The Penthouse Season 3 Ending: Episode 14 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama The Penthouse Season 3 Ending: Episode 14. Seo-Jin grabs Su-Ryeon’s neck when she’s against the car. She yells at her that Yoon-Cheol didn’t have to die if it wasn’t her. Eun-Byeol cries when she stares at the two women. She feels sad because Seo-Jin is always a demon even if she tried to change her.

The Penthouse Season 3 Ending: Episode 14 Recap

The Penthouse Season 3

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama The Penthouse Season 3 Ending: Episode 14.

Eun-Byeol takes out her phone and reports to the police that she saw Seo-Jin took Yoon-Hee’s life. Logan Lee comforts her after she ended the talk. Seo-Jin is surprised to see the police cars. Su-Ryeon smiles. She tells Seo-Jin that she was betrayed by Eun-Byeol.

Seo-Jin spots Eun-Byeol crying when she stays with Logan Lee. Seo-Jin turns around. She tells Su-Ryeon that she would live a happy life with Eun-Byeol if it wasn’t her. She’s furious to grab Su-Ryeon’s arms. She pushes her off the cliff. Su-Ryeon falls into water. Eun-Byeol cries after she saw it.

The police officers arrest Seo-Jin. Logan Lee rushes to the cliff, and tries to save Su-Ryeon. But he’s stopped by the police officers.

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The prosecutor thinks Seo-Jin killed Su-Ryeon and Yoon-Hee. He shows the footage. But Seo-Jin denies, and the lawyer explains that the woman has a dementia. Eun-Byeol shows up. She takes a look at her mom. Eun-Byeol tells people that Seo-Jin is a dishonest woman, and reveals she spotted Seo-Jin took Su-Ryeon’s life.

Eun-Byeol confesses that she didn’t tell the truth because she knew that her mom did it for protecting her. She takes out the necklace, and stabs her neck with the necklace. Seo-Jin cries when Eun-Byeol is carried away by the police officers.

Ro-Na becomes a famous singer. Kyu-Jin watches the news about Ro-Na. He hurts Chairman’s belly when he takes bath for him. Chairman blames Kyu-Jin for doing it. Kyu-Jin tells Chairman to invest in his project. Chairman passes out because the money is huge.

Kyu-Jin wakes Chairman up after he gave the artificial respiration to him. He carries him and runs out of the bathroom. But he trips on the way to the hospital. Kyu-Jin gets up even if his leg is hurt. He tells himself that he will be successful if he catches the chance. Chairman’s daughter arrives at the hospital. She tells Kyu-Jin that her father is very rich. He’s excited.

Kyu-Jin is selling the ice to the people. Sang-A shows up. Kyu-Jin gets on knees to her when he holds the flowers. He asks her for invest in his ice plan, and promises to help her move into Penthouse. He kisses her before the police officers catch him.

Seok-Kyung teaches the student how to sing in the right way. She tries to sing. But the student stops Seok-Kyung and thinks she doesn’t have the qualification to teach her because she’s Dan-Tae’s daughter. Seok-Kyung reminds the student that she helped her get the trophy.

Seok-Kyung works at the restaurant as a waitress. She spots an old man who stands outside and stares at the meat she is grilling. She lets him in and brings the meats to him. The restaurant owner is against it and reveals the old man cares for his daughter very much. Seok-Kyung is shocked when she sees the old man’s face.

The police officer lets Seo-Jin leave the prison for some days. She gives her the location where Eun-Byeol stays. Eun-Byeol teaches the girls in the church to sing the song. The girl hints Eun-Byeol that there’s someone sitting behind her. But Eun-Byeol sees nobody after she turned around. She tells the girl not to avoid the practice.

Seo-Jin leaves the church and sits on the bench. She smiles when she takes a look at the church. She enjoys the music. She walks into the hotel where she can see the church. The police officer calls Seo-Jin and asks her if she told Eun-Byeol that she had a cancer. Seo-Jin denies and takes out the photo of her and Eun-Byeol.

Boon-Hong is making a bag for Eun-Byeol. She tells the nurse that she wishes Eun-Byeol to forgive Seo-Jin. She tears up. Ro-Na arrives at the restaurant. She takes away the earphone from Seok-Hoon, and tells him that she likes the song as well.

The waiter brings the menu to Seok-Hoon. Seok-Hoon asks Ro-Na what she wants to eat. She asks for pasta, and mentions he promised it. He remembers he told her that he will wait for her when he held his hand. He hands over the present to her. She finds out it’s a beautiful doll after she opened the box.

Ro-Na takes the key and asks Seok-Hoon about it. He tells her that the key can open the door of his house. He blames her for not showing up in his concert. She tells him that she went to his concert ever. She adds that she left because she had a business. He kiss her after she confesses her feelings to him.

Ma-Ri and Je-Ni go to see Ro-Na with flowers. They embrace the girl. Ma-Ri tells Ro-Na to live in her. Ro-Na is excited because she wants to eat the food which is cooked by Ma-Ri. Ma-Ri is surprised to see Seok-Hoon. She thinks Seok-Hoon is the best match for Ro-Na.

Seok-Hoon spots the blue flowers behind Ro-Na. Ro-Na reveals someone sent her the flowers in each concert of her. Seok-Kyung shows up and tells the two that Su-Ryeon liked the blue flowers before. Ro-Na thinks the blue flower means miracle. Seok-Kyung complains to Ro-Na that her ticket is too expensive. She leaves. Seok-Hoon tells Ro-Na that his sister lied because he sent her the ticket.

Byung-Yoon runs into Ma-Ri and Je-Ni. He hands over the gift to Ma-Ri, and thanks her for taking care of his mom. Ma-Ri is surprised that Kyu-Jin’s son is so nice. Sang-A shows up. She runs to hug Kyu-Jin. Ma-Ri spots Su-Ryeon and tries to chase her. But she’s stopped by Je-Ni. Su-Ryeon is missing.

Ro-Na is happy to see Logan Lee. He hands over the flowers to her, and thinks Yoon-Hee will be happy if she knows her success. Ro-Na arrives at the concert. She introduces Logan Lee to the audience. Ro-Na mentions what Yoon-Hee told her that there’s nothing she cannot do. She remembers Yoon-Hee cheered her up when she wanted to give up. She sings the song Yoon-Hee likes.

Su-Ryeon tears up after Ro-Na completed the song. Logan Lee spots Su-Ryeon when she smiles at him. Seo-Jin smiles after she saw Eun-Byeol leading the girl to sing in the church. She goes to the rooftop, and sees Eun-Byeol off. She tears up and passes away when Eun-Byeol looks at the rooftop. She leaves a letter to her, and wishes her to be happy.

Logan Lee walks out of the concert. Su-Ryeon parks her car in front of him. She smiles at him and lets him get into her car. She drives the car away.

It flashes back. Su-Ryeon spots Yoon-Cheol lies on the floor. She joins him and blames him for coming alone. He asks for keeping Seo-Jin’s life. He passes away. She cries and lets him close his eyes with her hand. Su-Ryeon feels regret for taking revenge, and thinks it was her fault. She offers to call Seo-Jin. Logan Lee hugs Su-Ryeon and wears the ring for her. He kisses her forehead and leaves. She tears up when she holds the GPS tracker which was given by him.

The follower reports to Logan Lee that the GPS tracker didn’t send him the signal. Logan Lee is furious to scold the follower. He returns to Su-Ryeon’s room, and finds out that she didn’t take the GPS tracker. He steps back because he cannot accept the truth.

Someone calls Logan Lee and tells him that the police found Su-Ryeon’s body. He goes to see her, and cries when he holds her face.

Seo-Jin tells Su-Ryeon that she cannot die alone when the police arrives. Su-Ryeon smiles. She falls off the cliff on her own.

Eun-Byeol tears up when she walks to the grave of Yoon-Hee and Su-Ryeon. She apologizes to them after she handed over the flowers. Logan Lee stares at the photo of Su-Ryeon. He sheds tears.

Ro-Na introduces Logan Lee to the people. The people stand up and pay their respect to him. But Logan Lee’s seat is empty. Ma-Ri feels bad for the man. She reveals he was trying to help when he was going to die. She says that Logan Lee and Su-Ryeon were beautiful when they got married in Hera Place. She thinks the two went to heaven.

Logan Lee is moved after he saw the ring around Su-Ryeon’s ring finger. She drives the car to the heaven. Su-Ryeon walks Logan Lee when they’re connected by the read thread. She tells him that there’re many old friends waiting for him.

The Penthouse Season 3 stars Eugene, Kim So-Yeon and Lee Ji-Ah.

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