Big Mouth K-Drama: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Big Mouth K-Drama: Episode 1. The man drives that truck to the warehouse. He pours the gold bars into the pit. The TV plays the news about Big Mouth. Chang-Ho tells us that he wants to clean the evil from the city.

Does Chang-Ho Win the Trial?

Big Mouth

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Big Mouth K-Drama: Episode 1.

Chang-Ho stands in front of the window. Mi-Ho walks into the room with her father. She’s surprised to look at Chang-Ho. Mi-Ho scolds his husband for providing the expensive food for them when her father is eating. Chang-Ho reminds Mi-Ho that it’s their wedding anniversary.

Gi-Gwang thinks they should enjoy the food because his son-in-law is a lawyer. Mi-Ho glares at Chang-Ho because they’re owing money. He puts the steak into her mouth. He brags that he’s going to be famous. He calls someone and tells him that he’s the lawyer of the hospital case. Mi-Ho feels happy after knowing her husband is handling a big case. Chang-Ho runs into Waitress before he leaves the hotel. She hands over the drinks to him. He has a car accident after he drank the drinks.

Mi-Ho is woken up by the alarm. She blames Chang-Ho for doing it to her. She kicks him off the bed. He tells her that it was hurt. But she’s not fooled by him. He applies the cream on his face. She stops him and tells him that it’s very expensive. She yells at him.

Mi-Ho helps Chang-Ho tie the tie. She asks him about the trial. She tells him to take back the money. He claims that she’s the best lawyer in Korea. She tells him not to return home if he’s defeated. Gi-Gwang shows up. He points out that the house belongs to him.

Gi-Gwang walks Chang-Ho. He asks him if he borrowed money from the loan shark. He thinks it won’t be a problem if he wins. The judge shows up. Gi-Gwang notes that the judge was changed. Chang-Ho asks the judge to explain it. The judge refuses to explain it. He tells Chang-Ho that he will kick him out of the court if he continues to ask him the question.

Chang-Ho is dragged out of the court. The people ask him why he tricked them. Gi-Gwang explains that Chang-Ho was tricked as well. Chang-Ho promises to appeal. But the guy points out that Chang-Ho is a big mouth. The people asks Chang-Ho to return the money to them.

The nurse tells Mi-Ho that she wouldn’t work in the hospital if her husband is a lawyer. Mi-Ho claims that she chose the job because she wanted to save more lives. The nurse tells Mi-Ho that she’s her idol. Mi-Ho takes a look at her watch. She thinks the trial ended.

Chang-Ho doesn’t want to be a lawyer. Gi-Gwang agrees to Chang-Ho’s plan. But he asks him to repay the money to him. Both laugh. Chang-Ho get a call from Mi-Ho. He’s scared to let Gi-Gwang pick up the phone for him. But Gi-Gwang is scared as well. He returns the phone to Chang-Ho.

Mi-Ho is told that Chang-Ho didn’t win. She asks him how they will face the spending. He tells her that he wants to do the divorce case. She wants him that she wants to get a divorce. He agrees to her plan. But he tells her that Gi-Gwang will takes his side. She insists on getting a divorce even if her father takes his side.

Gi-Gwang tells Chang-Ho that it was a stupid idea to talk about divorce with his wife. Chang-Ho regrets. He tells it to his friend Soon-Tae. Chang-Ho wonders how he became a loser. Soon-Tae thinks Chang-Ho has no money. Chang-Ho wants to be a bad lawyer. Soon-Tae is against it.

Mi-Ho calls Chang-Ho when she drinks. But he doesn’t pick up her phone. Gi-Gwang tries to leave with the bag. Mi-Ho stops him. She asks him why he takes a bag. He explains that he wants to throw away the clothes he doesn’t want to use. She asks him to make a choice between her and Chang-Ho.

Gi-Gwang chooses Chang-Ho because he thinks he’s weak. Mi-Ho is furious because her father didn’t choose her. He’s scared to run away from home. Gi-Gwang walks out of the house. Chang-Ho is waiting for him. Gi-Gwang hands over the bag to Chang-Ho. He tells him that his wife wants to take his life.

Chang-Ho asks Gi-Gwang to explain it to Mi-Ho for him. He gets a call from Do-Ha who tells him that he wants to give a task to him. Chang-Ho drives to the lake. Do-Ha is waiting for him. He mentions the hospital case. He leaks that Chae-Bong, Jae-Ho and Du-Geun asked him to look for a lawyer who’s obedient.

Chang-Ho rejects the case and tries to leave because he thinks it will make him do bad things. But Do-Ha tells Chang-Ho that he wants to find the truth. He reveals he planned to deal with the three. He gives a bag of cash to him. But Chang-Ho thinks the cash isn’t enough. Do-Ha mentions NR Forum.

Who Kills Jae-Yong?

Chang-Ho takes a look at the cash when he’s driving. He gets a call from Soon-Tae. He tells him that he will come to see him. He tells NR Forum to him. He promises to repay him if he helps him. Chang-Ho goes to the basement of the prison to see his clients. He hands over his business cards to them. He sees his resume on the table.

Du-Geun hands over the papers to Chang-Ho. But Chang-Ho doesn’t take a look at them. He tells his clients that he knows that he just needs to listen to their orders. It makes them happy. Du-Geun tells Chang-Ho that he will be famous if he completes the task.

Chae-Bong gets a call from Do-Ha who tells him that the lawyer has a tip. Chang-Ho leaves the room. He takes out the earphones. Chae-Bong blames Jae-Ho for giving the footage to his wife. Du-Geun wants to ruin the footage. Chae-Bong is against it because they need the footage to protect them.

Chang-Ho calls Do-Ha. He reports to him that Hye-Jin has the footage. Hye-Jin goes to the dressing room after she filmed the cooking show. Someone sneaks into the dressing room. He closes the door. Do-Ha goes to see Hye-Jin. But he hears her scream.

Do-Ha goes to the dressing room. But the door is closed. Chang-Ho opens the door for Do-Ha. Do-Ha finds out that Hye-Jin passed out on the floor. Chang-Ho runs to the window. He sees the killer running away. Do-Ha wakes Hye-Jin up. She’s scared after she saw him.

Chang-Ho asks Hye-Jin about the footage she hid. She pretends not to understand what he said. So he plays Jae-Ho’s recording. He asks her if there was another person. She leaks that it was Ji-Hoon. Do-Ha tells Chang-Ho that those people are Ji-Hoon’s followers.

Chang-Ho goes to the temple with Hye-Jin. Do-Ha doesn’t accompany them because he has a business. The monk takes off the Statue of Buddha. He hands over the Statue of Buddha to Hye-Jin. She takes out the footage from the Statue of Buddha. She gives the footage to Chang-Ho. She tells him to protect himself.

Chang-Ho watches the footage. He finds out that Chae-Bong killed Jae-Yong in Jae-Ho and Du-Geun’s help. Mi-Ho eats with Gi-Gwang. She complains that her husband didn’t call her. Gi-Gwang leaks that Chang-Ho only ate cup noodles these days.

Why Doesn’t Chang-Ho Give the Footage to Do-Ha?

Mi-Ho blames his father for not taking care of Chang-Ho well. Someone knocks at the door. Mi-Ho thinks it’s her husband. She goes to open the door. She sees the guy. He tells her that he came to seize the property. Gi-Gwang reports it to Chang-Ho. Mi-Ho takes over the phone from Gi-Gwang. She scolds Chang-Ho. He hangs up.

Mi-Ho thinks his father didn’t take the duty to stop Chang-Ho. She’s furious to return to her room. Do-Ha calls Chang-Ho. But Chang-Ho doesn’t pick up the phone because he needs money. He returns home. Gi-Gwang persuades Chang-Ho to leave. But Chang-Ho asks Mi-Ho to come out.

Mi-Ho runs out of her room. She tries to take the flower pot to hit her husband. Gi-Gwang stops her. Chang-Ho shows off the chicken to Mi-Ho. He tells her to eat it. But she doesn’t have the mood to eat it. She takes off the bag. The bag drops. She sees the cash.

Mi-Ho holds the cash. She asks Chang-Ho where it came from. He tells her that he got a big case. She doesn’t believe that he would get a big case. He claims that he’s an outstanding lawyer. Gi-Gwang agrees to what Chang-Ho said.

Big Mouth K-Drama: Episode 1 Ending

Episode 1 of Big Mouth ends with Chang-Ho asking Mi-Ho to have baby with him. She’s against it because they have no money. He promises to take back a huge money. She tells him that she can only believe it when she sees the money. She mentions he’s a big mouth. He realizes that Gi-Gwang told it to her.

Chang-Ho tells Mi-Ho that he wants to take her to eat something expensive because it’s their wedding anniversary. But she only wants to eat at home because they still owe debts. He asks her to hug him. She rejects it. But she asks him to hug her. He carries her to the bed.

Chang-Ho visits Ji-Hoon. He tells him that he has the evidence that he asked Chae-Bong to kill Jae-Yong. He asks him for the money. Ji-Hoon kicks Chang-Ho out of his house. Chang-Ho gets a call from Do-Ha who asks him to give the footage to him. But Chang-Ho tells Do-Ha that he will give the evidence to the prosecutor.

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