My Name: Episode 3 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix K-Drama My Name: Episode 3. Pil-Do tells Ji-Woo to release Mango because they don’t have any evidence. She finds the evidence from the wine bottle. Mango gets arrested. Pil-Do interrogates Mango and tries to get something from him. But Mango doesn’t dare to tell the truth because his boss is very scary.

My Name: Episode 3 Recap

My Name

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama My Name: Episode 3.

Gang-Jae walks into the nightclub. He tells the guy how great the pill is. He throws the pill into the wine glass. He drinks it. Ji-Woo returns to the police station. She wants to look into his father’s case. So she uses the computer at the police station. She runs into Gi-Ho.

Ji-Woo has a new task. Pil-Do takes away her phone. She sees the photo of Mu-Jin. She learns that the police intends to catch Mu-Jin. She tries to take back her phone from the bag. But she fails. Mu-Jin arrives at the factory. Pil-Do tries to catch Mu-Jin.

Ji-Woo shoots and burns up the ship. Mu-Jin catches the chance to leave. He jumps into the tea to flee. He returns to his office. He’s furious to throw the wine glass. He tells Tae-Ju to find the person who reported it to the police. Tae-Ju accepts Mu-Jin’s order. But he reminds him that Ji-Woo didn’t inform them about it.

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Ji-Woo tries to call Mu-Jin. But he doesn’t pick up her phone. Gi-Ho checks the gun of Ji-Woo. He finds out that the bullets are in the gun. Ji-Woo asks Pil-Do why they have to catch Mu-Jin. He tells her that Mu-Jin is a evil guy. She sees her father’s photo on the wall. She asks him who killed the person. But he doesn’t know about it.

Chief Police arrives at the police station. He scolds Gi-Ho for not finding the evidence. Gi-Ho feels sorry but he still wants to find Mu-Jin. Ji-Woo and Pil-Do spot it. The two go to the bar with the colleagues. Ji-Woo is told that Mu-Jin did many bad things.

Ji-Woo gets a call from Mu-Jin. She goes outside to pick up his phone. She tells him that she used the gun for him. Gi-Ho drinks alone at home. He takes out a group photo from the bag. He sees Mu-Jin and Dong-Hoon. Mu-Jin finds the camera from his office. He gets his followers to ruin the camera.

Gi-Ho takes some papers to leave his office. Ji-Woo tails him. Gang-Jae drives his car to break the gate. He takes his followers to kill the men of Mu-Jin. He catches Tae-Ju and breaks his arm. Ji-Woo sees Gi-Ho meeting with the doctor. The doctor runs away after he got the papers.

Ji-Woo gets a call from Pil-Do who asks her to come to the gym. She arrives at the place. She sees Gi-Ho interrogating Tae-Ju. Ji-Woo walks into the gym. She sees the texts on the floor. Pil-Do shows up. He tells her that Tae-Ju was hurt. She asks him if Mu-Jin is fine.

My Name stars Han So-Hee, Park Hee-Soon and Ahn Bo-Hyun.

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