My Girlfriend is an Alien: Episode 11 [Recap]

Xiao Qi plays the music while massaging for Fang Leng, and she cannot help but touch his body. He stops her, and thinks she cares for him is to resign and leave the company. Xiao Qi doesn’t expect that her kindness doesn’t get good repaying, but she forgives Fang Leng when she thinks about his illness.

My Girlfriend is an Alien: Episode 11 Recap

My Girlfriend is an Alien

The next day, Xiao Qi visits Fang Leng and asks to run with him. Fang Leng agrees with it, but he runs too fast and disappears. When Xiao Qi is going to walk across the road, Fang Leng shows up. Because he knows that she fears to walk across road.

Fang Leng asks Xiao Qi if she wants to leave the company, and she says that she changed her mind. She tells him that she wants to stay there to help him.

Xiao Qi takes Fang Leng to take a took at the show of male models. But he is in jealousy and wants to leave. But she keeps him. He asks the manager to cancel the show, and Xiao Qi has to sing for Fang Leng. But her singing startles people.

People want to get Xiao Qi to leave the stage because her singing is terrible. Fang Leng rushes to the stage and saves Xiao Qi’s performing. He takes her to leave and warns her not to come back to the bar.

The two argue, and Fang Leng knows that Xiao Qi did it for treating his illness. He gets angry because he thinks she just pities him, and he is cold to her. Fang Leng tells Mr. Han to stop Xiao Qi taking part in his treating.

Jiang Xue gets angry when seeing Fang Leng walks Xiao Qi across the road. She asks Allen to post what Xiao Qi stole sapphire on the web. The employees know the case and begin to treat Xiao Qi badly. Xiao Qi walks overtime, and she has to walk alone again.

Xiao Qi wants to use alien skill, but she remembers Fang Leng taught her the way to walk across road. Fang Leng watches on Xiao Qi, but she fears to hug her head to stop on the way.

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