Master of My Own Chinese Drama: Episode 7 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Master of My Own Chinese Drama: Episode 7. Yang Xiaoyang calls Ning Meng. She tells her that the one who hurt her was Qiu Junlin. She leaks that Lu Jiming scolded Qiu Junlin. She thinks she should apologize to Lu Jiming.

Does Shi Ying Hire Ning Meng?

Master of My Own

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Master of My Own Chinese Drama: Episode 7.

Ning Meng texts Lu Jiming and apologizes to him. But she finds out that he blocked her. She gets a call from Shi Ying who tells her to come to her company. Ning Meng arrives at Shi Ying’s company. Shi Ying welcomes Ning Meng and takes her to her office.

Shi Ying hands over the water to Ning Meng. She asks her if she found a job. Ning Meng denies it. Shi Ying tells Ning Meng that she wants to hire her. She thinks she’s very smart. She asks her why she left Jiming Capital. Ning Meng reveals she left the company because Lu Jiming wanted her to be his secretary.

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Shi Ying reminds Ning Meng that she needs to contact Lu Jiming if she joins her company because she and Lu Jiming are partners. Ning Meng tells Shi Ying that she doesn’t mind it. Shi Ying hires Ning Meng. Tang Ya takes Ning Meng to look around the company. She points at the cactus she planted. She asks Ning Meng which vegetation she wants to plant.

Ning Meng tells the good news to her father that she found a new job. She buys the lemon tree from the market. She calls Yang Xiaoyang and asks about her. Yang Xiaoyang complains to Ning Meng that Li Jiming gave many tasks to her because he didn’t find a secretary. She reveals Lu Jiming is doing a big project.

Tang Ta tells Ning Meng that Shi Ying wants to see her. Ning Meng walks into Shi Ying’s office. Shi Ying tells Ning Meng to go to the art gallery of Qilin Furniture with her. She adds that she will accompany her because she knows she will feel embarrassed when she sees Lu Jiming.

Shi Ying tells Ning Meng to change her looks. She takes off the glasses for her. She tells her that she will look outstanding if she has a good looks. Lu Jiming walks Yang Xiaoyang. He’s told that Ning Meng will come. But he doesn’t see her. She mistakes the the girl has no face to see him.

Yang Xiaoyang sees Ning Meng. She finds out that she became beautiful. Shi Ying takes Ning Meng to walk to Lu Jiming. But he ignores Ning Meng when she greets him. Shi Ying introduces Ning Meng to Lu Jiming as her employee. She claims that she didn’t steal the employee from him.

Master of My Own Chinese Drama: Episode 7 Ending

Lu Jiming brings the wine to Zeng Yuhang. He sees Xu Sitian. Zeng Yuhang tells Lu Jiming that Xu Sitian is a good singer. He asks him what advantages Xu Sitian has. Lu Jiming thinks Xu Sitian is pretty and smart. He goes out of the house to pick up the phone. He turns around and startles Ning Ming.

Master of My Own Chinese Drama: Episode 7 stars Tan Songyun and Lin Gengxin.

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