Youth of May: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for Youth of May: Episode 1. Hee-Tae is a student who’s good at studying. He sees his car and gets some cashes when others are fighting for releasing their classmate. He’s only interested in his debts. So he gets beaten by his friend.

Youth of May: Episode 1 Recap

Youth of May: Episode 1

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Youth of May: Episode 1.

Hee-Tae meets with his ex-girlfriend Yoo-Jin who wants him to get married with her. But he points out that she dumped him. She explains that she just wants to make sure if he loves him. She tells him that her family will help him if he wants to run a business. But he tells her that he wants to be a singer. He gets beaten by her.

Hee-Tae goes to the hospital to see the patient. The doctor tells Hee-Tae that the patient is going to die. The patient asks Hee-Tae to take him to the city he was born. He goes to see the dean, and tells him the demand of the patient. But the dean asks for some money.

The dean Byung-Geol’s friend Sang-Gon busts into the room. He tells him that the nurse in the hospital Myung-Hee beat him. Byung-Geol tells Myung-Hee to apologize his friend. But she hurts his friend’s arm. Byung-Geol gets the bodyguard to arrest Myung-Hee.

Soo-Ryeon is chased by two guys. She gets rid of them after she got changed. She goes to see Myung-Hee, and gets her to help her get into her house. Soo-Ryeon flees when Myung-Hee talks with the maid. Myung-Hee tells the maid that she visited the house because Soo-Ryeon called her.

Myung-Hee walks to Soo-Ryeon’s room. But she runs into Soo-Ryeon’s father Chang-Keun. He’s shocked after knowing his daughter woke up. He opens the door after Soo-Ryeon tried her best to climb into the room through the window. Soo-Ryeon decides to take a shower. Because she sweated when she got into the room. She tells Myung-Hee to read the paper. Soo-Chan returns home. The maid is happy to welcome him. But he asks her not to make any voice.

Soo-Chan sneaks into the room and wants to give Soo-Ryeon a big surprise when he sees her reading something. But the one who actually reads is Myung-Hee. The two startle each other. But they laugh after they recognized each other. Soo-Ryeon shows up. She feels happy after seeing Soo-Chan.

Soo-Chan brings Soo-Ryeon a beautiful clothes. She feels sorry for not buying Myung-Hee a dress. Soo-Ryeon tells her brother to buy Myung-Hee some books. She reveals Myung-Hee is going to go to study abroad. Soo-Chan feels happy for Myung-Hee. But he worries about her because she needs to raise her brother.

Soo-Chan drives Myung-Hee to the store. He tells her to visit him if she needs help, and gives her his business card. Hye-Gun spots Soo-Chan and asks her if Soo-Chan is her man. She denies. He gives her the paper that the foreign school accepts her. She feels happy and wants to tell the good news to her dad.

Hee-Tae shows up. He has an eye contact with Myung-Hee. She leaves the place. Hye-Gun recognizes Hee-Tae. Myung-Hee goes to the church, and tells the good news to the priest. The priest tells her that he can help her scholarship, but she needs to leave Korea for one month. She promises it. He reminds her that she hasn’t contact her parents for a long time.

Myung-Hee calls her mom Soon-Nyeo, and tells her that she will go to study abroad. Soon-Nyeo thinks it’s a good news. But she worries about the money. Myung-Hee explains that she didn’t do that for money. Suk-Joong meets with Ki-Nam. He reminds him that his son needs to get married. You can also check out Youth of May: Episode 2.

Hye-Gun takes Hee-Tae to the bar. Soo-Ryeon is giving a speech. The people in the bar is inspired by her. Hye-Gun tells Soo-Ryeon that he cannot go with her. Because his friend visited him. Soo-Ryeon asks Hee-Tae to tell her who he is. Because she thinks he will hurt them. But he rejects it. She has a bad impression on him.

Myung-Hee walks in the room after she took a shower. Kyung-Pil tells her that she doesn’t have to teach her sister Jin-A. Because Jin-A’s score didn’t improved. Hye-Gun takes out the guitar from the room. Hee-Tae plays it and tells Hye-Gun that he intends to sell the guitar. Hye-Gun thinks his friend needs money because the guitar is the last stuff of his mom.

Soo-Ryeon and his friends sneak into the room to print the paper. But they get caught. Ki-Nam visits Hee-Tae and tries to wake him up. But he fails so that he gives him a slap. Hee-Tae smile after recognizing his father. Hae-Ryeong is startled when she sees Hee-Tae. She recognizes him. Jung-Tae is cool to Jung-Tae when he sees his older brother. He’s furious to leave.

Ki-Nam summons Hee-Tae. Hee-Tae confesses all of the sins he did. Ki-Nam kills the plant after he knew his son left the school. Hee-Tae gets on knees to his father, and tells him that he will always be his follower if he helps him get rid of the problem.

Soo-Ryeon gets released. The police complains that he almost died when he caught the girl. But the chief tells the police that Soo-Ryeon didn’t commit a crime because the workshop belongs to her father. So she asks the chief to release her friends. But Chang-Keun stops his daughter.

Chang-Keun takes the paper and blames Soo-Ryeon for getting him involved. She talks back that she didn’t ask him to help her. She thinks she can resolve the problem on her own. But he points out that what she did will ruin the company. He doesn’t allow her to leave her room.

Myung-Hee meets with Sun-Min. She tells her that she wants to get into the school but she doesn’t have money. Sun-Min tells Myung-Hee to ask Soo-Ryeon for a favor. Hee-Tae visits the dean with new looks. He shows off the money to him. Ki-Nam meets with Chang-Keun in the party. He asks him about Soo-Ryeon.

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