My Roommate Is a Gumiho: Episode 14 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama My Roommate Is a Gumiho: Episode 14. Lee Dam takes the two suitcases to get into Woo-Yeo’s house. He spots her after he went out from his study. He wonders why she came. She tells him that she wants to be his roommate again.

My Roommate Is a Gumiho: Episode 14 Recap

My Roommate Is a Gumiho: Episode 14

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama My Roommate Is a Gumiho: Episode 14.

Lee Dam walks to Gumiho and tells him that she’s going to help him. She pushes the suitcases into her room. But she still doesn’t know how to help Woo-Yeo. She remembers what the Mountain Spirit told her that the human nature changed the bead.

Woo-Yeo walks into Lee Dam’s room when she’s packing her stuff. She tells him that she will instruct him how to be a human when they stay in the house. But he mentions she asked to live like other people. She explains that she did so because he was cold to her.

Lee Dam admits that she made a mistake, and regrets for not taking care of Woo-Yeo. She begs him to let her stay in his house. He agrees to it. So she decides to leave. But he keeps her when he grabs her sleeve. He asks her for sleeping with him.

Lee Dam agrees to Gumiho’s plan. Because she cannot reject him when she sees his face. He stares at her when he lies on the floor. He praises her for believing in her. She smiles and tells him that she wishes him to do good things in the future.

Lee Dam falls down from the couch. She sleeps next to Woo-Yeo. He tells her not to be close to him because he worries that he will hurt her when he falls asleep. But she comforts him that nothing bad will happen on her. She hugs her roommate after she fell asleep. Woo-Yeo is startled to avoid Lee Dam when her mouth is close to his face. He has to resist his appetite.

Woo-Yeo tells Lee Dam that he had a good sleeping after she woke up. But she notes that he looks bad, and asks him for keeping on sleeping together if she felt so good when he stays by her side. She rejects it and tells her that he cannot stand it anymore.

Woo-Yeo tells Lee Dam that she had teeth grinding when she was sleeping. She’s shocked to cover her mouth with her hands. She returns her room and feels guilty for bringing the trouble to Woo-Yeo. He visits her with the bell. He puts it in front of her.

Woo-Yeo tells Lee Dam that he’s very happy because of her getting back when she stares at the bell. He tells her that he prepared a breakfast for her. She rushes out of room and tries to stop him because she knows that she’s bad at cooking.

But Lee Dam finds out that Woo-Yeo is cooking noodles. She realizes that he becomes a good boyfriend after he prepared everything for her. She doesn’t know what’s human nature. So she goes to the library to find the answer. But she doesn’t find the answer, and spots Gumiho rejecting the gathering demand of the students.

Lee Dam tells Woo-Yeo that she needs to take part in the gathering. She tells him that she will talk with him after she goes home. Soo-Kyeong hears it. She shows up with Jae-Jin. Jae-Jin asks Lee Dam to explain to him the words he said to Woo-Yeo.

Lee Dam reveals Woo-Yeo will help them to complete the magazine because he owns many books. Soo-Kyeong pays her respect to her teacher after he heard what Lee Dam said. Lee Dam asks Woo-Yeo to clean up her room after Soo-Kyeong and Jae-Jin got in his car.

Jae-Jin tells Lee Dam that he doesn’t want to visit Woo-Yeo’s house. Because he has a bad impression to the teacher. My Roommate Is a Gumiho made Jae-Jin see Woo-Yeo holding Hye-Sun. She was very happy. Jae-Jin tells Lee Dam that he thinks Woo-Yeo isn’t nice to them. Soo-Kyeong agrees to what the boy said. Lee Dam tells her friends that the Gumiho is changed because he let them visit his house.

Woo-Yeo takes his students to his house. Jae-Jin hands over the present to Woo-Yeo. Woo-Yeo intends to take Lee Dam to his study. But Soo-Kyeong picks up the stuff from the floor. She thinks the stuff belongs to Lee Dam. Lee Dam denies.

Soo-Kyeong shows the photo to Lee Dam. My Roommate Is a Gumiho makes us see the girl wearing the stuff. Lee Dam is scared. Soo-Kyeong think Woo-Yeo bought a badge like Lee Dam. Jae-Jin notes that step on something. He picks it up and finds out that it’s the note which was written by someone.

Jae-Jin reads the note and mentions the name “Sir”. Soo-Kyeong remembers the name belongs to the dog of Lee Dam’s lover. She glares at Lee Dam. It makes the girl nervous. Soo-Kyeong laughs and thinks the name is used by many people.

Jae-Jin tells Woo-Yeo to adjust his lesson because he thinks it’s very hard. Woo-Yeo glares at the student and wants to have a fight with him. Soo-Kyeong comforts Woo-Yeo and asking him for having meal in his house. He wants to reject her. But Lee Dam persuades her man that he shouldn’t let the students be hungry.

Soo-Kyeong is surprised that Woo-Yeo lets them enjoy meat there. She thinks he becomes a good teacher. Lee Dam a message from someone. She tells Soo-Kyeong that she and her lover are in love again. Soo-Kyeong yells at Lee Dam and tells her to break up with her lover. Woo-Yeo is furious to leave.

Sang-Chul shows up when the pot is on fire. He startles the girls. Jae-Jin and Soo-Kyeong flees when Sang-Chul wants to give them a lesson. Lee Dam wants to flee as well. Sang-Chul stops her. He comes Woo-Yeo. She learns that he drove her buddies away with the looks of Sang-Chul.

Lee Dam tells Woo-Yeo not to put Soo-Kyeong’s words into his mind. He blames her for not praising him in front of her buddies because he treated her well. He’s furious to walk away. She follows him and jumps on his back. He worries that she will catch a cold. So he gets changed for her with the wadded jacket.

Lee Dam takes off the wadded jacket after she returned to her room. She sits in the bed and thinks about Hye-Sun. Hye-Sun and Jae-Jin study in the library. Lee Dam shows up so that Jae-Jin leaves. Lee Dam asks Hye-Sun for having meal with Woo-Yeo. Hye-Sun rejects it because the Gumiho hurt Jae-Jin. But she’s told that the murderer was the Mountain Spirit.

Lee Dam takes the two to the cafe. But she spots them ignoring each other when she orders foods. She gives the foods to them. She reminds Hye-Sun that she should make an apology to Woo-Yeo. But Woo-Yeo and Hye-Sun reject to give in. They intend to leave. Lee Dam stops the two and offers to drink together.

Father has meal with Sun-Woo. He tells him that he wishes him to take over his business. Sun-Woo agrees to it. Seo-Woo asks her brother about it after he went out from the restroom. She thinks he accepted Father’s demand because he broke up with Lee Dam. She tells him not to give up. But he rejects it.

Lee Dam takes Woo-Yeo and Hye-Sun to the bar. She wishes the two to get along well with each other after they drank. But they argue again. Woo-Yeo walks Lee Dam along the street when he holds her hand. He asks her why she wished him to make up with Hye-Sun. Da-Young spots the two and takes a photo of them. She posts the photo.

Jae-Jin reads the post Soo-Kyeong wrote. He thinks she has feelings for Jung Seok. She’s furious to throw a fit to the classmate Dae-Hun when he asks her about the post. Dae-Hun shows the photo of Lee Dam and Woo-Yeo to her. Jae-Jin stops Dae-Hun from spreading the photo. But Dae-Hun rejects it because he worries that Woo-Yeo will give the girl a good score.

Lee Dam shows up. She ignores them and tries to walk away. Soo-Kyeong stops Lee Dam and shows the photo to her. Da-Young blames Lee Dam for hitting on Woo-Yeo after she showed up. Lee Dam tells Da-Young that she and Woo-Yeo were in love before he got into the academy. She tells her that she will give up the lesson.

Lee Dam gets a call from Sun-Woo. She picks it up but finds out that he’s standing in front of her. He asks her why she wanted to love a teacher. But she tells him that the case isn’t related to him.

My Roommate Is a Gumiho stars Jang Ki-Yong, Hyeri and Kang Han-Na.

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