Master of My Own Chinese Drama: Episode 6 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Master of My Own Chinese Drama: Episode 6. Lu Jiming is off duty. He takes a look at Ning Meng’s seat. He sees the doll. He picks up the doll, remembering she was very happy after he told her to keep the doll.

Who Helps Ning Meng When She Needs a Job?

Master of My Own

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Master of My Own Chinese Drama: Episode 6.

Yang Xiaoyao passes by. She tries to flee after she saw Lu Jiming. But he stops her and tells her to hire a new secretary. She asks him if he needs to find a secretary like Ning Meng. He scolds her and he walks away. She doesn’t know what to do.

Zeng Yuhang sends the photos of him and Xu Sitian to Lu Jiming. He asks him about Ning Meng. Lu Jiming is furious to throw away his phone. Ning Meng wakes up. She tries to go to work when she takes her bag. But she finds out that she resigned yesterday.

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Yang Xiaoyang brings to coffee and the tea to Lu Jiming. He mistakes her as Ning Ming. But he finds out that she’s Yang Xiaoyang. He tells her to get changed, asking her to bring the drinks to him because he doesn’t want to coffee or tea.

Yang Xiaoyang doesn’t know what drinks Lu Jiming wants to drink. She calls Ning Meng and asks her about it. Ning Meng tells Yang Xiaoyang what Lu Jiming wants to drink is the seaweed-flavored soda. Yang Xiaoyang complains to Ning Meng that Lu Jiming cared for what she wears after she resigned.

Yang Xiaoyang thinks Lu Jiming still misses Ning Meng. Ning Meng tells Yang Xiaoyang to watch her words. She claims that she doesn’t want to be Lu Jiming’s mom even if he feels comfortable. Ning Meng gets a call from her classmate Wang Yao who tells her that she wants to hire her. Ning Meng feels happy because the company Wang Yao works is a great company.

Lu Jiming summons Ren Pengfei to his office. He finds Ning Meng’s report from his report list. Ren Pengfei reveals Ning Meng worked hard on the project. He thinks it’s a great report. Ning Meng arrives at Wang Yao’s company. Wang Yao tells Ning Meng to go to see the director.

Wang Yao is surprised that the director asked Ning Meng a question. She believes that she’s going to be hired. Ning Meng sees Lu Jiming talking with the president of Wang Yao’s company. She gets in the elevator with him. He tells her that he thinks she will get rejected.

Lu Jiming notes that Ning Meng cannot call the cab. He wants to let the driver give her a ride. But she rejects it and walks away. Lu Jiming does fencing with Zeng Yuhang. Zeng Yuhang blames Lu Jiming after he got stabbed. Lu Jiming tells Zeng Yuhang to look into someone for him.

Master of My Own Chinese Drama: Episode 6 Ending

Lu Jiming tells Qiu Junlin that he has known that he stole the project from Ning Meng. Qiu Junlin tells Lu Jiming not to believe what Ning Meng said. He reveals he made the girl leave the company since he doesn’t like her. Lu Jiming tells Qiu Junlin that he can wrong him like he did to Ning Meng.

Master of My Own Chinese Drama: Episode 6 stars Tan Songyun and Lin Gengxin.

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