My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 2: Episode 3 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 2: Episode 3. Chai Xiaoqi walks to Fang Leng. She smiles to touch his pectoral muscles. She thinks she completed her task. But the sapphire doesn’t collect the hormones.

How Does Chai Xiaoqi Help Fang Leng Make the Perfume?

My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 2

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 2: Episode 3.

Fang Leng points at Chai Xiaoqi when he walks to her. He tells her that he won’t waster his time on her. But he holds her arms for making her not trip. He tells her not to tangle him. She thinks he should fall for her. She tries to touch his hair.

Fang Leng holds Chai Xiaoqi’s arm. He walks away. She wonders why her method didn’t work. Xiao Bu defeats Fang Leng in the game. She asks him out. He tells her that the demand is hard to him. She begs him to agree to it when she holds his hand.

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Fang Lie tells Xiao Bu that he wants to chase his dream so that he doesn’t have time to go on a date. He tells her to change the demand. She gets angry and she tries to leave. But she remembers he hit her head. She walks to him and lifts her fist.

Fang Lie tells Xiao Bu not to hurt his face. She explains that she just wants to hit his head. He stops her and tells her that he accepts her feelings. It makes her happy. Fang Lie tells Fang Leng that he doesn’t expect that he would accept the feelings of a girl.

Fang Leng mistakes that Fang Leng had a meal. Fang Lie thinks Fang Leng looked down on him. He reveals a girl wanted him to be her boyfriend. He adds that she agreed to it because she pitied the girl. Fang Leng thinks Fang Lie is insane. He tells him that he’s not handsome.

Fang Lie tells Fang Leng that he wants to sleep with him. Fang Leng kicks Fang Lie off his bed. Chai Xiaoqi tells Xiao Bu that her love wave didn’t work for Fang Leng. She thinks it’s because Fang Leng got married with her. Xiao Bu shows the message to Chai Xiaoqi. She tells her that Fang Lie agreed to be her boyfriend. She thinks Fang Lie isn’t Chai Xiaoqi’s rival in love anymore.

Xiao Bu tells Chai Xiaoqi that Fang Lie likes the girl who’s good at playing games. Chai Xiaoqi thinks Fang Leng will like her if she knows what he likes. Xiao Bu tells Chai Xiaoqi that they’re going to return to their mother planet. She praises her.

The employee introduces the perfume to Fang Leng. Fang Leng smells the perfume. He likes it very much. Mr. Zhou walks to the employee. He tells him that he can make him get rich. Chai Xiaoqi thinks the president like Fang Leng has many rules.

Xiao Bu tells Chai Xiaoqi that the president usually has a doctor friend who will tell him that he hasn’t seen him smiling. Doctor Zhang tells Fang Leng that he hasn’t seen him being serious. He asks him if he’s sure that it was illusion.

Fang Leng thinks it cannot be explained expect illusion. Doctor Zhang mentions the flowers bloomed. He thinks Chai Xiaoqi is very important to Fang Leng. Fang Leng points out that he didn’t mention Chai Xiaoqi. Doctor Zhang leaks that Han Zhiming told his friends that Chai Xiaoqi tangled Fang Leng.

Fang Leng tells Doctor Zhang that Chai Xiaoqi is just one of his fans. He asks him for the medicine. Doctor Zhang tells Fang Leng not to rely on the medicine. He wants to find the reason why he got illusion. He thinks his illness will get worse if it rains.

Han Zhiming texts Fang Leng that something bad happened to the perfume. Fang Leng leaves Doctor Zhang’s office. Chai Xiaoqi and Xiao Bu watch the show. Ms. Chai shows up. She tells the two aliens that she doesn’t like the actress.

Ms. Chai tells Chai Xiaoqi that men like a girl because of her looks. Chai Xiaoqi realizes that men are superficial. Ms. Chai tells Chai Xiaoqi that being in love is two superficial people who flirt with each other. She tells her to dress up to be a beauty to see Fang Leng. Chai Xiaoqi thinks her clothes are too plain. She tells Xiao Bu to search what the actresses wear.

Han Zhiming brings the coffee to Fang Leng. He tells him to take a break. Fang Leng agrees to what Han Zhiming said. Han Zhiming tries to leave. Fang Leng stops Han Zhiming. He mentions he saw his posts. Han Zhiming explains that he did it for work. Fang Leng tells Han Zhiming to delete the posts.

Mr. Zhou talks with Madam Fang over the phone that Fang Leng will fail. She wants to see if Fang Leng can smile or not. Chai Xiaoqi arrives at Fang Leng’s company with new looks. She notices that the people are staring at her. She mistakes that her method works.

Chai Xiaoqi hands over the food boxes to the reception. The reception tells Chai Xiaoqi that she cannot separate the food because there’re no label. Chai Xiaoqi gets a call from Ms. Chai who tells her that she didn’t label the food because she was busy.

The reception intends to give Chai Xiaoqi negative rating. Chai Xiaoqi stops the reception. She tells her that she can smell the cakes. Han Zhiming and Fang Leng pass by. Han Zhiming thinks Chai Xiaoqi came to see Fang Leng. Chai Xiaoqi turns around. She sees Fang Leng.

Chai Xiaoqi walks to Fang Leng. She tells him that she thinks he’s very cute. But he tells her that he thinks she’s illness. She tells him that she has many plans. She comes to his company with different looks. He lets Han Zhiming drive her away.

Chai Xiaoqi mentions Fang Leng ignored her. She thinks Fang Leng is nearsighted. Xiao Bu mentions Ms. Chai told Chai Xiaoqi not to give up. She takes a look at her face. She thinks it’s not thick enough. Chai Xiaoqi decides to try it one last time.

Xiao Bu hands over the coffee to Mr. Zhou. Mr. Zhou laughs to tell the guy to begin. Han Zhiming reports to Fang Leng that the perfumer ended the contract with them. He adds that the perfumer prepared the money. Fang Leng thinks the perfumer intended to do so. He tells Han Zhiming to hire a new perfumer.

Han Zhiming points out that they cannot find the scent without the formula. He thinks only fairy can help them. Chai Xiaoqi shows up with the style of white snake fairy. She dances for Fang Leng and flirts with him. He remembers what she told him that she’s good at smelling.

Chai Xiaoqi smells the perfume. She writes down the formula and hands the formula to Fang Leng. He thanks her for helping him. He walks away with Han Zhiming. Chai Xiaoqi mistakes that Fang Leng likes the white snake fairy dress she wears. She’s very happy.

Fang Leng introduces the perfume to the people. The reporter mentions Fang Leng didn’t give the samples to the guests. He thinks he concealed something. Fang Leng lets the girls to hand over the samples to the guests. The guests like the scent. Fang Leng mentions someone used dirty method. Mr. Zhou smiles at Fang Leng. He throws away the sample.

Madam Fang calls Fang Lie. She tells him that she will kick Fang Leng out of the company once he comes back. Fang Lie wonders why his mom dislikes Fang Leng. Madam Fang tells Fang Lie that she did it for him. She tells him not to be close to Fang Leng. She sees a Chinese cleaner in the camera. Fang Lie explains that the old man came out to Start-Up.

Mr. Zhou reports to Madam Fang that Fang Leng made the perfume. She thinks Fang Leng is very luck. Han Zhiming reports to Fang Leng that the new perfume broke sales records. He thinks Chai Xiaoqi actually helped them. Fang Leng asks Han Zhiming to prepare a present for Chai Xiaoqi. But Han Zhiming thinks Fang Leng should prepare the gift himself.

Does Chai Xiaoqi Accept Fang Leng’s Present?

Chai Xiaoqi receives the present from Fang Leng. Ms. Chai opens the package. She sees the limited edition bag. She reveals the seller wouldn’t give the bag if Fang Leng didn’t spent enough money. She believes that Fang Leng is good at giving bags.

Ms. Chai takes a look at the sheepskin bag. She realizes that Fang Leng wants Chai Xiaoqi to be his concubine. Chai Xiaoqi is against it because she doesn’t have feelings for Fang Leng. Ms. Chai blames Chai Xiaoqi for being heartless since Fang Leng gave the bag to her. Chai Xiaoqi thinks she should thank Fang Leng.

Fang Leng thanks President Chen for investing in his company. He hands over the perfume to her. She smells the perfume and praises him. She tells him that she will help him in the future. He drinks with her. Chai Xiaoqi arrives at the restaurant. She thinks she agrees to be Fang Leng’s concubine if she accepts the bag. She wants to return the bag to Fang Leng.

Fang Leng is drunk to walk out of the restaurant with Han Zhiming. Han Zhiming leaves Fang Leng to Chai Xiaoqi. He walks away. Han Zhiming sees Fang Leng walking Chai Xiaoqi away. He thinks Fang Leng should thank him. Chai Xiaoqi tries to get in the cab with Fang Leng. But the driver rejects them because Fang Leng is drunk.

Fang Leng jumps into the cart. He tells Chai Xiaoqi that the car belong to him. He asks her to get in the cart. She tells him to get off the cart. But he rejects it. She pushes the cart along the street. She wishes her mother planet to save her.

Fang Leng tells Chai Xiaoqi that he wishes to fly to the sky to look at the stars. She thinks it’s a good idea. She takes him to fly. He sees the moon. He wonders if there’re aliens on the moon. She admits it. He tells her that he wishes to open the beauty stores on the moon if there’re aliens.

Chai Xiaoqi tells Fang Leng that she will represent her planet not to welcome him. She asks him if she fears her. He claims that he’s a superman. So she tells him to fly on his own. He reveals she broke his wings when he was a kid. He tries to jump off the cart.

Chai Xiaoqi stops Fang Leng. She tells him that she will be his wings when she acts to be a bird. Fang Leng tells Chai Xiaoqi that he will protect her well if she’s being his wings. He hugs her. Chai Xiaoqi dumps Fang Leng to the couch after they returned home.

My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 2: Episode 3 Ending

Episode 3 of My Girlfriend is an Alien Season 2 ends with Chai Xiaoqi handing over the blanket to Fang Leng. She tries to leave. But he grabs her hand and tells her not to leave. He tells her that he will be kidnapped by bad persons. He hugs her. She lifts her fist and tells him that she’s going to beat him. But he knows she won’t beat him because he’s good looking.

Chai Xiaoqi admits it. She reads the book for Fang Leng. She tries to go to sleep. But he stops her because she doesn’t end the story. She tells her story to him. She tells him that Xiao Fang is a bad guy. Fang Leng confesses that he loves his mother very much. He takes out the family photo of him and his mom.

Chai Xiaoqi is surprised that Fang Leng cried. She doesn’t know how to comfort him because she doesn’t have a mom. She hands over the tissue to him. She tells him to cry if he wants to do that. He’s moved to hug her. She comforts him and tries to leave. But he stops her and asks her to sleep with him.

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