My Name: Episode 4 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix K-Drama My Name: Episode 4. Pil-Do tells Ji-Woo that Mu-Jin wasn’t hurt because the guy was at the gym. Su-Yeon gets a call from someone who asks her if they got hurt. She denies and hangs up.

My Name: Episode 4 Recap

My Name

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama My Name: Episode 4.

Su-Yeon walks to Mu-Jin who is staying in the office watching the footage that Gang-Jae bullies his followers. He tells Su-Yeon to let his followers not speak. Gun-Pyeong reports to Pil-Do that all of the cameras in the gym are broken. Ji-Woo thinks gangsters don’t like cops. Pil-Do finds something on the floor.

Pil-Do walks Ji-Woo and tells her not to fear. She denies. He gets a call from Gi-Ho. He gets in the car and drives away. She sees him off. She takes out her phone and finds out that Mu-Jin doesn’t reply her. Mu-Jin goes to the temple and pays his respect to the dead. He leaves the temple.

Ji-Woo spots him. She decides to leave since he’s fine. But she runs into Pil-Do and Gi-Ho. She wears the helmet so that Gi-Ho doesn’t see her. But Pil-Do takes a look at Ji-Woo when she rides the motorcycle away.

Gi-Ho wants to pay his respect to the dead people. Tae-Ju lets him pass. Pil-Do tries to follow Gi-Ho. But he’s stopped by Tae-Ju. Gi-Ho goes to see Mu-Jin. He tells him that he wants to drink with him. Mu-Jin lets his followers walk aside. Gi-Ho have a seat and puts down his glasses on the table.

Gi-Ho hands over the paper cup to Mu-Jin. He wants him to pour wine for him. But Mu-Jin ignores Gi-Ho. He pours the wine to his paper cup. Gi-Ho has to pour the wine himself. He thinks the dead gangsters are dogs. Mu-Jin tells Gi-Ho that he cannot catch him.

Pil-Do tries to give his business card to the gangster. But the gangster throws away the business card. Pil-Do turns around and sees Tae-Ju walking to him. He walks away. Gang-Jae watches the boxing match with Cheol-Ho. He laughs to pour wine for him. He offers to catch Ji-Woo. Gang-Jae is happy to walk to the stage, and throws the cash after the player defeated another player.

Pil-Do complains to Dae-Soo that he cannot find any evidence. Dae-Soo tells Pil-Do that he found something. He hands over his phone to him. Ji-Woo takes a look at the photo. She finds out the person is Gang-Jae. Gi-Ho takes over the phone. He recognizes Gang-Jae as well.

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Gun-Pyeong tells his colleagues that Gang-Jae left Mu-Jin’s gang for some reason. He thinks Gang-Jae wants to take revenge. Dae-Soo worries Mu-Jin won’t take action because he knows they’re looking into him. Gi-Ho laughs. He thinks Mu-Jin won’t allow Gang-Jae to step on his pride.

Mu-Jin tells Tae-Ju to catch Gang-Jae. But Tae-Ju persuades Mu-Jin not to take action. Mu-Jin tells Tae-Ju that he needs to prove to Gang-Jae that he’s not the one who can be bullied. Gi-Ho decides to release Mango, letting Mu-Jin and Gang-Jae fight with each other. Ji-Woo is against it because she worries that there will be more people who will get killed.

Ji-Woo texts Mu-Jin and tells him about Gi-Ho’s plan. It makes him laugh. Tae-Ju walks in the office. The follower reports to Tae-Ju that their men are ready. Tae-Ju informs it to Mu-Jin. But Mu-Jin tells Tae-Ju not to take action.

Gi-Ho is told that Mu-Jin and Gang-Jae didn’t have a fight. He tells his colleagues that someone will betray Mu-Jin. He goes to see the guy. Ji-Woo drives her motorcycle to tail him. Pil-Do catches Ji-Woo. The two have a fight. Ji-Woo runs to jump off the bridge. She flees.

Gi-Ho goes to see Pil-Do. He takes a look at the photos he did. He tells him to watch Ji-Woo. Ji-Woo calls Mu-Jin and tells him that he almost got caught. He turns around and sees Tae-Ju. Ji-Woo binds up the wound on her waist. She does some exercises and takes out the knife from the drawer. The knife was given by Mu-Jin.

Ji-Woo brings the gun reporter to Gi-Ho. She asks him about the police who took the gun. She intends to stab him with the knife if he says something wrong. But he tells her that the police is killed by Mu-Jin and his team. So she goes to see Mu-Jin, asking him if he killed the police. He denies and tells her not to trust Gi-Ho.

Pil-Do finds out that Ji-Woo is tailing Mango. So he joins her. They follow Mango and arrive at the factory. They climb over the wall and get into the building. They spot the red car parking. Pil-Do asks Ji-Woo if she works hard because of her dad.

Ji-Woo sees Mango leaving after he got the bag from Gang-Jae. Mu-Jin arrives at the restaurant. He begins to attack the thugs who intend to hurt him. Gang-Jae points at Ji-Woo. The thugs rush to Ji-Woo and Pil-Do. They have to fight with them.

Mu-Jin catches Cheol-Ho. He asks him where Gang-Jae is. Pil-Do gets thrown out from the building. He passes out. Ji-Woo gets caught when the thug is ruining their phones. Ji-Woo laughs. He tells people that he’s a luck guy.

My Name: Episode 4 stars Han So-Hee, Park Hee-Soon and Ahn Bo-Hyun.

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