“Love Scenery” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

Love Scenery” is a new Chinese romance drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about a popular singer Liang Chen falls for a normal boy Lu Jing.

“Love Scenery” is adapted from Qiao Yao’s novel “You cannot avoid crush“.

Xu Lu and Lin Yi are the lead actors.

Xu Lu starred Chinese romance drama Sunshine of My Life in 2021. She played a normal girl who falls for a president after knowing they have same dream.

Lin Yi starred Chinese historical dramaThe Blessed Girl” in 2021. He played a king who believes only the God Master can save his empire. He also starred “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” in 2019.

Love Scenery (2021)

Love Scenery


Title: Love Scenery

Director: Qin Zhen

Writer: Xu Mengjia

Network: Tengxun Video, Aiqiyi

Runtime: From Apr. 8

Episodes: 35

Language: Chinese


Liang Chen gets the double awards but she is informed that her boyfriend cheated on her. She gives a speech and thanks Meng Lanzhi for taking away the stuff she doesn’t need. The roommates of Lu Jing think Liang Chen is very cool.

It flashes back. Lu Jing gives the tissue to Liang Chen when he notes that she’s tearing up. She thanks him and asks him what happened. He tells her that he didn’t the first place. She comforts him that he’s outstanding because he got the second place since there’re so many students in the class.

Lu Jing tells Liang Chen that he regrets he didn’t got the first place in the city. She thinks he still has a chance, and complains that she doesn’t have a chance to walk on the stage. She sings when he tries to leave. He turns around and applauds.

Ke Ke goes to the supermarket to buy water for Liang Chen. She sees Lu Jing taking away the water. She returns to the car, and tells Liang Chen that she encountered a person who bought the weird flavor water. Liang Chen thinks Lu Jing is a weird person.

Yue Yuxun calls Liang Chen and asks her to tell the media that they broke up. Qing Jie tells Liang Chen that the company wishes her not to reply. But Liang Chen posts the message that she and Yue Yuxun breaks now. Qing Jie tells Liang Chen not to be sad. Liang Chen denies and thinks the trash should stay in the trash can. She says that she’s very happy because someone packed it for her. She adds that she’s a dog if she’s in love again.

Ding Jiayun calls Liang Chen but she doesn’t pick up his phone. He drives to the hotel and tries the ring the bell of her room. But he gives up the mind and calls her. She asks her if she’s fine, and reveals he saw her news. She says that she’s fine. He doesn’t want to disturb her after knowing she’s sleeping.

Ke Ke tells Liang Chen that she’s on the hot search because of her song “Wind”. Liang Chen wonders why the song is on the hot search because it’s not popular. Ke Ke tells Liang Chen that Hermann played the song when he played game.

Qing Jie tells Liang Chen that she needs to promote the game “Perfect World”. But Liang Chen worries that she cannot do it well because she hasn’t played the game. Qing Jie tells Liang Chen to get her friend Sun Binyu to teach her.

Liang Chen visits Sun Binyu. She complains that she wouldn’t visit him if he has been missing for two days. He tells her that there’s a bad news and a good news. She chooses the bad news. He tells her that he’s going to film the new drama. She doesn’t believe it because it’s not popular. He laughs and tells her that the good news is that he cannot play game with her.

Liang Chen blames Sun Binyu for doing so. He thinks he shouldn’t see her death, and promises to let a good player train her. She thinks she should catch the chance, and tries to take out her laptop. He begs her to forgive him because he still doesn’t pack his stuff. She agrees to it. Liang Chen asks Sun Binyu not to tell the person who she is. He promises it because he knows she’s popular. He tells her to leave. But she complains that she doesn’t drink water. He tells her to go home to drink water.

Lu Jing runs into Liang Chen in the elevator. But he doesn’t recognizes her because she wears a mask. Sun Binyu sees Lu Jing. He asks him to take his friend to play “Perfect World”. He tells him that the girl is very beautiful. Lu Jing thinks the player is a box spirit.

Sun Binyu thinks Lu Jing opened his heaven eyes. He comforts him that his friend is good at understanding. But Lu Jing asks for benefits. Sun Binyu promises to give Lu Jing the action figure.


Xu Lu as Liang Chen

She’s a popular singer who wants to change the style of her music. She’s asked to play game but her skill is really bad. So she asks her friend Sun Binyu to help her. But the man gives her up after he saw her talent. He tells Lin Yi to train Liang Chen.

Lin Yi as Lu Jing

He is the best player in the game “Perfect World”. But his record gets broken after he took the “box spirit” Liang Chen. He doesn’t know the girl is the goddess he wants to get.

Hu Bing as Ding Jiayun

He’s the friend of Liang Chen. He loves her but he doesn’t dare to confess his feelings to her. He always stops Lu Jing when he tries to be close to Liang Chen.

Hu Yunhao as Sun Yubing

He’s the friend of Liang Chen. But he can abandon anytime when he sees the benefits.

Zhong Danni as Ma Shanshan

She was the roommate of Liang Chen when they were in South University. But they’re unfamiliar now.

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