My Lethal Man: Episodes 5-6 Recap & Ending

There are the Recap & Ending for My Lethal Man: Episodes 5-6. Yan Xingcheng tells Shen Manning that he’s going to live with her for twenty-four hours. He explains to her that she needs someone to protect her because she’s the heir of South Sea Star.

My Lethal Man: Episode 5 Recap & Ending

My Lethal Man

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for My Lethal Man: Episodes 5-6.

Yan Xingcheng reminds Shen Manning that she needs to study the industry so that she won’t make mistake in front of people. She wonders how did he remember it so long. She claims that they cannot live together. She tells him that there’s one bed in the room.

Yan Xingcheng tells Shen Manning to sleep on the carpet. He walks to her and asks her if she wants to sleep with him. She denies it. He thinks they can do that because they were engaged. But she points out that they didn’t hold the engagement ceremony.

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Shen Manning trips to the bed. Yan Xingcheng is close to her. He asks her if she wishes him to ask Zhuang family for the engagement ceremony. She denies it. Fang Xiang sees Shen Manning and Yan Xingcheng in the bed. He’s shocked.

Shen Manning gets up from the bed. Fang Xiang tells Yan Xingcheng to continue to do the thing he wants to do. He places Yan Xingcheng’s clothes on the couch. He tells Shen Manning that he’s helping Yan Xingcheng move in. He asks her to hurt Yan Xingcheng.

Yan Xingcheng tells Shen Manning that he’s going to help her in the meeting. He sits on the couch. She asks him if he wants to sleep on the couch. He takes a look at her. She’s startled. She tries to explain it to him. But he tells her to go to sleep. Shen Manning lies in the bed. She takes a look at Yan Xingcheng. She remembers he asked her if she wishes him to ask Zhuang family for the engagement ceremony. She has an eye contact with him. She avoids him.

Yan Xingcheng wakes Shen Manning up. He drags her to run. Uncle Guangyi sees them. Shen Manning is tired. He takes her to the dressing room. He hugs her when he wears the hairpin for her. He looks at them in the mirror. Yan Xingcheng has a nightmare that he drowns. Shen Manning tries to wake him up. But he grabs her neck.

Yan Xingcheng wakes up. He releases Shen Manning. He tells her not to be close to him when he sleeps. Lin Mufan walks into the cafe. He remembers Uncle Guangyi asked him to see his old friend’s younger sister. Uncle Guangyi told Lin Mufan to do it for his dead mother.

Lin Mufan walks to Tan Lin. He takes a look at her. He tries to leave because he thinks he mistook her as another girl. She denies it and tells him that his father’s friend is her older brother. She asks him if he thinks she got into his life after they didn’t reach cooperation.

Tan Lin laughs. She reveals her older brother told her that Lin Mufan is a good person. She rejects him because she doesn’t have feelings for him. He thinks it’s very good. Because he doesn’t have feelings for her as well. But she tells him that she’s interested in his design.

Tan Lin tells Lin Mufan that she wishes him to join her. She reminds him that Zhuang Xinyan cannot support his design because she just took over South Sea Star. She mentions his goal is the international awards. She tells him that she can give it to him. She hands over her business card to him. She asks him to reply to her within two days.

Tan Lin wears her sunglasses. She leaves the cafe. Lin Mufan takes a look at Tan Lin’s business card. He realizes that the time she gave her is the moment when South Sea Star meeting ends. Nana arrives at the building of South Sea Star. She sees many people. She believes that there will be many bosses coming.

Episode 5 of My Lethal Man ends with Shen Manning chasing the guy. He tells her that she didn’t do anything. But she asks him why he runs if he didn’t do anything. He tells her that he just got more salary than others. She asks him for the papers. But he throws it away from the building. Yan Xingcheng shows up. He grabs the guy’s tie. He hangs him on the building.

My Lethal Man: Episode 6 Recap & Ending

Yan Xingcheng asks the guy for the list. The guy promises to give the list to Yan Xingcheng. Yan Xingcheng saves the guy. The guy gives the list to Yan Xingcheng. Yan Xingcheng hands over the list to Shen Manning. She notes that Yan Xingcheng’s hand was hurt when they study the list.

Fang Xiang intends to ask his friends to help him. But Yan Xingcheng rejects it because they’re the secrets of South Sea Star. He tells Shen Manning that they only have three days to resolve the problem. She takes the medicine kit to walk to him when he falls asleep. She tries to touch his hand. But he wakes up.

Shen Manning explains to Yan Xingcheng that she wants to apply the ointment on his hand because she noted that his hand was hurt. But he tells her that he won’t die. He reminds her that they need to resolve the debts of South Sea Star. She tries to show the papers to him. But she finds out that he’s staring at her.

Shan Manning is startled. She tries to walk away. But Yan Xingcheng stops her. He asks her to treat his wound. She applies the ointment on his wound. She massages the wound and blows it. He takes a look at her eyes. They have an eye contact.

Fang Xiang returns to the office with the coffee. He sees Shan Manning treating Yan Xingcheng. Yuan Shuai tries to get into the office. But Fang Xiang stops Yuan Shuai. Because Yuan Shuai is single. Yuan Shuai ignores Fang Xiang. But he sees Yan Xingcheng and Shen Manning. He avoids the two.

Fang Xiang laughs to mention he told Yuan Shuai not to get into the office. He asks him if he was hurt by Yan Xingcheng’s dog food. Yuan Shuai hands over the snack to Fang Xiang. He walks away. Nana looks for Yuan Shuai. But she doesn’t find him.

Nana realizes that Yuan Shuai isn’t the employee of South Sea Star. She complains to the heaven that she needs the hero when she stretches out her arms. But she runs into him. She asks him if he remembered her. She touches him when he tries to leave. He catches her and asks her what she wants to do when he hugs her. She introduces herself to him. He releases her.

Nana puts her hand on Yuan Shuai’s shoulder when she tries to tell something to him. But he takes her down. Fang Xiang tries to stop Yuan Shuai. He trips. He has an eye contact with Nana when he looks up. Tan Lin complains to her old brother President Tan that Lin Mufan ignored her after she had given him two days to think about it.

President Tan wonders if Lin Mufan wasn’t satisfied with Tan Lin. Tan Lin tells President Tan that there’re many men liking her. He thinks Lin Mufan was outstanding to make Tan Lin get angry. Tan Lin tells President Tan to give up the man. But he wishes to get Lin Mufan and South Sea Star.

Chairman Zhuang doesn’t want to eat because the children aren’t there. Uncle Guangyi tells Chairman Zhuang that Zhuang Xinyan is studying how to resolve the debts with Yan Xingcheng. Zhuang Caixuan tells her father that she needs to go out for a few days because of the event.

Shen Manning resolves the debts of Blue Sea Star before bank does something to them. Yuan Shuai and Fang Xiang go to drink to celebrate it. Shen Manning is happy to walk out of the building. She complains to Yan Xingcheng that she was locked up in the building for three days because of the debts.

Shen Manning thinks she has credits. Yan Xingcheng opens the car door for her. He praises her. She’s shy to tell him that she just wanted to help him and Blue Sea Star. She gets in the car. He smiles. Yan Xingcheng drivers Shen Manning home. He finds out that she falls asleep in the car. He helps her untie the belt. He notes that he’s close to her.

Episode 6 of My Lethal Man ends with Shen Manning applying the dirt on Yan Xingcheng’s face. She asks him if he agrees to help her or not. She believes that he wants to taste the fragrance of dirt. She laughs. He’s furious to carry her to their room. He asks her to wipe off the dirt for him.

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