Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 2. King Sungjo stares at the painting of King Yeongjong. He remembers his father told him the only way to stop the demon king is to seal him in the painting. He asks the maid to find the painters who made the painting. Mi-Soo hears it.

Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 2 Recap

Lovers of the Red Sky

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 2.

Cheon-Ki paints an old man. The students come to her because they like her painting. Choi Jung tells the students to get back to their seats. He continues to take the painting class. He tells Cheon-Ki to leave after she made the students believe that he’s not a good teacher.

Cheon-Ki hands over the painting to Chun-Bok. She runs away. Ha Ram gets changed and walks out of his room. The maids spot him and have feelings for him. Ha Ram joins the workers. He orders to watch the stars. Cheon-Ki draws the drawing when she takes a look at another drawing.

Choi Jung shows up and recognizes the drawing. He tells his follower not to touch the drawing because it’s actually expensive. Young-Wook tells Cheon-Ki that Wol-Seong knows everything in the world. He adds that the guy doesn’t show his real face to people because he wears a black mask.

Wol-Seong wonders who is the person he is going to meet. He mentions he got the message from the stars. He takes off the black mask. We find out that he’s Ha Ram. Cheon-Ki visits Shwen-Nae and shows the painting to Shwen-Nae. He likes the painting but he doesn’t respect her work.

Cheon-Ki gets the money from Shwen-Nae. She puts the silver on the table to keep her pride. She tells him that she won’t work for him anymore. Because she earned enough. Shwen-Nae takes out the knife and tells Cheon-Ki that he’s going to cut off her hand if she wants to resign. She tells him that she doesn’t fear him at all, and places her hand on the table.

Shwen-Nae thinks Cheon-Ki is very brave and tells her to leave. But she stares at the door because she thinks there’s someone staying behind the door. Shwen-Nae stops Cheon-Ki and kicks her out. The seller tells Cheon-Ki that the gold pill will help her father cure his illness. She’s very happy to buy the gold pill with a bag of silver.

Cheon-Ki goes to see Eun-O and calls him dad. But he doesn’t recognize her. He draws a drawing for her. She’s moved when she remembers he found her and carried her home. She feeds him the food. He takes foods from the bowl, and reveals he wants to give the foods to his daughter because he worries that she doesn’t eat anything.

Cheon-Ki asks Eun-O to take the gold pill. She tears up after he ate the gold pill. Shwen-Nae visits the seller. The seller returns the money to him.

King Seongjo puts the sword on Mi-Soo’s neck because she made a mistake. She explains that the rain wouldn’t come if she didn’t kill some people. He forgives her but he kicks her out of the palace. Grand Prince visits Mi-Soo and asks her if she forgets her missing. She denies and tells him that he will take the throne when the demon king comes to him.

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Grand Prince doesn’t believe in what Mi-Soo said. She shows the dead bird to him, and tells him that the demon king is going to arrive. Ha Ram plays the zither. He remembers Gok-Rae killed his father Sung-Jin when he was trying to cure Ha Ram’s eyes. Gok-Rae arrested Ha Ram after his father just passed away. His mom tried to stop Gok-Rae. But Gok-Rae kicked her.

Ha Ram swears to take revenge for Gok-Rae. Moo Young reports to Ha Ram that the prince got attacked when he took bath. Ha Ram thinks it’s his chance. Grand Prince Juhyang is shooting. Young-Hwe shows up and flatters Grand Prince Juhyang. Grand Prince Juhyang mentions the prince got attacked, and thinks the killer came from rebel.

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Grand Prince Juhyang points the bow at Young-Hwe. Young-Hwe tells Grand Prince Juhyang to meet up with Wol-Seong. Grand Prince Juhyang tries to put the letter into the mailbox. Moo Young shows up. He tells Grand Prince Juhyang that Wol-Seong knew he would come. He gives him the letter of Wol-Seong. Grand Prince Juhyang learns that Wol-Seong will meet with him seven days later.

Young-Wook talks with Choi Jung about the gold pill. He thinks Eun-O doesn’t get cured according to Cheon-Ki’s expression. Cheon-Ki hears what Young-Wook said. She beats his head. She is furious to leave. God Samshin asks Eun-O for the drawing he just drew. He rejects it. So she takes the drawing away.

Cheon-Ki shows up. She returns the drawing to Eun-O. God Samshin tells Cheon-Ki that she will ride a flower palanquin. She takes the drawing away from Eun-O. She runs away. Cheon-Ki tells Eun-O that she’s his child. He smiles and tries to draw a drawing for her. She feels sad because his illness doesn’t get cured.

It’s raining. Eun-O takes Cheon-Ki to get into his store because he worries that she will be wet. Eun-O wants to go to look for his daughter. Cheon-Ki stops him and promises to complete the task for him. Cheon-Ki hears the seller telling his wife that he tricked Cheon-Ki. Cheon-Ki breaks into the room. She yells at the seller and asks him what he was talking about.

Lovers of the Red Sky stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim You-Jung and Gong Myung.

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