Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 11 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 11. Grand Prince Yangmyung rides horse with his followers. He remembers what Go-Pil told him that Sung-Jin’s death is weird. He worries about his lover. He takes his followers to catch Ha Ram.

Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 11 Recap

Lovers of the Red Sky

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 11.

Ha Ram puts down his cane, telling Grand Prince Yangmyung that he decides to leave with him. The bodyguards catch Ha Ram and push Cheon-Ki away when she tries to keep her lover. Cheon-Ki trips. Ha Ram takes a look at her. He leaves with the bodyguards.

Cheon-Ki cries. Grand Prince Yangmyung tells the bodyguard to protect Cheon-Ki. He visits the Ha Ram in the jail, asking him not to flee because he’s a murderer. He tells the bodyguards to leave. He tells Ha Ram that he will bring some straw to him because the place is very cold.

Grand Prince Yangmyung tells Ha Ram that he let the bodyguard protect Cheon-Ki. He apologizes to him. Ha Ram mentions Grand Prince Yangmyung apologized to him when he tripped. He asks him why he did that since it was his mistake. Grand Prince Yangmyung doesn’t reply Ha Ram. He leaves the jail.

Cheon-Ki returns to the academy. Ms. Gyeonju notes that the girl is sick, thinking she does so because of Won-Ho. She hugs her. Won-Ho yells at Cheon-Ki. But he runs to catch her when she falls. Ms. Gyeonju takes care of Cheon-Ki and places a wet cloth on her forehead when the girl falls asleep.

Eun-O spots it. He worries about Cheon-Ki. But he’s insane again. He runs out to look for his daughter. Ha Ram recite a poem and confesses his feelings to his lover. Cheon-Ki tears up. She wakes up from a nightmare. She thinks she should paint the portrait.

Cheon-Ki brings the medicine to Eun-O when he’s drawing. She tells him about her decision. She meets with Young-Wook and Choi Jung. She tells the two that she needs to paint the portrait for saving the world. But Young-Wook and Choi Jung are against it because they worry that their friend will get hurt. But she begs them to help her when she grabs their hands.

The bodyguard takes Ha Ram to leave the jail. The old man laughs. He thinks he’s going to leave the place. Grand Prince Yangmyung meets with Ha Ram. He hands over the tea he likes to him. He tells him to take part in the sealing ceremony because Demon King is in his body. But Ha Ram rejects it, and tells Grand Prince Yangmyung that Cheon-Ki will be hurt if she paints the portrait. He asks him for stopping the ceremony.

Ha Ram returns to the jail. He hits the wall with his fist, and wonders why Demon King chose him. His hand is hurt. Grand Prince Yangmyung walks in the room when Cheon-Ki is painting. He sees the ring she wears. She tells him that it was given by Ha Ram.

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Grand Prince Yangmyung tells Cheon-Ki that he arrested Ha Ram because of her. She tries to leave. But he keeps her, asking her what kinds of person he is in her eyes. She tells him that he’s a bad person. She walks away. He feels sad.

Cheon-Ki walks in the palace. She spots the astrology tower. She remembers Ha Ram told her that she fate cannot be changed when they looked at the stars in the sky. Ahn Gyeon goes to the painting room to look for Cheon-Ki. He sees the portrait on the floor.

Ahn Gyeon takes the portrait to see King Seongjo. King Seongjo thinks Cheon-Ki did a great job. He tells Ahn Gyeon not to let Cheon-Ki leave the palace. Mae Hyang thinks she should save Ha Ram because she worries that he will leak something. Moo Young hands over the letter to her. Mae Hyang reads the letter. She’s asked to give the letter to Grand Prince Juhyang.

The follower reports to Grand Prince Juhyang that his brother arrested Ha Ram. Grand Prince Juhyang tells Young-Hwe to protect Ha Ram. But Young-Hwe tells Grand Prince Juhyang that Grand Prince Yangmyung knows about Demon King and he’s fixing the portrait.

The follower informs Grand Prince Juhyang that he received a letter. Young-Hwe takes over the letter. He gives the letter to Grand Prince Juhyang. Choi Jung shows the map to Cheon-Ki. He tells her that Ha Ram is staying in the place, and she cannot to walk into it without King’s order. Cheon-Ki thinks she should complain the painting. She asks Young-Wook and Choi Jung to help her.

Cheon-Ki wonders how she can complete the painting like Eun-O. She sees Ho Ryeong walking into the house. She remembers Ho Ryeong told her that she has holy eyes. Cheon-Ki prepares some tea and waits for Ho Ryeong. But she doesn’t come. So Cheon-Ki goes to look for Ho Ryeong. Ho Ryeong shows up when she takes the tea. She startles Cheon-Ki.

Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 11 stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim You-Jung and Gong Myung.

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