Mr. Bad Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Mr. Bad Chinese Drama: Episode 1. Nan Xing walks on the street. She feels happy because she thinks she’s going to have a good future. The guy calls her and asks her if she’s going to go to get the writer Lu Zichen’s autograph. He shows the Lu Zichen’s book to her. He tells her that he likes Lu Zichen.

Why Nan Xing Creates The Villain Xiao Wudi?

Mr. Bad

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Mr. Bad Chinese Drama: Episode 1.

Nan Xing is shy to admit that she likes Lu Zichen as well. The guy tells Nan Xing that he wants to join her. She agrees to it. Nan Xing reveals she’s an athlete. She tries to tell him about her major. But she sees a man on the motorcycle robbing the girl’s bag.

Nan Xing casts the book to the man on the motorcycle. She takes him down. The guy saw what Nan Xing did. He tells her that he wants to leave in advance. He runs away. Nan Xing tells her teammate that she didn’t go to Lu Zichen’s autograph meeting because she needed to send the girl to hospital.

The teammate thinks Nan Xing is going to get praised. She asks her about her plan. She mentions the coach wants Nan Xing to lead the team. Nan Xing is excited to tell her teammate that she’s going to go to Lu Zichen’s company to get an interview.

The teammate asks Nan Xing if she intends to show her novel to Lu Zichen. Nan Xing denies it. She reveals she went to get the position of president’s assistant. The teammate is surprised that the brainless fan can be close to the star.

Nan Xing disagrees to what the teammate. But she admits that she feels happy for working with her idol. But Guo Zihao thinks Nan Xing won’t pass the interview because she doesn’t have any work experience. She scolds him. Nan Xing returns home. She calls her mom. But her mom isn’t at home.

Nan Xing brings the orange and apple to her father and her brother. She takes a look at Lu Zichen’s poster. She opens the magazine. She introduces Lu Zichen to Mr. Bad as the top writer. She checks the comments. She finds out that the fans think the villain is too weak. Nan Xing is furious to tell the fans to welcome the demon king.

Xiao Wudi kills the people of the sect. The chief refuses to give his blade to Xiao Wudi. Xiao Wudi takes away the blade from the chief. Xiao Wudi tells the chief that he’s not interested in his blade at all. He reveals his maid asked for a blade to cook. He tells the chief that he wants to borrow the blade for some days. He walks away with the blade.

Nan Xing tells her fans that Xiao Wudi intends the ruin the wedding of Nan Xiaoxing and Lu Zichen. Xiao Wudi kills the sedan chair men with his fan. He kicks the sedan chair and makes Nan Xiaoxing come out. He takes off her veil and tells her to smile at him.

Madam Nan shows up behind Nan Xing when she’s writing novel. Nan Xing asks Madam Nan when she came back. Madam Nan reveals she came back after she had been off duty. She thinks Xiao Wudi is more charming than Lu Zichen. She mentions Xiao Wudi is good at flirting with women.

Nan Xing points out that Xiao Wudi is a villain. She thinks he will hurt more people because he’s a powerful man. Madam Nan tells Nan Xing to change Xiao Wudi. It makes Nan Xing laugh. Madam Nan tells Nan Xing to help her prepare dinner. Nan Xing rejects it. She reveals she a business.

What Is Nan Xing’s Wish?

The fortune teller tries to fish out the coins from the pool after the prayers left. Nan Xing shows up. She reminds him that the coin isn’t worth of any money. She wishes to be the assistant of Lu Zichen. He persuades her to throw the coin to the pool. She rejects it because she knows he will take it away.

The fortune teller walks to the couple. He tells them that the goddess will help them get together. The guy rejects it. He thinks only single people need the wish. Nan Xing confesses that she wants to get the love which she cannot forget.

The fortune teller hears what Nan Xing said. He makes her coin fall into the pool. Nan Xing tries to catch her coin. But she finds out that she’s swimming in the pool. She swims to Xiao Wudi. She touches his face. Nan Xing wakes up outside the pool. She thinks she had a dream. She sees Xiao Wudi lying on her. She’s startled.

Nan Xing recognizes Xiao Wudi. She mistakes that she’s still in the dream. She touches Xiao Wudi’s face. She’s startled because she found out that he’s not dead. She intends to send him to hospital so that she carries him. She thinks the plot only happened in novels.

Nan Xing thinks she’s going to marry Xiao Wudi. But she realizes that they should be friends first. She turns around and finds out that he’s staring at her. She asks him when he woke up. He mentions she intended to marry him. She drops him and blames him for not informing her when he woke up.

Nan Xing complains to Xiao Wudi that he made her walk so long when she carried him. She tries to flee. But he stops her and mentions she wants to marry him. She claims the she’s a hero. She tells him not to hit on her. She tells her name to him.

Why Xiao Wudi Wishes to Kiss Nan Xing?

Xiao Wudi tries to recall Nan Xing’s name. He thinks he didn’t hear the name before. He tells himself to be careful of the woman because she doesn’t wear clothes like him. She mentions what the cop called her the bad luck star of criminal. She claims that she will throw the discus to him if she has it.

Nan Xing realizes that she doesn’t have to feel guilty. She tells Xiao Wudi that she saved her. She takes him to the fairy pool. He grabs her clothes and forces her to face to the water. He asks her why his hair and clothes are dry even if he was in the water.

Nan Xing mentions what she said that she was in the dream. She adds that she intended to pick up her coin. She takes a look at the water. She wonders why her coin is missing. Xiao Wudi takes out the coin. He asks her if she’s looking for the coin.

Nan Xing tries to take back her coin. She claims that the coin belongs to her. But Xiao Wudi doesn’t believe what she said. He tells her to prove it. She blames him for repaying her with revenge. He agrees to return the coin to her. But he asks her to answer him a few questions.

Nan Xing rejects it. She mentions Xiao Wudi wears costume to scare people. She tries to jump to take back her coin. But she cannot reach his hand. He wonders why she thought he wears costume. He grabs her clothes and asks her about her looks.

Nan Xing tells Xiao Wudi that she has the right to wear any clothes because it’s twenty-first century. He learns that he travelled to another dynasty. He thinks he shouldn’t tangle her. He throws the coin to the floor. She picks the coin up and wipes off the dust.

Nan Xing tries to have a talk with Xiao Wudi. But he tries to walk away. She stops him and asks him why he took her coin. He tells her not to follow her. She tells him that they need to find the truth when she holds his arm. He mistakes the she intends to tangle him.

Nan Xing is startled to release Xiao Wudi. She denies it. He stares at her and asks her if she wants to get his body after she couldn’t get his heart. She denies it. He mentions she thought so when he fell asleep. He covers her mouth with his finger. He asks her if she doesn’t actually wish to get him. He tells her that he wants to repay her for her saving. He’s close to her. He tries to kiss her. But she avoids his kissing. She tells him that they cannot do that. He walks away.

Xiao Wudi walks on the street. He thinks he will know which dynasty he’s in if he can get the history book. The girl stops him. She tells him not to cross the road when there’s red light. He’s confused. The immortal sees Xiao Wudi. He thinks he came to the world without any problem.

The girls take group photos with Xiao Wudi. They walk away. Xiao Wudi get into the library. Nan Xing returns home. She complains to Madam Nan that she will beat Xiao Wudi if she sees him again. She takes over the dish from her. She watches the interview of Lu Zichen.

Lu Zichen tells the reporter that he wants to thank Ye Qing. Nan Xing thinks Lu Zichen is very cool. Madam Nan asks Nan Xing if Lu Zichen will interview her. Nan Xing doesn’t believe that Lu Zichen will interview her. Madam Nan thinks Ye Qing is Lu Zichen’s girlfriend when she sees her standing with him.

Nan Xing disagrees to what her mom said. She reveals Ye Qing and Lu Zichen are just classmates. But Madam Nan thinks the two’s relationship isn’t simple. Xiao Wudi reads the history books. He finds out that he came to the future. He begins to study it.

Nan Xing looks that the clothes. She remembers what her friend told her to get changed to be beautiful. She thinks the clothes are ordinary. She asks Madam Nan to lend her clothes to her. Madam Nan is happy to agree to it. Nan Xing wakes up in the morning. She wears the new clothes to arrive at Lu Zichen’s company.

Mr. Bad Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Ending

Episode 1 of Mr. Bad ends with Nan Xing asking the seller for a cup of milk tea. The seller tells Nan Xing to take the milk tea for her boyfriend. Nan Xing is hurt by the seller’s words. She agrees to it because she thinks she can drink two cups of milk tea. Nan Xing drinks up the milk tea. She thinks she will be lucky.

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