My Roommate Is a Gumiho: Episode 12 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama My Roommate Is a Gumiho: Episode 12. Woo-Yeo hugs Lee Dam when she falls asleep in his arms. He wakes her up. She finds out that Mountain Spirit disappeared. She feels hurt in her leg so that he takes her home with his magic.

My Roommate Is a Gumiho: Episode 12 Recap

My Roommate Is a Gumiho: Episode 12

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama My Roommate Is a Gumiho: Episode 12.

Gumiho gets Lee Dam to sit on the couch. He massages her leg with the ice bag. She tells him that it’s enough, and asks him about Mountain Spirit. He tells him about the guy’s identity. She asks him if he saw her dream. He denies. She reveals Mountain Spirit threw Sun-Woo into her dream, and wonder why he wished them to be in love.

Woo-Yeo tells his roommate that she and Sun-Woo come from same clan. She comforts him that she will stop Mountain Spirit. Hye-Sun learns what Mountain Spirit did to Lee Dam. She asks Woo-Yeo if the two had a kiss. Woo-Yeo feels sad because the two was happy when they got together.

Hye-Sun tells Gumiho not to put the dream into his mind. He agrees to it because he’s going to pass away soon. Sun-Woo texts Lee Dam and tells her that he will take care of the task. She remembers he hugged her in her dream. Soo-Kyeong hugs Lee Dam from her back. But she stops when she spots Woo-Yeo.

Soo-Kyeong notes that Woo-Yeo doesn’t look good. Lee Dam tells her friend that the thing which happened on her. She looks for her suggestion. Soo-Kyeong tells Lee Dam to love herself. The two girls join Jae-Jin when he’s planning a great date for Hye-Sun in the classroom. Soo-Kyeong thinks Jae-Jin slept with Hye-Sun. He admits it for protecting the girl. So he gets beaten by his friends.

Lee Dam visits her roommate’s office. She shows Jae-Jin’s notebook to him. She tells him to go on the date according to the notebook. But Lee Dan calls his sister and asks her to prepare meal at home. She has to delay the date.

Hye-Sun hears what the classmates talk about her and Jae-Jin. They think the two pretend to be in love for the score. Hye-Sun worries that people will look down on her. She runs into Jae-Jin who feels sorry for losing the notebook. She’s nice to him when the classmates pass by.

Lee Dam returns home. She feels bad when she spots the vegetables which are placed in front of door. She tries to carry it. But Woo-Yeo does the job for her with the magic. She sees him and joins him. She asks him for making the kimchi for her with his magic.

Gumiho tells his roommate that it’s hard to achieve that with his magic. He says that he wants to complete the task with her. So she asks him to get changed. He feels happy because the work clothes will be beautiful. But he’s unhappy after he wore the apron.

Lee Dam doesn’t believe Woo-Yeo can do the job well. He wears the leather gloves and brags and brags that he’s an expert. But he cries when he peels the onion. Lee Dam hands over the garlic to him. She smiles at him. He has to work hard.

Woo-Yeo complains that he won’t get a prize even if he completes the task. But she tells him that he will get the prize. He’s interested in it. She brings the food to him after he completed the task. She feeds him the food. He tells her that the food is delicious. So she brings the wine to him. They drink together.

Lee Dam shows her childhood photos to Woo-Yeo. She wonders what he looked like. But he tells her that his appearance hasn’t changed since childhood. He asks her for all of her childhood photos. Lee Dan returns home when Woo-Yeo and Lee Dam fall asleep.

Lee Dam explains to Lee Dan that she and Woo-Yeo just made kimchi. She wants to introduce the Gumiho. But he asks her if the statue in the photo is her lover. She laughs to cover the embarrassing. He leaves. Lee Dam texts Woo-Yeo and asks him why he left. He tells her that he doesn’t want to get her involved.

Woo-Yeo takes a look at Lee Dam’s family photo. He smiles. He remembers that she told him that she wished to live with him all her life. He said that he has the same wish. But he found out that he fell asleep.

Young-Joo chases Woo-Yeo when he walks. She holds his arm and wants to to drink coffee with him. He takes a look at her. Lee Dam walks at the street. She texts Woo-Yeo and asks for a meeting up. She spots Sun-Woo and wants to avoid him. So she hides behind the tree.

Someone puts his hand on Lee Dam’s shoulder. She mistakes the person as Sun-Woo. But she finds out that it’s Jung Seok after she turned around. Woo-Yeo spots Sun-Woo and Lee Dam being tied by the red thread. He asks Hye-Sun to join Lee Dam’s team.

Hye-Sun is furious to blame Woo-Yeo for doing so after she came to his office. He tells her that he got her to do that because he wants to make sure if the girl is fine. He adds that she can take Jae-Jin to join the team. She explains that she and the guy get together just for the score.

Jae-Jin runs to Hye-Sun and tells her that he wants to join Lee Dam’s team with her after she left Woo-Yeo’s office. He mentions the interview. Lee Dam tells Woo-Yeo that she will spend the evening outside when she eats the noodles. It makes him upset. He holds her clothes and tells her that he doesn’t want her to leave when she goes to take drinks.

My Roommate Is a Gumiho stars Jang Ki-Yong, Hyeri and Kang Han-Na.

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