My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 2: Episode 5 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 2: Episode 5. Han Zhiming tells Fang Leng about the girls he forgot. Fang Leng thinks Han Zhiming concealed something from him. Han Zhiming confesses to Fang Leng that Mr. Zhou tricked him to leak the perfume plan.

How Does Fang Leng Think Chai Xiaoqi Is His Ex-Girlfriend?

My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 2

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 2: Episode 5.

Fang Leng wonders why Chai Xiaoqi’s information isn’t in the memory bank. Han Zhiming explains to Fang Leng that he didn’t record the girl’s information because she and he aren’t love relationship or business relationship. He wonders why he remembered Chai Xiaoqi since it has rained. He thinks Fang Leng and Chai Xiaoqi were in love without letting anyone know it.

Doctor Zhang thinks Fang Leng forgot Chai Xiaoqi after the rain in Los Angeles. Fang Leng remembers what Han Zhiming told him that Chai Xiaoqi just returned to China. Fang Leng realizes that Chai Xiaoqi is his ex-girlfriend. He wonders why he didn’t forget Chai Xiaoqi.

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Doctor Zhang thinks the rain made Fang Leng remember Chai Xiaoqi. Fang Leng wonders why he liked Chai Xiaoqi. Doctor Zhang cannot give the answer to Fang Leng. Xiao Bu reads the book about president with Chai Xiaoqi. She doesn’t believe that the book is going to help Chai Xiaoqi.

Chai Xiaoqi thinks she should read the book because it was recommended by Ms. Chai. Fang Leng texts Chai Xiaoqi. He tells her that he has known their past. She thinks he knows about their marriage. Xiao Bu disagrees to what Chai Xiaoqi said. Because the wedding doesn’t happen.

Fang Leng sends another message to Chai Xiaoqi. He asks her for a meeting up. She’s scared. Xiao Bu comforts Chai Xiaoqi that Fang Leng cannot hurt her. She has an illusion that Fang Leng helps Chai Xiaoqi after he knew what she wants to get is hormone.

Chai Xiaoqi reminds Xiao Bu that Fang Leng is a heartless businessman. She has an illusion that Fang Leng wants to get her blood. Xiao Bu thinks it’s the last dinner. She wants to accompany Chai Xiaoqi. Chai Xiaoqi rejects Xiao Bu’s help. She tells her to take care of herself well.

Xiao Bu cries to tell Chai Xiaoqi that nobody is going to praise her if she’s not there. She hugs her. Chai Xiaoqi comforts Xiao Bu. Han Zhiming and Fang Leng wait for Chai Xiaoqi at the cafe. Han Zhiming tells Fang Leng to give money to Chai Xiaoqi no matter what she says. But he thinks she won’t come because of her pride.

Chai Xiaoqi shows up behind Fang Leng and Han Zhiming. Fang Leng tells Chai Xiaoqi that he knows she wants to get him again. Han Zhiming laughs to tell Chai Xiaoqi that he thought she looks like his future boss lady when he saw her.

Han Zhiming asks Fang Leng if Chai Xiaoqi and he were in love. Fang Leng tells Han Zhiming that Chai Xiaoqi is just his ex-girlfriend. Chai Xiaoqi disagrees to what Fang Leng said. She reveals Fang Leng forced her to marry him. Han Zhiming explains to Chai Xiaoqi that Fang Leng had a fight with her because he thought she leaked his perfume plan.

Han Zhiming bows to Chai Xiaoqi. He feels sorry for affecting Chai Xiaoqi and Fang Leng’s love relationship. Chai Xiaoqi is surprised that Fang Leng got angry at her because of the perfume plan. She smiles because Fang Leng doesn’t know she’s an alien.

Fang Leng tells Chai Xiaoqi that he won’t get together with her no matter how she works hard. She comforts him that she won’t do that. He mistakes that she asks for money. So he gives the bank card and car key to her. He tells her that he can give her anything if she stays away from him. He lets her contact him after she thinks about it.

Chai Xiaoqi reads the book. She learns that the man allows her to touch him if he tells her that he wants to repay her. Xiao Bu thinks they’re going to get hormones. Chai Xiaoqi smiles. She thinks she’s very smart. Xiao Bu wonders why Fang Leng thought Chai Xiaoqi is his ex-girlfriend.

Chai Xiaoqi thinks Fang Leng mistook her as his ex-girlfriend. She tells Xiao Bu that Fang Leng has many girlfriends. Xiao Bu feels happy for fooling Fang Leng. Chai Xiaoqi thinks she did it wrong to tell a lie. Xiao Bu points out that Fang Leng is a bad person. She convinces Chai Xiaoqi that she’s doing a good thing.

Xiao Bu reminds Chai Xiaoqi that they’re going to return to their mother planet once they complete the task. She’s happy to wave at the sky with her. Chai Xiaoqi texts Fang Leng and asks him out. But he sends Han Zhiming to accompany her. She’s furious to walk away.

Chai Xiaoqi texts Fang Leng. She asks him to fix the pipe for her. But he lets Han Zhiming fix the pipe. Chai Xiaoqi blames Fang Leng for letting Han Zhiming accompanying her. Fang Leng tells Chai Xiaoqi that Han Zhiming is his best employee. He thinks he has repaid her.

Chai Xiaoqi agrees to Fang Leng’s plan. She sits on his body and asks him to massage her hand. He calls Han Zhiming. Han Zhiming walks to Chai Xiaoqi. He introduces himself as Master Han. He asks her where she feels uncomfortable. She hands over the apple to him. She rejects his serving.

Chai Xiaoqi hands over the cake to Xiao Bu. She asks her to eat it. Xiao Bu notes that Chai Xiaoqi isn’t happy. Chai Xiaoqi wonders why she cannot be close to Fang Leng after she became his ex-girlfriend. Xiao Bu thinks Fang Leng avoided Chai Xiaoqi because he owes her money. Chai Xiaoqi doesn’t believe it because Fang Leng is very rich.

Xiao Bu intends to ask Fang Lie what Fang Leng thinks. Because he knows Fang Leng more than them. Chai Xiaoqi doesn’t believe Fang Lie will leak because he and Fang Leng are brothers. Xiao Bu comforts Chai Xiaoqi that Fang Lie will leak it if she grants Fang Lie’s wish.

How Does Xiao Bu Grant Fang Lie’s Wish?

Fang Lie gets a message from Xiao Bu who tells him that she knows how to grant his wish. She asks him to come to the hotel to see her. Someone tells Fang Lie to be careful of Xiao Bu. Fang Lie visits Xiao Bu. She drags him into the room and throws him to the couch.

Xiao Bu takes off her clothes. She smiles to tell Fang Lie that she’s going to grant his love wish. He’s startled to tell her that he doesn’t have any love wish. She mentions he wants to be a painter. She tells him that she’s going to teach him how to paint.

Fang Lie tells Xiao Bu that he doesn’t have other intentions. She finds his sprayer. He takes over the sprayer from her. He explains to her that it’s his oral cavity sprayer. He sprays his oral cavity. It makes him tear up. Xiao Bu mistakes that Fang Leng was moved by her. She tells him that she will be his model to test his level.

Xiao Bu smiles to put the apple on her head. He begins to paint. He reveals that he wouldn’t return to China without Fang Leng. She asks him if he knows Fang Leng well. He admits it. So she asks him if how Fang Leng treats his ex-girlfriend.

Fang Lie thinks Xiao Bu has feelings for him so that she asked him about Fang Leng. He tells her that he doesn’t have any ex-girlfriend. She asks him about the girls Fang Leng likes. He tells her that he’s loyal to the girl he likes.

Xiao Bu is furious to tell Fang Lie what she wants to know is his brother. He laughs and mistakes that she’s shy. He lets her take a look at the painting he just painted. She finds out that there’s only an apple. She gives the glasses to him.

Fang Lie tells Xiao Bu that he wants to to go to outer space. She lets him close his eyes. He grabs the stars. He thinks it’s too realistic. She smiles and drags him when he trips. He sees the meteorites falling to her. He hugs her to protect her. The two stare at each other.

Xiao Bu comforts Fang Lie that the meteorites aren’t real. She tells him to go to look for the inspirations. He takes the planet, thinking humans are too tiny. She blows away the planet. Fang Lie asks Xiao Bu if she thinks her existence isn’t important.

Xiao Bu denies it. Fang Lie reveals he thought he cannot be replaced when he was protected by his brother and his mom. He complains that he cannot return home. She complains that she can only return home when she fixes her computer hub. He takes off the glasses. He tells her that he knows a place which can help her.

Ms. Chai wonders why there was no order from F Group. Chai Xiaoqi thinks Fang Leng disallowed his employees to order cakes from their cafe. She thinks Fang Leng tried his best for avoiding her. Han Zhiming brings the gifts to Chai Xiaoqi. He mentions what Fang Leng said that it will restore to the original if she gives up.

Han Zhiming tells Fang Leng to let Chai Xiaoqi be his girlfriend. He mentions the girl has a very thick face. Fang Leng tells Han Zhiming that he will fire him if he continues to say so. Han Zhiming has to leave Fang Leng’s office.

Ms. Chai shows the love lines to Chai Xiaoqi. She tells her to study it. The matchmaker texts Chai Xiaoqi. He tells her to pretend to be sick. He reminds her that she should forget his grace after she gets together with Fang Leng. Ms. Chai agrees to what the matchmaker said. She tells Chai Xiaoqi to thank her.

Chai Xiaoqi agrees to it. She worries that pretending to be sick requires some acting skills. Ms. Chai comforts Chai Xiaoqi that it’s very easy to her. Chai Xiaoqi bumps Fang Leng. She tells him that she’s sick. He pushes her away and thinks she’s very stupid.

My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 2: Episode 5 Ending

Episode 5 of My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 2 ends with Chai Xiaoqi hurting her leg when she chases Fang Leng. He carries her to walk. She remembers Ms. Chai told her to say some love lines to Fang Leng. But he hits her lip with his head because he cannot hear what she says. He puts her down and walks away.

Chai Xiaoqi knocks at the door. But Ms. Chai and Xiao Bu don’t open the door. Fang Leng carries Chai Xiaoqi into his house. Xiao Bu shows up with Ms. Chai. She wonders why she didn’t allow her to open the door. Xiao Bu cries when Chai Xiaoqi says that it’s her first time. Ms. Chai is excited.

Fang Leng dresses Chai Xiaoqi’s wound. He tells her that he allows her to sleep in the room because there’s nobody in her house. She hugs him and asks him to accompany her. He agrees to it. He’s close to her. She mistakes that he’s going to kiss her.

But Fang Leng turns on the heater. He thinks Chai Xiaoqi won’t feel cold. She hugs him and reveals he used to hug her to sleep. He covers the quilt for her. He tries to leave. She stops him and reminds him that she will catch a cold in the evening. He agrees to it. He returns with a lash. It makes her scared.

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