My Girlfriend is an Alien: Episode 12 [Recap]

Fang Leng gives the light to Xiao Qi, and she follows the light to walk cross the road. Jiang Xue visits Ms. Chai’s restaurant, and she asks Xiao Qi to leave the company. But Xiao Qi doesn’t want to leave Fang Leng.

My Girlfriend is an Alien: Episode 12 Recap

My Girlfriend is an Alien

Xiao Qi is wronged for stealing the report, and the employees scold Xiao Qi to be a thief. Because she stole the sapphire.

Fang Leng tells people not to suspect Xiao Qi, and the person reports it to Shi Da. Shi Da scolds Fang Leng, and asks him to leave Xiao Qi. Fang Leng talks back to his father for Xiao Qi, and Shi Da is furious to leave.

The next day, Xiao Qi learns that she was sent to another department, and she is against it. Fang Leng promises Xiao Qi three times salary, and she has to accept it. But she writes down Fang Leng’s name on the paper.

Fang Lie leaves his job to Xiao Qi, but she makes the mistake. Fang Leng scolds Fang Lie, and Fang Lie stands it. Xiao Qi wants to take the duty, but Fang Lie promises to come up with a perfect scheme.

Fang Lie takes Xiao Qi to visit a guru in the island, and he texts Fang Leng about it. Mr. Han reminds Fang Leng that the typhoon will come, but Fang Leng wants to make sure if Fang Lie and Xiao Qi is safety.

Xiao Qi is tremble when she is blown by typhoon, and Fang Leng shows up to wear the clothes for her.

Fang Leng hugs Xiao Qi and confesses his feelings. She is moved and finds out that the signal is in his body. They arrive at the residence of perfume guru, and Xiao Qi wants to sleep with Fang Leng for looking for signal. Fang Leng fails to persuade Xiao Qi, and he has to agree.

Xiao Qi wants to take off Fang Leng’s clothes to look for signal, and he warns her not to do it too much.

Jiang Xue meets with Allen, and he reveals that he got in Fang Leng’s memory bank. Jiang Xue is very happy and asks him to delete Fang Leng’s memory about Xiao Qi. But he tells her that Fang Leng did the encryption on the part of Xiao Qi. Jiang Xue thinks Allen is useless when she knows that they need to get in Fang Leng’s laptop.

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