Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 13 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 13. Grand Prince Juhyang stabs the sedan. Ha Ram grabs the sword. His hand begins to bleed. He tells Cheon-Ki not to speak. She tears up when she covers her mouth. Grand Prince Juhyang takes back his sword. He tells the follower to open the sedan.

Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 13 Recap

Lovers of the Red Sky

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 13.

Ha Ram walks out of the Ha Ram. Grand Prince Juhyang sees the blood on Ha Ram. He tells the follower to go to take a bandage. Young-Hwe takes over the bandage and helps Ha Ram bind up his hand. Ha Ram asks Grand Prince Juhyang why he did that. He tells him to trust him. Grand Prince Juhyang promises it.

Grand Prince Juhyang tells Ha Ram to look for the holy ring for him. Ha Ram remembers he gave the ring to Cheon-Ki. Mi-Soo tells Grand Prince Juhyang that they need the portrait to summon Demon King. She asks him if Ha Ram found the holy ring. He denies.

King Seongjo falls asleep. Grand Prince Yangmyung tells his father that his brother is going to summon Demon King. He sheds tears and goes to the painting room. He takes a look at the drawing on the floor. He praises Cheon-Ki. She shows up with the red dye. He tells her that Grand Prince Juhyang will take the sealing ceremony.

Cheon-Ki asks Grand Prince Yangmyung if Grand Prince Juhyang wants to summon Demon King. She reveals she went to see Ha Ram. It makes him angry. She apologizes to him. He tells her that the sealing ceremony needs the portrait she paints. He tells her to do her job well.

Grand Prince Yangmyung visits Wol Seon. She asks him if Grand Prince Juhyang will hold the sealing ceremony. He admits it and tells her to stop Grand Prince Juhyang. He reveals it was King Seongjo’s order. She tells him to kill his brother if Grand Prince Juhyang becomes a demon.

Cheon-Ki asks Young-Wook and Choi Jung for helping her paint the portrait. She looks at the sky, and thinks it’s the only thing she can do for her lover. Ha Ram looks at the sky as well. He wishes Cheon-Ki not to attend the sealing ceremony. He hands over the note to Moo Young. He tells him that he will take revenge.

Cheon-Ki and her friends are going to paint the drawing. Grand Prince Yangmyung and Ahn Gyeon show up. Ahn Gyeon scolds them. Cheon-Ki explains that she cannot complete the task alone. She completes the portrait, and informs it to Grand Prince Juhyang. Grand Prince Juhyang takes a look at the portrait. Ha Ram grabs his fist tightly after knowing Cheon-Ki completed her task.

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Wol Seon gives the magic knife to Grand Prince Yangmyung. She tells him that the knife can kill Demon King. But the person who holds the knife will be hurt as well. Grand Prince Yangmyung wants to die with his brother if he becomes a demon.

Grand Prince Juhyang tells Young-Hwe that he knows that his brother will come to stop him. Young-Hwe thinks Grand Prince Juhyang should kill everyone after he reached his goal. Grand Prince Juhyang visits Ha Ram when he’s taking a bath. He tells him that the time is changed. He tries to leave. Ha Ram stops Grand Prince Juhyang. He tells him that he wants to return to Wolseongdang. Because the magic ring is there. Grand Prince Juhyang lets Ha Ram leave.

Ha Ram returns home. Man Soo thrills to welcome him. Ha Ram walks into the house. He takes out the black mask from the box. He tells Moo Young to take action when the demon gets into Grand Prince Juhyang’s body. Cheon-Ki returns home with her friends. She’s surprised that Ha Ram is waiting for her. He tells her that he wants to have a talk with her. She spots the man who follows Ha Ram.

Cheon-Ki walks Ha Ram. She tells him not to take revenge. She reveals that she didn’t have a deal with Demon King so that she won’t get hurt. Cheon-Ki helps Ha Ram break away the follower. He tells her that the ring she wears belongs to Demon King. He tells her to give it to him because she worries that she will get hurt.

Cheon-Ki hands over the ring to Ha Ram before the follower finds them. The follower tells Ha Ram to leave. Cheon-Ki stops Ha Ram. She tells him that she completed the portrait for him. He tells him not to attend the sealing ceremony.

Ha Ram returns to Grand Prince Juhyang’s palace. Grand Prince Juhyang is waiting for Ha Ram. Ha Ram hands over the bag to Grand Prince Juhyang. Grand Prince Juhyang opens the bag and finds the ring inside. Grand Prince Juhyang gives the ring to Mi-Soo.

Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 13 stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim You-Jung and Gong Myung.

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