Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 28 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 28. Ling Buyi sees Han Wu being chased by the killers. He goes to help him. Ling Buyi tries to kill the killer. But Han Wu tells him to keep the killer’s life.

Why Third Princess Lets her Maid Slap Cheng Shaoshang?

Love Like the Galaxy

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 28.

Han Wu takes off the killer’s mask. He asks him who he is. But he’s killed by the killer. Ling Buyi tells Liang Qiuqi that the needle which killed Han Wu came from army. He believes that Marquis Yue killed those soldier for covering what he did.

Liang Qiuqi reports to Ling Buyi that Emperor Wen sent Doctor Sun to see him. Ling Buyi doesn’t want to see Doctor Sun. Emperor Wen walks around the room. Consort Yue gets up from the bed. She wants to go to sleep at the side palace.

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Emperor Wen stops Consort Yue. He tells her that he cannot eat and sleep because he worries about Ling Buyi’s injury. She points out that Ling Buyi takes the duty of his injury each time. She tells Emperor Wen to be an immortal if he keeps doing it.

Emperor Wen tells Consort Yue that Ling Buyi tricked him. She’s interested in what Ling Buyi did. Emperor Wen mentions Ling Buyi told him that he was hurt when he rode the horse. He doesn’t believe it. He leaks that he went to see Cheng Shaoshang before he was hurt.

Emperor Wen thinks Ling Buyi worried that he will punish Cheng Shaoshang so that he lied to him. He mentions Ling Buyi protected Cheng Shaoshang when he scolded the girl. He thinks he forgets him when he has the beauty. Consort Yue comforts Emperor Wen that he did the same thing to her when he was young.

Emperor Wen disagrees to what Consort Yue said. He complains that Cheng Shaoshang didn’t go to see Ling Buyi after he was hurt. He thinks Ling Buyi didn’t tell his injury to the girl. Consort Yue points out that Ling Buyi’s injury is wasted if Cheng Shaoshang doesn’t know it. Emperor Wen agrees to what Consort Yue said. He decides to let Cheng Shaoshang know it.

Emperor Wen intends to summon Cheng Shaoshang to his palace. He wants her to care for Ling Buyi. Consort Yue asks him to care for her first. Cheng Shaoshang runs into Third Princess. Third Princess mentions Ling Buyi went to Cheng family to give wedding gifts. She thinks Cheng Shaoshang made Ling Buyi fall for her with the face.

Third Princess lets the maid slap Cheng Shaoshang. But Ling Buyi stops the maid. Third Princess mentions Cheng Shaoshang made Ling Buyi hurt his leg. She tells Ling Buyi that Cheng Shaoshang isn’t match for him. She mentions he told Emperor Wen to send doctor to see her when she was sick. He admits it and asks her if she repaid him through slapping his wife.

Ling Buyi mentions Third Princess raised money when her father worked hard for the nation. He tells her not to talk about the childhood things. She yells at him and tells him not to regret in the future. He tells her that he wanted to get married when he encountered Cheng Shaoshang. He claims that he doesn’t have any woman in his eyes except Cheng Shaoshang.

Does Cheng Shaoshang Care for Ling Buyi’s Injury?

Ling Buyi holds Cheng Shaoshang’s hand. He takes her away. She tells him not to walk fast because she worries that his injury will get worse. He wonders why she cares for him when she was cold to him yesterday. She tells him that she worries that Emperor Wen will get angry if she doesn’t take care of him well.

Ling Buyi tells Cheng Shaoshang that he won’t release her even if he pressed her. She tells him that he’s like the Statue of God which is worshiped by people. She thinks he should allow her to hesitate when the Statue of God wants to live with her.

Ling Buyi tells Cheng Shaoshang to break off the engagement in front of Emperor Wen. He claims that he won’t break off the engagement even if Emperor Wen is going to punish him. She tells him that she doesn’t wish to break off the engagement as well. She tells him that she doesn’t know how to love people because she wasn’t be loved by anyone.

Cheng Shaoshang confesses to Ling Buyi that she doubted his love. She adds that she thought he’s nice to her after she recalled their past. She thinks it will show that she’s heartless if she continues to reject him. She asks him about his injury. She thinks he wasn’t be careful.

Ling Buyi asks Cheng Shaoshang if she cared his injury because she worries that Emperor Wen will scold her. He tells her that everything of him belongs to her because he treats her as his wife. He tells her that he won’t press her. He swears to make her believe it.

Ling Buyi hands over the bread to Cheng Shaoshang. He tells her to eat it when she wants to eat. She smiles. Cheng Shaoshang greets Emperor Wen. He asks her how she will be Ling Buyi’s wife. She thinks she and Ling Buyi should get married first.

It makes the people laugh. Cheng Shaoshang tells Emperor Wen that she talked nonsense because she didn’t understand what he said. She asks him for his mercy. He mentions Ling Buyi is outstanding. He asks her if she’s match for Ling Buyi.

Ling Buyi shows up and gets on knees to Emperor Wen. Emperor Wen mentions Doctor Sun said that Ling Buyi’s injury got worse. He wonders why he came. He tells him to get up. Ling Buyi tells Emperor Wen that he wants to know what he will ask.

Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 28 Ending

Episode 28 of Love Like the Galaxy ends with Madam Wang telling Wang Ling to marry the old man Peng Kun. Wang Ling cries to be against it. She asks his father General Wang to help her. General Wang tells Madam Wang not to sacrifice their daughter.

Madam Wang thinks his brother will rule the world if he can get Peng Kun’s help. Wang Ling talks back that his uncle wouldn’t locked up by Peng Kun if he’s outstanding. Madam Wang scolds Wang Ling. She thinks the world owes Wen family.

Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 28 stars Zhao Lusi and Wu Lei.

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