The Penthouse Season 3: Episode 13 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama The Penthouse Season 3: Episode 13. Su-Ryeon and Logan Lee show up when they wear the wedding dress and wedding suit. Logan Lee shakes hands with the people in the hall. Dan-Tae calls Su-Ryeon and asks her to come to see him.

The Penthouse Season 3: Episode 13 Recap

The Penthouse Season 3

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama The Penthouse Season 3: Episode 13.

Logan Lee tells people that there’re bombs in Hera Place. People scream to flee. Seok-Kyung stares at the Hera Place and wishes Su-Ryeon to be fine. Seok-Hoon takes Seok-Kyung to get in the elevator. Seok-Kyung spots someone tripping. She goes to save her.

Seok-Hoon and Min-Hyeok cannot get in the elevator because there’re enough people inside. Dan-Tae sits on the chair to wait for Su-Ryeon when he drinks. Su-Ryeon shows up. Dan-Tae shows the remote to her and tells her that he can blow up the building.

Su-Ryeon is furious to take out a gun from her wedding dress. She points the gun at Dan-Tae and wants to kill him. He mentions her father killed his sister and mom. She points out that one who took the two’s lives was someone else. But he doesn’t believe it.

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Dan-Tae thinks it’s good that Su-Ryeon will die with him. He laughs. She shoots the window and asks him to put down the remote. But he doesn’t believe that she will shoot him. He provokes her. She shoots his shoulders. He passes out.

Su-Ryeon picks up the remote. But Dan-Tae wakes up and stabs her leg with the glass. It makes her shoot the angel painting. Su-Ryeon points the gun at Dan-Tae when he takes the remote again. She shoots his forehead. He presses the remote and falls into the pool.

Su-Ryeon holds the photo of Seok-Hoon and Seok-Kyung. She tears up. Logan Lee rushes into the room. He asks Su-Ryeon if she was hurt. He carries her and helps her get into the elevator. Dan-Tae lies in the pool. He remembers that he promised to give Su-Ryeon a good future. He kissed her.

The police officer tells Su-Ryeon that Dan-Tae killed many people. She wants to take the duties for Dan-Tae. Secretary Do visits Seo-Jin and tells her that she can do anything she wants because Dan-Tae is dead. She tells him not to let Eun-Byeol know that she didn’t take medicine.

It flashes back. Seo-Jin spots Eun-Byeol holding the medicine. She learns that her daughter wants to get her to take the medicine. She throws up the wine when Eun-Byeol goes to open the door. Yoon-Cheol wakes up. He tears up after knowing Ro-Na is fine. Logan Lee tells Yoon-Cheol that Seo-Jin cannot recognize people because of the illness. But Yoon-Cheol doesn’t believe it.

Eun-Byeol get fired because she didn’t do her job well. Du-Ki gives a new job to Eun-Byeol. He gives her some cashes after she sang the songs. Eun-Byeol gets a message from Yoon-Cheol. She goes to see him and reveals she needs to money to pay the treatment of Seo-Jin.

Yoon-Cheol asks Eun-Byeol if Seo-Jin actually has a dementia. She blames him for not believing in Seo-Jin, and reveals she fed her mom the medicine to make her not do bad things. She cries and keeps hitting her head because she feels guilty.

Eun-Byeol begs Yoon-Cheol to get Su-Ryeon to forgive her mom. But he rejects it. She wipes off her tears and yells at him that she gave him to Ro-Na. She thinks Seo-Jin got enough punishment, and tells Yoon-Cheol not to contact them. She cries to run away. He tries to follow her but he trips.

The Penthouse stars Eugene, Kim So-Yeon and Lee Ji-Ah.

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