Love Scenery Chinese Drama: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for Love Scenery Chinese Drama: Episode 2. Liang Chen returns home. She prepares for wearing the shoes but she gets a call from Sun Binyu. He tells her that he will send Lu Jing’s wechat to her. But she finds out that Lu Jing labels himself as a happy flattering dog. She thinks the person is a bad guy.

Love Scenery Chinese Drama: Episode 2 Recap

Love Scenery

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Scenery Chinese Drama: Episode 2.

Sun Binyu calls Liang Chen and asks her if she added Lu Jing. She blames him for introducing a man who wants to get a girl. Sun Binyu finds out that Lu Jing brought a trouble to him. He tells Liang Chen that Lu Jing is just a normal student.

Liang Chen texts Lu Jing and tells him that she’s a friend of Sun Binyu. The roommate asks Lu Jing if his method worked. Lu Jing shows the message to the roommate. The roommate thinks Liang Chen is a warrior. Lu Jing agrees to take Liang Chen to play the game. But the roommate thinks Liang Chen will get Lu Jing involved.

Liang Chen doesn’t know what to do if Lu Jing finds out that she’s a terrible game player. So she chooses to change her voice to a little girl. Lu Jing takes Liang Chen to play the game. But he’s killed by her bomb. She worries that he won’t take her to play the game.

The girl Qi Qi walks in the class. She greets Lu Jing and introduces herself to him. The guy shows up and sits next to Qi Qi. Lu Jing walks away. Qi Qi is furious to tell the guy that people think he has a crush on Lu Jing instead of her if he continues to imitate Lu Jing. He laughs and tells her that he likes her.

Liang Chen tells Lao Liu to drive her to South University. Ke Ke asks Liang Chen why she wants to go to South University. Liang Chen says that she wants to look for inspiration there. Ke Ke walks Liang Chen alone the lake. She asks her where she wants to go. Liang Chen tells Ke Ke that it’s music academy.

Ke Ke reminds Liang Chen there’re many people. Liang Chen comforts Ke Ke that they won’t get recognized if they’re careful. She reveals she felt the magic power of music there when she was in the university. She adds that she didn’t have any trouble. Ke Ke tells Liang Chen not to talk about running away from class so well. Liang Chen glares at Ke Ke. Ke Ke says that nature and music actually contain magic power.

The roommate kidnaps Lu Jing to the stage. He tells the players that Lu Jing will give a performance in front of them. The players applaud. Lu Jing plays the violin. The roommate is surprised that Lu Jing plays so well. Liang Chen hears the music. She walks to the room and opens the door. She spots Lu Jing. She smiles and tries to get into the room.

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