The Untamed: Episode 32 [Recap]

Wu Xian arrives at golden stage and sees Yan Li’s back. He doesn’t dare to walk to her. Madam Jin accompanies Yan Li to stay at the mourning hall, and the pain of losing son makes her aged. She stumbles to walk out and wants to get some foods for Yan Li.

The Untamed: Episode 32 Recap

The Untamed

Madam Jin doesn’t expect to see Wu Xian who hides in the dark place. Yan Li hugs Jin Ling to rush out with tears, but she doesn’t blame Wu Xian and cries because of sadness. Madam Jin collapses to call someone else, and Wu Xian leaves with tears. He arrives at the woods, and the black power is around him. He cannot control himself.

Jin family kills all people of Wen family, and hangs their bodies on the city wall. They sprinkle the bone ashes of the leader. People blame Wu Xian for making Wen Ning, and they think Lan family is with back luck. Zi Xun took most people of Lan family to Qiongqi path, and they were killed. Fortunately, Wen Qing and Wen Ning turned into ashes.

Wu Xian stands behind people and stares at the bodies with cold eye. Everyone is startled, and Wu Xian rages to play “confession”. He blows people, and someone doesn’t fear death telling Wu Xian to go to the pledging meeting fighting with those chiefs. Wu Xian thinks he shouldn’t waste time there.

The Untamed

In the evening, Guang Shan takes the chiefs to break cups to swear. He sprinkled Wen Qing and Wen Ning’s ashes, and wants talk about how to deal with Wu Xian. Wu Xian shows up with evil smile, and Guang Shan blames Wu Xian for his guts.

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Wu Xian doesn’t care because he challenged 3,000 people in the shooting sun war. So he doesn’t fear.

The Untamed

Wu Xian mentions Guang Shan said not to deal with them when he kills Wen Qing and Wen Ning. But Guang Shan broke his promise. Guang Shan doesn’t admit it, and Wu Xian realizes that Guang Shan got Zi Xun to provoke him and wronged him for give evil curse on Zi Xun. Xu Xian cannot explain it because people suspect him.

The disciple of Jin family shoots Wu Xian, and Wu Xian returns the arrow to kill him. Guang Shan is startled to ask people to prepare array, and he doesn’t want Wu Xian to leave. Jiang Cheng is in a pickle. Guang Yao is schadenfreude.

The Untamed

Wu Xian plays “confession” and controls the demons to fight with people. But the demons don’t hurt Jiang family. Lan Zhan shows up from sky, and Wu Xian smiles because he knew that he would fight with Lan Zhan. Lan Zhen stops Wu Xian, saying that something is changed. Wu Xian doesn’t get Lan Zhan’s point, and hears Yan Li calls him.

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Yan Li looks for Jiang Cheng and Wu Xian in the battle field, and people attack Wu Xian when he flies down. Lan Zhan tells Wu Xian to play flute, but Wu Xian finds out that someone plays as well. The demons don’t listen to Xu Xian, and they begin to attack Jiang family.

The Untamed

Yan Li gets stabbed by the puppet. Wu Xian and Jiang Cheng run to her. Yan Li smiles and touches Wu Xian’s face. She complains that he ran too fast and she couldn’t see his face clearly. Someone attacks Wu Xian from his back, and Yan Li pushes Wu Xian away. She lets the sword stab into her chest, and the person is startled for killing Yan Li.

Jiang Cheng rages to hug his sister, and Wu Xian kills the person. Yan Li vomits blood and dies.

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