The waitress gives the roses to Jiang Jun, and tells her that it’s the anniversary gift of their restaurant. Jiang Jun thanks the waitress, and she doesn’t expect the good thing. Du Lei comforts Jiang Jun that her luck comes.

Yuan Shuai sees Jiang Jun getting off someone’s car, and wonders why she has mood to date someone since she’s going to get fired. He gets angry after seeing the flowers. He learns that she made him know her again. Jiang Jun wonders why the people are so different since they’re doing investment bank.

Xu Li finds the papers in the house, and wakes Jiang Jun when she stands to fall asleep. She asks her if she hasn’t slept for a night, and thinks it’s not worth of staying up late for a fired employee. She tells her that staying up late will cause sudden death. Jiang Jun thrills as she finds the person. She gives Xu Li a kiss, and goes to work.

Shen Xin tells Jiang Jun that Qiao Na got them to stay up late sorting out the papers as Ke Lang is going to sign the contract. She tells her to clean up the trashes on the table. Jiang Jun asks if Yuan Shuai knows it. Shen Xin says that she only knows it’s Qiao Na’s order.

The employee tells Jiang Jun not to make any excuse. Yuan Shuai shows up and thinks what the employee said is right. He says that the person doesn’t have qualification to stay at MH if he complains to colleagues after being arranged the tasks. The employee is panic and promises to complete the challenge.

Jiang Jun chases Yuan Shuai and asks him if what they said is right that Ke Lang is going to sign the contract. He says yes. She tells him that she found the real insider last night, and reveals Li Xiang is a liar. She adds that Li Xiang is the poison bait Deng Ke released, and Deng Ke made the insider into the employee list.

Yuan Shuai thinks Jiang Jun isn’t too stupid. He says that he thought she only knows to take flowers to play at night. He doesn’t expect that she found the swindle.

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