Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 31 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 31. Ruyang Princess claims that she wishes Ling Buyi to get married. She thinks Cheng Shaoshang isn’t match for Ling Buyi. She mentions Yuchang Princess.

How Does Cheng Shaoshang Make Emperor Wen Punish Third Princess?

Love Like the Galaxy

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 31.

Episode 31 of Love Like the Galaxy begins with Consort Yue telling Ruyang Princess not to think about the marriage. Ruchang Princess blames Consort Yue for not respecting her. Emperor Wen slaps the table. He tells Ling Buyi that nobody can force him to marry the wife he doesn’t like. He add that he will let the person not live and die well.

Ruyang Princess explains that she just wanted to let Madam Chunyu get respected. Consort Yue thinks it’s time to talk about the story of Huo family. She tells the princes to leave. Ruyang Princess asks Consort Yue why she wants to protect Huo Junhua. She mentions Huo Junhua almost killed her.

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Consort Yue talks back that Madam Chunyu isn’t better than Huo Junhua. She tells Ruyang Princess not to get involved for helping Madam Chunyu. She adds that she will tell her story to princes and princesses. Empress Xuan offers to pay respect to Huo families. She lets Consort Yue join them. Consort Yue claims that she left Forever Happiness Palace for it.

Cheng shaoshang stares at the painting of Huo Chong. Crown Princess shows up. She gives the incense balls to Cheng Shaoshang. She wonders why she stared at the painting of Huo Chong. Cheng Shaoshang explains that she thought Huo Chong is like Ling Buyi.

Crown Princess thinks Cheng Shaoshang saw it because she loves Ling Buyi very much. Cheng Shaoshang mentions Crown Prince didn’t agree to it when he was asked to marry side consorts. Third Princess points out that Crown Princess didn’t agree to it because he cannot forget his first love.

Cheng Shaoshang greets Third Princess. She tells her to go to side palace. But Third Princess points out that she intended to have a talk with Crown Princess. She thinks her brother doesn’t like Crown Princess because she doesn’t wear good clothes.

Third Princess mentions her mom asked to reduce the spending. She thinks Crown Princess is lack of money because her parents are just ordinary farmers. She adds that she worried that Crown Princess doesn’t have the money to buy the incense balls. She thinks her brother will explain it for her.

Cheng Shaoshang throws the incense balls to the floor. Love Like the Galaxy makes Third Princess trip. The maids try to help Third Princess get up. They trip as well. Cheng Shaoshang asks Third Princess if she was hurt. Third Princess swears to take revenge.

Crown Princess thinks Cheng Shaoshang shouldn’t offend Third Princess for her. Cheng Shaoshang tells Crown Princess that she doesn’t fear Third Princess at all. She wonders why Third Princess likes to show off. Crown Princess reveals Marquis Yue raised Third Princess when she was a child. She adds that Marquis Yue’s wife likes to show off.

Cheng Shaoshang wonders where Third Princess got the money. Crown Princess thinks Third Princess has the way to earn money since she follows Marquis Yue. She tells Cheng Shaoshang to avoid Third Princess because Third Princess likes to take revenge.

Cheng Shaoshang claims that she likes to take revenge as well. She wants to see who will win. She asks Crown Princess about Crown Prince’s first love. Crown Princess doesn’t want to mention it. Emperor Wen pays respect to Huo Chong. He feels guilty for not saving Gu City.

Emperor Wen tells his sons and daughters that the honor was given by Huo family. He asks Ling Buyi to kowtow to his uncle. He tells his families to pay their respect to Huo family. Third Princess takes the incense ash from Cheng Shaoshang. She blows the incense ash to her.

Cheng Shaoshang hangs Third Princess’s clothes to the candle holder. The candle holder falls over when Third Princess tries to leave. Third Princess’s clothes are on fire. Empress Xuan tells the maids to take off Third Princess’s clothes.

But Third Princess tells the maids not to touch her. Consort Yue asks Third Princess if she wants to give up her life. She tells the maids to take off Third Princess’s clothes. Emperor Wen sees the gorgeous clothes Third Princess wears. Love Like the Galaxy asks her who allowed her to wear it.

Emperor Wen mentions his order to stop the extravagance. She asks Third Princess if she has the father in her mind. She explains that she wore Consort Yue’s clothes because she didn’t have other clothes. He blames her for forgetting the anniversary day of Huo family.

The princess asks Emperor Wen to punish Third Princess after they return home. Fifth Princess reminds Emperor Wen that it’s not a family business because Third Princess is very rich as a princess. Emperor Wen agrees to what Fifth Princess said. He asks Third Princess how she got the money.

Third Princess explains that she earned the money through running a bar with someone. Third Prince hands over the counterfeit coin Third Princess used to Emperor Wen. Third Princess reminds Third Prince that she’s his sister. He tells her that he only knows law.

Emperor Wen blames Third Princess for making the counterfeit coin. He thinks she wants to ruin the nation. She tells him that she doesn’t have the ability. Third Prince reports to Emperor Wen that the counterfeit coins came from Shouchun State.

Third Princess reminds Emperor Wen that Shouchun State belongs to Peng Kun and Qianan Prince. She adds that they’re Xuan families. Third Prince points out that Third Princess should get punished. Consort Yue is furious to walk away. Emperor Wen tells Ling Buyi to take back the mine from Qianan Prince.

Third Princess tells Emperor Wen to kill Qianan Prince. He slaps her. He tells the maids to beat her. She cries after she got beaten. Marquis Yue thinks Emperor Wen took Empress Xuan’s side. But Consort Yue thinks the punishment was too light.

Third Princess complains that the one who made the counterfeit coins was Qianan Princess. Love Like the Galaxy thinks it’s unfair. Consort Yue points out that Third Princess intended to do it. She reminds Marquis Yue that Emperor Wen didn’t look into it because he wanted to keep the face of Yue clan.

Third Princess thinks Ling Buyi reported what she did to Third Prince. She complains that she wouldn’t be found if it wasn’t Cheng Shaoshang. Consort Yue walks to Third Princess. She tells her that she wants to thank Cheng Shaoshang. She thinks Third Yue will do many things to hurt Yue clan if Sheng Shaoshang didn’t do it.

Marquis Yue mentions Emperor Wen punished Third Princess. He thinks Emperor Wen doesn’t care for Consort Yue. Consort Yue reminds him that she told him that she will punish him if he mentions it again. He thinks it’s unfair that Empress Xuan became empress.

Consort Yue claims she has gotten what she wants. She tells Marquis Yue not to bring trouble to her. She reminds him that she won’t forgive him if he does it again. Ling Buyi pays his respect to Huo Chong. Huo Junhua asks Ling Buyi to take a look at what she wears because she mistakes him as Huo Chong.

Huo Junhua asks Ling Buyi if it’s a good idea to wear the clothes to see Emperor Wen. She mentions she defeated Yue Heng when she wore the clothes to see Emperor Wen. Ling Buyi asks Huo Junhua if she offended Yue clan. She admits that she kidnapped Yue Heng and almost killed her if Emperor Wen and Huo Chong didn’t arrive.

Huo Junhua complains that Emperor Wen ignored her since then. Ling Buyi asks Huo Junhua if Marquis Yue will save them if they’re in trouble. She laughs because she doesn’t believe that Huo Chong will be in trouble. But she remembers that Marquis Yue and Qianan Prince didn’t come.

Huo Junhua cries after she realized that Huo Chong passed away in Gu City. Liang Qiuqi reports to Ling Buyi that he has told Third Prince about what Third Princess and Marquis Yue did. But Liang Qiufei complains that Emperor Wen didn’t look into it.

Ling Buyi mentions he helped Qianan Prince avoid the punishment. He thinks he repaid the grace of Old Qianan Prince. He wants to let Marquis Yue make a bigger mistake. Liang Qiufei thinks it’s not easy to trick Marquis Yue. He hands over Madam Wenxiu’s letter to Ling Buyi.

Ling Buyi reads the letter. He learns that Madam Wenxiu wishes his son Wang Long to suppress the bandits, getting money to helping Qianan Prince. He thinks Madam Wenxiu is very stupid. He tells Liang Qiuqi to inform bandits about it.

Liang Qiuqi asks Ling Buyi if he wants Wang Long to be caught. Ling Buyi thinks Wang Long and Wang Chun will bring trouble if he keeps the father and son at the court. He adds that they will ruin their family if he doesn’t fire them.

Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 31 Ending

Episode 31 of Love Like the Galaxy ends with Cheng Shaoshang thinking the children in Xiao Yuanyi’s mind are like Cheng Yang who’s obedient. She thinks she let her down. She returns the robe to her. She walks away. Xiao Yuanyi sees Cheng Shaoshang off. She sighs. Cheng Shi shows up. He wonders why his wife doesn’t return to her room.

Xiao Yuanyi mentions Cheng Shaoshang asked her what kind of person she wishes her to be. She adds that Empress Xuan wished Crown Prince to be an ordinary person. She thinks it was Cheng Shaoshang’s first time to know their pain. She points out that she didn’t do it for them.

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