Marry My Husband: Episode 12 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Marry My Husband: Episode 12. Ji-Won’s father Hyun-Mo parks his truck at the parking lot. Ji-Won persuades him to call her mother because she thinks he should apologize first as a man. He ignores her and he tells her that he plans to get something for her.

Marry My Husband Episode 12 Recap

Marry My Husband

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Marry My Husband: Episode 12.

Ji-Won tells her father to get himself a new truck. But he rejects it because he favors the truck. He drives away. She goes to the convenience store to buy something. She hears the madams talking about her mother that her mother ran away.

It breaks Ji-Won’s heart. It’s raining. Ji-Won holds the umbrella. She sees her father and she calls him. But he ignores her and he walks in the rain without any umbrella. She follows him and she finds out that her mother is staying with another man. The stuff Ji-Won just bought from the convenience store drops.

She runs to the sea. She cries. She decides to accept the bad life. She goes to the convenience store to buy milk. But she loses her wallet. The convenience store owner scolds Ji-Won. She tells her to act smart. Su-Min shows up. She returns the wallet to Ji-Won. Ji-Won smiles at Su-Min.

Yu-Ra tells Ji-Hyeok that she has waited for him when she meets with him and Ji-Won. Ji-Hyeok tries to explain it to Ji-Won. But she lets go of her hand. She thinks she chose a bad man again. Ji-Won returns home. She gets a call from Hee-Yeon.

Hee-Yeon cries to tell Ji-Won that Ju-Ran has a stomach cancer. Ji-Won is shocked. She tears up. Yu-Ra meets with Han-Il. She tells him that she wishes to marry Ji-Hyeok when she shows her good side to him. But she comes up with an evil plan when she sees the love photo of Ji-Won and Ji-Hyeok.

Ji-Won finds Ju-Ran. She’s on the way to take her to the hospital. Ju-Ran cries when she thinks about that she’s going to die. Ji-Won parks her car. She lets Ju-Ran cry when she hugs her. She feels guilty because she thinks she gave her fate to her friend.

Su-Min sighs when she looks at Min-Hwan. He thinks she should tell it to his mother since she doesn’t like the house. But she asks him to tell it to his mother. But he rejects it and he thinks the pregnant woman is very dangerous.

She reminds him that he’s the chief of the family. But he scolds her because Ji-Won never said so to him. He mentions he never complained the marriage to her. But she points out that he threw the phone to her. He’s furious to leave the room.

Su-Min remembers Ji-Won told her that she picked up her trash. Min-Hwan calls his friend. He lets him rent out his house. He thinks his wife can do nothing to him because it’s his money. He feels happy after he got the money. But he runs into Su-Min. She asks him about the money.

Gyeong-Uk feels happy after knowing Ji-Won’s project doesn’t run well. Ji-Won arrives at the company. She runs into Gyeong-Uk. She asks him to review the meal kit. But he rejects it and he walks away. Hee-Yeon reports to Ji-Won that the chefs cancelled the contracts. She shows the article to her. She believes that Gyeong-Uk did something.

Ji-Hyeok meets with Ji-Won. He explains it to her that he was engaged with Yu-Ra because he thought he can marry someone without love. But he found out that he loved her. So he ended the engagement after he was reborn. But she thinks it’s an excuse of him.

He mentions what she told him at the lake that she wishes to own a family. He admits that he made a mistake for owning a family. She reveals her mother ran away from home. She thinks what her mother did hurt her and her father even if she did it for love.

She thinks she hurt Yu-Ra when they began the relationship. She tries to leave when she tears up. But Ji-Hyeok stops her. He hands over the doctor’s business card to her. He tells her that he prepared a doctor for Ju-Ran. Ji-Won returns to her office. She gets a call from Yu-Ra.

She meets with her at the restaurant. She tells her not to worry about the marriage. She promises not to see Ji-Hyeok. But Yu-Ra thinks Ji-Won stabbed her. Ji-Won reveals she ended the love relationship after she found out that Ji-Hyeok was engaged with Yu-Ra.

Yu-Ra wonders why Ji-Won fell for her boss. She believes that she did so because she knew Ji-Hyeok is going to take over the company. Ji-Won tries to leave because she thinks she has nothing to say to Yu-Ra. But Yu-Ra breaks the glass.

She touches Ji-Won’s chin. She thinks she knew Ji-Hyeok can change her fate. But Ji-Won thinks she has changed her life. She leaves the restaurant. Ji-Hyeok returns home. He sees a box. He opens the box. He finds the necklace he gave to Ji-Won.

Suk-Joon watches Ju-Ran when her family help her get in the car. He remembers Ju-Ran’s husband cheated with her friend. Ji-Won is in the office. She gets a message from Ju-Ran. Ju-Ran reports to Ji-Won that she’s going to get a surgery.

Ji-Won remembers Ji-Hyeok told her that he prepared the doctor for Ju-Ran. She takes a look at the man. Ja-Ok gets angry after knowing the real estate agent tricked his son. She plans to go to kill the real estate agent. Min-Hwan stops his mother. He reveals he has taken care of it.

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Ja-Ok is furious to beat her son. She thinks Su-Min should take the duty. But Su-Min gets up. She thinks Ja-Ok shouldn’t blame her because she didn’t give the money to her. She complains to her that she didn’t buy a house. She claims that she’s very rich.

Marry My Husband Episode 12 Ending

Episode 12 of Marry My Husband ends with Ji-Won wiping off her tears in the car after she went to see her father. She drives away the car. But there’s a car tailing her. The truck driver is told that Ji-Won is going to come. He drives his truck to Ji-Won.

Marry My Husband Episode 12 stars Park Min-Young, Na In-Woo, Lee Yi-Kyung and Song Ha-Yoon.

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