“Miss the Dragon” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

Miss the Dragon” is a new Chinese fantasy drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about the dragon Yuchi Longyan who wants to repay the maid Liu Ying’s grace after she saved him. But the repaying method startles her.

“Miss the Dragon” is adapted from Organ Light Game’s novel “Encounter the Dragon”.

Zhu Xudan and Wang Hedi are the lead actors.

Zhu Xudan starred Chinese action drama “Psych-Hunter” in 2020. She played the role Yuan Muqing. She also starred “Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre” in 2019. She played the beauty Zhou Zhiruo who used to be an innocent girl. But she turns evil after the man she loves falls for another girl.

Liu Yihao starred Chinese romance dramaThe Rational Life” in 2021. He played a man Qi Xiao who falls for his female boss. He also starred “Ever Night Season 2” in 2020.

Miss the Dragon (2021)

Miss the Dragon


Title: Miss the Dragon

Director: Min Guohui

Writer: Min Guohui

Network: Tengxun Video

Runtime: From May. 10

Episodes: 36

Language: Chinese


Liu Ying tells her miss Xiahou Xue the story of dragon and normal girl’s love. But Xiahou Xue doesn’t believe in it. Yuchu Longye is hurt after he accepted the Heaven Thunder. Mingge Xingjun tells him to steal the Gold Armor to deal with next Heaven Punishment.

Liu Ying walks Xiahou Xue in the peach blossom woods. She spots a injured snake. Xiehou Xue tells Liu Ying to save the snake because she thinks white snake is very precious. But Liu Ying fears snake because there was a snake who bite her. Xiahou Xue tells Liu Ying to apply the medicine his father gave her. So the snake won’t bite her.

Liu Ying takes the snake home and gives him a name Xiao Bai. She locks Xiao Bai in the cage. But he doesn’t like it. So she releases him. He climbs to her bed. It makes her sleep on the floor. She brings the quail egg to him. But he eats up her egg custard. She learns that he likes to eat cooked food.

Qing Qing flies into Liu Ying’s room. She thinks the pastries belong to her. But Xiao Bai shows his real looks to startle her when she tries to take the pastries. She tells her friends that she encountered a dragon beast in Liu Ying’s room. She worries the dragon beast will eat Liu Ying up.


Zhu Xudan as Liu Ying

She’s a maid who dreams to get married with a dragon. She saves a white snake and takes him home. She cures his injury. But she doesn’t expect that he’s a dragon.

Wang Hedi as Yuchi Longyan

He’s a dragon who is hurt when he steals Gold Armor. Liu Ying passes by and saves him even if she fears snake.

Pan Meiye as Qing Qing

She’s a blue bird spirit. She wants to repay Liu Ying’s grace after she cured her leg. But she runs away when she sees Yuchi Longyan in Liu Ying’s room.

Zhu Zanjin as Mingge Xingjun

He’s the god who controls everyone’s fate. He’s Yuchi Longyan’s friend.

Episode 1

Liu Ying is in the carriage with Xia Houxue. She asks the driver Chang Fu when they will arrive at the place. She’s told that they will get in the city soon. Liu Ying comforts Xia Houxue that they will take part in the flower banquet in time. She hands over the Chinese chestnut to her.

Liu Ying shows the book “Encounter the Dragon” to Xia Houxue. She tells her that the dragon king and the normal girl get together after they took the hard time. The carriage stops. Xia Houxue’s leg is hurt. Chang Fu reports to Liu Ying that the refugees blocked their way. He goes to take a look at the refugees.

Liu Ying takes a stick and tells Xia Houxue that she will protect her. But the refugee climbs into the carriage, and tells Liu Ying that he’s hungry. So she gives the pastries to him. Xia Houxue tells Liu Ying that she cannot move. Liu Ying takes a look at Xia Huoxue’s leg.

Chang Fu reports to Xia Huoxue that they’re going to leave because the refugees ran away. But Liu Ying tells Xia Houxue that her leg was hurt. Xia Houxue worries that she cannot take part in the banquet. Chang Fu tells her that she can only see a doctor after she arrives in the city.

Liu Ying tells Chang Fu to go to pick up some gardenias. She makes the medicine with the flowers. She applies the medicine on Xia Houxue’s leg. Xia Houxue doesn’t believe that the medicine can cure her leg. Liu Ying comforts Xia Houxue that the method was taught by her father.

Xia Houxue finds out that her leg isn’t in pain. She praises Liu Ying. Liu Ying tries to walk away. But the book drops. Xia Houxue tells Liu Ying not to treat the book as treasure. She thinks the dragon king won’t get spotted by humans. But Liu Ying believes that she will see dragon’s face one day.

Liu Ying looks at sky and sees a dragon. She’s excited to point at the sky, asking Xia Houxue to take a look at the dragon. But Xia Houxue doesn’t believe it. She tells Liu Ying to marry the dragon. The dragon falls into the water after he got hit by the lightning.

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