My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 2: Episode 4 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 2: Episode 4. Fang Leng wakes up in the morning. He finds out that he slept with Chai Xiaoqi last night. He remembers the things he did when he was drunk. He pushes her off the bed.

How Does Mr. Zhou Know Fang Leng’s Perfume Plan?

My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 2

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 2: Episode 4.

Chai Xiaoqi asks Fang Leng why he pushed her. She mentions he asked her to tell him a story. He covers her mouth and complains about her drool. She lets his hand go. He intends to cook for her. She claims that she’s not hungry. But her stomach growls.

Fang Leng brings the food to Chai Xiaoqi. He reveals he only drinks a cup of coffee when he’s alone. She tells him to call her when he makes breakfast. She adds that she will call Ms. Chai and Xiao Bu if he thinks two people aren’t enough.

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Fang Leng thinks Chai Xiaoqi was attracted by him because he’s outstanding. He tells her to give up because he thinks he won’t have feelings for her. She reveals she just likes his flavor. He walks away. Chai Xiaoqi brings the food to Ms. Chai and Xiao Bu.

Ms. Chai and Xiao Bu congratulate Chai Xiaoqi on getting Fang Leng. Chai Xiaoqi wonders why her friends are so excited because she just had stayed with Fang Leng for a night. Ms. Chai asks Chai Xiaoqi to tell her the specifics of what happened.

Han Zhiming talks with Fang Leng’s chair. He asks him to admit that he’s the best assistant. Fang Leng shows up behind Han Zhiming. He smiles at Han Zhiming. Han Zhiming turns around and sees Fang Leng. He’s startled. Fang Leng asks Han Zhiming why he didn’t escort him home. He yells at him.

Ms. Chai learns that nothing happened to Chai Xiaoqi and Fang Leng. She thinks it was Chai Xiaoqi’s mistake. She complains that it wasted a bag of sunflower seeds of her. She thinks women should earn money to live well. She walks away.

Chai Xiaoqi is confused. Xiao Bu is happy because she thinks Chai Xiaoqi got many hormones. But Chai Xiaoqi finds out that she didn’t get any hormone. She thinks they won’t have a chance to go home. Xiao Bu comforts Chai Xiaoqi that they can come back if she fixes her signaler.

Chai Xiaoqi reveals she told Fang Leng about hormone by mistake. Xiao Bu comforts Chai Xiaoqi that Fang Leng won’t put what she said into his mind. Fang Leng has meeting with the employees. He tells them that some people like perfume because of it’s scent. He shows the new perfume “Dreamy” to the employees. He tells them that the lovers will taste the dream when they use it.

Han Zhiming walks the girls out of the meeting room. He tells them to keep the perfume a secret. Mr. Zhou shows up behind Hen Zhiming. He thinks Fang Leng and Han Zhiming don’t have any achievement. Han Zhiming tells Mr. Zhou not to care for their meeting. He reminds him that he will be burned by the hot coffee.

Mr. Zhou mentions the previous perfume didn’t run well. Han Zhiming is furious to reveal the new perfume is “Dreamy”. Mr. Zhou reports to Madam Fang that Fang Leng wants to do perfume again. She tells him to contact the shareholders to deal with Fang Leng.

Chai Xiaoqi tells Xiao Bu to talk with Fang Lie. She worries that Fang Lie will go to see Fang Leng. Xiao Bu runs away. Chai Xiaoqi gets the orders from F Group. She runs away as well. Madam Zhou is furious to ask to pay the bill because Chai Xiaoqi and Xiao Bu were rude to her. She finds out that the two disappeared.

The workers sets up the gallery for Fang Lie. They walk away. Fang Lie wants to share the gallery with Xiao Bu. He takes a look at her Wechat. He mistakes that she blocked him. He gets a call from someone who tells him to come out to take the package.

Chai Xiangqi brings the milk teas to the girls. The girl reveals Fang Leng is having meeting. Fang Leng tells the shareholders that he will invest more money in the perfume department. Mr. Zhou is against it. Fang Leng thinks Mr. Zhou doesn’t see the future of the perfume.

Mr. Zhou thinks what Fang Leng means is “Dreamy” perfume. He points out that the perfume only has a concept. He hints the shareholder to say something. The shareholder tells Fang Leng not to waste the money in the pointless project.

Madam Fang calls Fang Lie. She tells him that she saw a person who’s like him. He denies it. He tries to walk away. Xiao Bu stops him and takes him to hide so that Madam Fang doesn’t find him. She asks him if he didn’t confess to Madam Fang.

Fang Lie points out that he wouldn’t encounter Xiao Bu if he confessed. It makes her happy. She stares at him and wonders why he blushes. He pushes her away and tells her that he feels hot. He takes her to his studio. She walks around the studio. She thinks the place is huge.

Xiao Bu asks Fang Lie if he likes to paint. He admits it and mentions she wanted to be his girlfriend. He thinks she knows nothing about him. He thinks she hasn’t been in love. He brags that he’s good at dating. He thinks they has broken up.

Xiao Bu points out that she and Fang Lie has been lovers. She thinks they don’t have a reason to see each other. He’s surprised that she’s a rookie. He tells her that the couple get together because they were lonely. But Xiao Bu claims she’s happy when she’s alone.

Fang Lie asks Xiao Bu why she wanted to be his girlfriend. She tells him that she didn’t want him to see someone else. He laughs and thinks he has charisma. He tells her that the couple help each other achieve their wishes. He asks her about her wish.

Why Fang Leng Thinks Chai Xiaoqi Leaks his Perfume Plan?

Xiao Bu tells Fang Lie that he cannot make her wish come true. He intends to help her change her wish. She tells him that her wish cannot be changed. She reveals she wants to fix the computer hub. He intends to break her computer.

Chai Xiaoqi waits for Fang Leng. She tells him that she has waited for him. He ignores her and walks into his office. He closes the door. Mr. Zhou sees Chai Xiaoqi. He asks the girl about Chai Xiaoqi. The girl reveals Chai Xiaoqi and Fang Leng are couple.

Mr. Zhou walks to Chai Xiaoqi. He smiles at her and asks her if she’s waiting for Fang Leng. Fang Leng mentions what he told people to keep it a secret. He tells Han Zhiming to look into it. He turns around and sees Chai Xiaoqi talking with Mr. Zhou.

Mr. Zhou asks Chai Xiaoqi to tell him about her and Fang Leng’s relationship. She tells him to make a payment. She promises to tell him about her and Fang Leng’s relationship. He makes a payment. She praises him but she tells him that she can only know it once he becomes super VIP.

Chai Xiaoqi tries to leave. Han Zhiming stops her. He tells her that Fang Leng wants to see her. She gets into Fang Leng’s office. Mr. Zhou tries to follow Chai Xiaoqi. Han Zhiming stops Mr. Zhou. He tells him to ask him about it if he has any question. Mr. Zhou complains to Han Zhiming that he lost 1,000 yuan.

Chai Xiaoqi tries to feed Fang Leng the cake. But he stops her when he holds her hand. He asks her why she’s close to him. She mistakes that he knew her plan. She throws the cake to his pants. She tries to leave because she thinks he’s going to get changed.

Fang Leng catches Chai Xiaoqi. He tells her that he’s going to leave her to police. She’s against it. She tells him that she did it just for her task. He learns that she did it for ruining him. He asks her if she completed her task. She denies it.

Chai Xiaoqi explains to Fang Leng that her task just affects his life. He tells her to tell her boss that he doesn’t fear to be replaced. He tells her to leave. She tries to leave. He stops her and throws her bag to her. She catches her bag and leaves his office.

Han Zhiming walks into Fang Leng’s office. He mentions what he said that Chai Xiaoqi isn’t a spy. But Fang Leng tells Han Zhiming that Chai Xiaoqi admitted it. He tells him that he doesn’t want to see the girl. Xiao Bu joins Chai Xiaoqi when she’s writing something.

Chai Xiaoqi complains to Xiao Bu that Fang Leng threw a fit to her. She claims that she’s not the alien who can be bullied by him. Xiao Bu thinks Fang Leng wants to take the chance to look into them. Chai Xiaoqi thinks they should protect their mother planet.

Xiao Bu offers to kill Fang Leng. But Chai Xiaoqi worries that they will run the reputation of their mother planet. Xiao Bu points out that they cannot complete the task if Fang Leng is dead. Fang Leng returns home. Someone rings the bell.

Fang Leng mistakes that the person is Chai Xiaoqi. He tells her that he didn’t expect that she’s such a bad girl. The person tells Fang Leng that he came to deliver food. Chai Xiaoqi shows up. She takes over the food from the guy. She wants to share the food with Fang Leng. But he closes the door.

Chai Xiaoqi puts the pizza on the table. Mr. Chai thinks Fang Leng is playing a love trick. Chai Xiaoqi doesn’t believe it. She thinks Fang Leng actually got angry. Xiao Bu reveals Chai Xiaoqi and Fang Leng’s relationship is in the bottleneck period.

Ms. Chai is surprised. She asks Chai Xiaoqi if she delivered the cake to Fang Leng. Chai Xiaoqi admits it. She cries to tell Ms. Chai that she made Fang Leng get angry. Ms. Chai thinks it’s a good news. She mentions the emperor likes the girl who slapped him.

Ms. Chai tells Chai Xiaoqi to continue to deliver cake to Fang Leng. She thinks Fang Leng fell for Chai Xiaoqi if he gets angry again. Han Zhiming tells Fang Leng that Chai Xiaoqi couldn’t leak their plan because she didn’t see it.

My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 2: Episode 4 Ending

Episode 4 of My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 2 ends with Fang Leng telling Han Zhiming that he won’t forgive the person who harmed company. Han Zhiming asks Fang Leng if he will forgive the person who did it by mistake. Fang Leng tells Han Zhiming that stupid people are unforgivable. Han Zhiming leaves Fang Leng’s office.

Chai Xiaoqi arrives at Fang Leng’s company. But she’s blocked by the guards. Han Zhiming sees it. Chai Xiaoqi gets a message from the matchmaker who tells her how to cook food for Fang Leng to make him happy. Ms. Chai thinks the dating tip is old fashioned. She gives her cookbook to Chai Xiaoqi.

Chai Xiaoqi prepares the food for Fang Leng. She has a dream that he kisses her after he tasted her food. But the microwave oven explodes. Fang Leng walks into Chai Xiaoqi’s house. He helps her put out the fire. He asks her what she did. She reveals she wanted to cook for him.

Chai Xiaoqi tries to feed Fang Leng the food. But the firefighting device sprays water. Fang Leng takes Chai Xiaoqi to his house. He throws the towel to her head. She mistakes that he intends to let police catch her. She tells him that she didn’t do anything.

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