My Roommate Is a Gumiho: Episode 15 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama My Roommate Is a Gumiho: Episode 15. Woo-Yeo walks to Lee Dam when she falls asleep. He asks her about her sleeping after she opened her eyes. She’s shy to tell him that it was so good. He smiles and gives her a kiss on her cheek.

My Roommate Is a Gumiho: Episode 15 Recap

My Roommate Is a Gumiho: Episode 15

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama My Roommate Is a Gumiho: Episode 15.

Lee Dam thinks she doesn’t have to be nervous after she gets up from the bed. But she’s upset after she remembers her roommate kissed her. Gumiho is nervous as well when he makes coffee for Lee Dam even if he told himself that he’s a love expert.

The two arrive at the school. They tell each other to take care of themselves. Soo-Kyeong spots Woo-Yeo leaving Lee Dam. She thinks something happened on the two. She follows Lee Dam to the classroom. She dances in front of her. It makes Lee Dam feel uncomfortable.

Soo-Kyeong tells Lee Dam not to call Woo-Yeo sir. Because people will think they’re not in love. Jae-Jin agrees to what Soo-Kyeong said. Lee Dam goes downstairs. She thinks about to call Gumiho sweeties. But she gives up the mind. She spots the couple passing by. She hears the girl called his boyfriend baby. She thinks she can do that like the girl.

Lee Dam sees her roommate. She walks to him and points at his back. She tries to call him baby. But he doesn’t hear what she said, and asks her to repeat it. She tells him that she just wants to eat something.

Lee Dam tries to call Woo-Yeo baby again. But the necklace seller takes the chance to call him. Woo-Yeo takes Lee Dam to the restaurant. He tells her to call him like she did to him before. She’s embarrassed after knowing he heard it.

Soo-Kyeong eats with Jae-Jin. She wishes Lee Dam to maintain a long love relationship with her roommate. Because she saw her debacle after she got dumped. She thinks Lee Dam is having a friendship with her boyfriend like she did with other buddies. She worries that she didn’t touch the guy.

Jae-Jin tells Soo-Kyeong not to talk about the stuff about lovers. But she points out that he slept with a girl before Hye-Sun became his girlfriend. She thinks he didn’t tell the thing to Hye-Sun because he wanted to enjoy her love. She calls him jerk.

Jae-Jin gets a call from Hye-Sun. He goes to see her. She gives him a ride and drives him home. He feels regret for not escorting her home. She thinks he doesn’t have to do that. Because she doesn’t like the traditional man. She mistakes that he wants to kiss her when he’s close to her.

Hye-Sun tells Jae-Jin that she’s ready for the kiss when she makes her mouth approach him. He notes her intent and wants to do it to her. But he remembers what Soo-Kyeong said that he’s a jerk. He tells himself that he’s not a jerk. Hye-Sun hears it so that she asks him about it.

Jae-Jin explains to Hye-Sun that he’s the one who will love her deeply if they’re in love. He takes off the hair from her eye. She tells her that she just wanted to take a break. She laughs. Lee Dam returns home with Woo-Yeo. She asks him if he’s fatigued. He tells her that he’s excited when he stays with her. She’s shy and wants to leave. But he holds her hand to keep her.

Woo-Yeo takes a look at the bead. He tells Lee Dam about the good news of the bead after she joined him. But she cannot see the change of the bead. So he draws it for her. She takes a look at the drawing. She thinks he will be successful if he keeps on doing it. He feels happy. She posts the drawing on the wall, and wonders how to complete the task.

Lee Dam eats the strawberry. She tells her roommate that he should get used to do good things. He agrees to it and drivers her. But he badmouths the driver after the person made him brake. She reminds him that he needs to be politeness.

The couple passes by and sees Lee Dam and Gumiho. They think the two should hold hand because they’re teacher and student. Woo-Yeo glares at the couple. Lee Dam notes it so that she stops Woo-Yeo. She tells him not to think about attacking people with his mind. He promises it.

Lee Dam tells Woo-Yeo that she needs to hand over the homework in a short period time. But the homework is at home. He decides to take her home with his skill. But they appear in Hye-Sun’s car. It startles the woman. Hye-Sun mocks Woo-Yeo and thinks he’s lack of power. He scolds her. Lee Dam stops Woo-Yeo. He takes her home in the end. She asks him if his skill failed. He thinks he was just fatigued.

Da-Young feels sorry after knowing Sun-Woo got hurt by Lee Dam. He denies and tells her to be nice to the girl. She gets angry. Da-Young joins Jung Seok. She asks him about the girl he loves. Soo-Kyeong drinks coffee with Lee Dam when they sit on the stairs. She throws a fit to her for her bad scores. She explains that she did it because of Jung Seok and Da-Young. Lee Dam says that she doesn’t like the two as well. But she decides to forgive them for Woo-Yeo.

Jung Seok’s notebook is missing. Da-Young and Seo Jin think Soo-Kyeong stole Jung Seok’s notebook because she fell for him. Soo-Kyeong throws a fit to the two girls and bumps them. Da-Young is furious to push Soo-Kyeong over. Lee Dam shows up. She helps Soo-Kyeong get up.

Lee Dam tells Da-Young to apologize to her friend. But Da-Young rejects it and tries to walk away. Lee Dam grabs Da-Young’s hand to keep her. Da-Young is furious to take Lee Dam’s hair. The two grab each other’s hair. Seo Jin and Soo-Kyeong join them.

Jung Seok stops the four. Seo Jin tells him that Soo-Kyeong loves him. Soo-Kyeong denies and reveals the guy was Jae-Jin. She’s embarrassed.

It flashes back. Soo-Kyeong is asked to dance in the gathering. But she doesn’t want to do that. Jae-Jin stands up. He dances for her in front of the people. She falls for him and writes a love letter to him. Jung Seok runs into Soo-Kyeong. He mistakes her as the teacher because she looks aged. He takes over the papers from her. She realizes it after she went to the classroom. She scolds him for doing so.

Lee Dam argues with the bad girls. She turns around and finds out that Woo-Yeo is standing in front of her. She blocks her mouth with her hands. Woo-Yeo applies the ointment to Lee Dam’s hand when they’re in the car. She explains to him that she did it because he could stand it when the bad girl bullied Soo-Kyeong. But she feels guilty when he stares at her.

Woo-Yeo tells Lee Dam that he decided to resign. He persuades her not to scuffle because she will be injured in the end. She promises it and thinks he went there for her. Woo-Yeo thinks about his skills. He summons Hye-Sun to his office. He tells her that his skills fail sometimes. He reveals the human nature changed his bead.

Hye-Sun tells Woo-Yeo that he’s losing his power because he’s going to be a human. She feels happy for him. The girl is going to trip from the stairs. Woo-Yeo helps her from catch her hand. He finds out that energy isn’t an important thing to him.

Woo-Yeo calls Lee Dam and summons her to his office. He smiles at her when she arrives. He tells her that he wants to buy her a meal. But she tells him that she got invited by her friends. Jae-Jin drinks with Soo-Kyeong. He tells her that he knew that she fell for him.

Soo-Kyeong tells Jae-Jin that she just did that for a short period of time. He asks her why she had feelings for him. She tells him that she fell for him because he saved her. She tells him to stay away from her. He agrees to it because he’s going to see Hye-Sun. He asks her not to like him before he leaves.

Soo-Kyeong tells Lee Dam that she was luck because Jung Seok helped her. Lee Dam tells Soo-Kyeong not to dislike the guy. But Soo-Kyeong tells Lee Dam that it’s her business. She asks her about her hair. Lee Dam tells Soo-Kyeong that she’s fine. Soo-Kyeong brags how she hurt Da-Young and Seo Jin. She feels guilty for getting Lee Dam involved.

My Roommate Is a Gumiho stars Jang Ki-Yong, Hyeri and Kang Han-Na.

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