Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 32 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 32. Marquis Yue sees off the guests. He thinks they’re speculation. Tian Yu comforts Marquis Yue that it’s a normal thing that the people want to join then because Yue Clan is powerful.

Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 32 Recap

Love Like the Galaxy

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 32.

Fifth Princess shows up with her boyfriends. She asks Tian Yu if he has wine. He tells her that he keeps the wine for her. Marquis Yue greets Fifth Princess. She introduces her boyfriends to him. He asks her if her mom knew she came to the restaurant.

Fifth Princess reminds Marquis Yue that she’s a princess. She adds that the only clan who is match for Wen Clan is Xuan Clan. She walks away. Marquis Yue tells Tian Yu to prepare a gift for Fifth Princess because she will be his daughter-in-law.

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Cheng Shaoshang wonders why Emperor Wen gave the task to her since Crown Princess is there. Crown Princess asks Cheng Shaoshang if she wants Fifth Princess to do the job. Cheng Shaoshang complains that she needs to arrange the seats of people. She adds that she doesn’t know most of them.

Crown Princess tells Cheng Shaoshang that Emperor Wen and Empress Xuan want her to know the business of palace. She leaks that they asked her to help her. Cheng Shaoshang thinks it’s very difficult to be the wife of Ling Buyi. Crown Princess tells Cheng Shaoshang that she didn’t expect that his husband would be crown prince.

Crown Princess reveals her families wish her to help her be the officials. But they don’t know that she can do nothing. Cheng Shaoshang tells Crown Princess not to get affected by other people’s greed. Crown Princess complains that Emperor Wen thought his husband made a mistake when he just wanted to help Wang Clan.

Cheng Shaoshang thinks being kindness isn’t wrong. Fifth Princess shows up. She looks for Crown Prince. Cheng Shaoshang tells Fifth Princess that Crown Prince cannot see her because he’s meeting with the guests. Fifth Princess tells Cheng Shaoshang to leave East Palace.

Crown Princess explains that she invited Chang Shaoshang because she needs to talk about Empress Xuan’s birthday party with her. Fifth Princess thinks Crown Princess shouldn’t pretend to be kindness because Crown Prince is going to lose his position.

Crown Prince show up. Fifth Princess asks him if it’s worth of helping Wang Long. He thinks she’s too heartless. She blames him for doing the stupid thing when Third Prince wants to get his position. She thinks they cannot live if he loses the position of crown prince.

Crown Prince thinks Fifth Princess only has power in her mind. He prefers to give up the position of crown prince if she wants him to ignore the lives of his families. She tells him that he wouldn’t be the crown prince if she’s a man.

Cheng Shaoshang points out that Fifth Princess was punished if Crown Princess is the person she mentioned. Crown Princess mentions Fifth Princess rejected the marriage. She thinks she made Emperor Wen get angry as well. She asks her why she threw a fit to Crown Prince when she’s going to lose her power.

Fifth Princess thinks Crown Prince wouldn’t interfere with her marriage. She mentions he got married with Crown Princess when he didn’t like her. She adds that he got married with her because he took pity on her. Crown Prince glares at Fifth Princess. He tells her to leave. He asks her not to come to East Palace if she doesn’t have a business. He tells her that he will give the gift to her when she marries to Yue Clan.

Fifth Princess thinks Crown Prince is so stupid to fall with Wang Clan. He tells him that she will go to see Empress Xuan. Cheng Shaoshang arrives at Empress Xuan’s palace. She asks Lady Zhai about Empress Xuan. Lady Zhai reveals Empress Xuan doesn’t want to speak and eat after Fifth Princess threw a fit to her.

Cheng Shaoshang tries to get into Empress Xuan’s palace. Lady Zhai stops Cheng Shaoshang. She tells her that Empress Xuan doesn’t want to see anybody. Cheng Shaoshang tells Lady Zhai that parents wish to see their children when they’re sick.

Cheng Shaoshang brings the food to Empress Xuan. Luo Jitong tells Cheng Shaoshang that Empress Xuan doesn’t want to eat. Cheng Shaoshang claims that she came to ask Empress Xuan a favor. She tricks her to eat the porridge with the salty cucumber.

Lady Zhai takes Luo Jitong to leave Empress Xuan’s palace. Because she doesn’t want to disturb Cheng Shaoshang and Empress Xuan. She thinks Ling Buyi chose a good wife. The maid shows up. She wonders why Luo Jitong doesn’t serve Empress Xuan.

Luo Jitong tells the maid that Lady Zhai asked her not to disturb Empress Xuan because Cheng Shaoshang is accompanying Empress Xuan. The maid Chun Tiao gets angry. She complains that she and Luo Jitong don’t have to go to northwest if Luo Jitong can marry Ling Buyi.

Luo Jitong stops Chun Tiao. She thinks it’s their fate. She adds that Cheng Shaoshang was luck to marry a good husband and she got protected by Empress Xuan. She tells Chun Tiao not to hate Cheng Shaoshang. Chun Tiao thinks Luo Jitong would forgive Cheng Shaoshang if she’s a princess.

Cheng Shaoshang wants to share the cucumber with the guests at Empress Xuan’s party. But Empress Xuan thinks it’s too expensive. Cheng Shaoshang tells Empress Xuan that she wants to plant the cucumber in the palace. Empress Xuan wants to ask Xiao Yuanyi how to teach a daughter like Cheng Shaoshang.

Empress Xuan complains that she didn’t teach her son and daughter well. Cheng Shaoshang tells Empress Xuan to summon her parents to the palace. She reveals she’s a bad daughter in their mind. She asks her to make them understand what are good parents.

Empress Xuan tells Cheng Shaoshang that her parents just used someone else’s daughter to educate her. She adds that they won’t do it if they’re asked to exchange their daughter. Cheng Shaoshang thinks the children will hate their parents if they keep doing it. Empress Xuan tells Cheng Shaoshang that Xuan Yuanyi forces herself when she forces her.

Cheng Shaoshang walks out of the palace with the food box. She runs into Crown Prince. He asks her about Empress Xuan’s illness. She tells him to go to see his mom if he wants to know it. He thinks he was useless to make Empress Xuan sad.

Crown Prince thinks he cannot be a good crown prince. Cheng Shaoshang tells Crown Prince that Empress Xuan is sad because he’s sad. She adds that Empress Xuan felt guilty that she didn’t protect him. She thinks he should ask Emperor Wen to forgive Wang Long with the identity of his son.

Cheng Shaoshang tells Crown Prince that Emperor Wen wouldn’t be disappointed with a good son. She tells him that their parents will actually disappointed if he estranges them. Emperor Wen throws the memorial to the floor. He complains that the chancellors want to fire Crown Prince.

Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 32 Ending

Episode 32 of Love Like the Galaxy ends with Ling Buyi asking Cheng Shaoshang if she let Crown Prince be friendly with Emperor Wen. She admits it. He mentions Emperor Wen forgave Wang Chun. He asks her if she’s satisfied. She’s confused. He asks her why she didn’t take his advice not to step in the business of palace.

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