The Untamed: Episode 35 [Recap]

In today’s recap I’m going to show you plot summary of Chinese drama The Untamed: Episode 35. Jin Ling wakes up and blames Wu Xian for hitting him. He reveals Jiang Cheng has never hit him. Wu Xian tells Jin Ling that Lan Zhan came, and Jin Ling runs away.

The Untamed: Episode 35 Recap

The Untamed

Wu Xian sees Lan Zhan staring at moon, “I always thought Jiang Cheng would stand on my side forever and Lan Zhan would always stand on the opposite side of us. But everything is a completely reversed scene.”

Lan Zhan finds the curse on Wu Xian’s foot, and thinks he moved it over from Jin Ling’s body. He wants to carry him, but Wu Xian thinks it’s unsightly. Lan Zhan reveals Wu Xian once wanted to carry him on his back. But Wu Xian doesn’t remember it.

Lan Zhan carries Wu Xian, and Wu Xian asks Lan Zhan how he recognized him. Lan Zhan reveals Wu Xian told him about it on his own.

The two arrive at the hotel, and Lan Zhan asks Wu Xian to wear his mask. Wu Xian realizes that they’re going to see their old friend.

Huai Sang lies that it wasn’t him. Lan Zhan throws the cloth to the table, but Huai Sang claims he just passed by. He says that he knows nothing, and Wu Xian thinks Huai Sang will know when he talks. The Untamed: Episode 35 is pretty good.

Wu Xian threatens to tell people if Huai Sang doesn’t tell him the truth of the stone fortress. Hua Sang reveals it’s not eating human fortress but their ancestors’ tomb. Wu Xian wonders why the coffins have blades.

Huai Sang admits that the fortress ate people ever, and he just enlarged the rumors. He reveals the blade will become a lethal weapon after the master died in Nie family, and Wu Xian thinks it’s close to evil path.

Huai Sang explains that the blades of his family needs spirits as sacrifice instead of human beings. So the 16th chief made the stone fortress for the blades of his grandfather, and put the evil spirits with the blades.

Wu Xian wonders why it ate human beings, and Huai Sang reveals the thieves moved the blade and the blade killed them.

Huai Sang shows the stone to Wu Xian, and reveals Jin Ling made a hole on the fortress. So the fortress stunned him, and made him walk into the wall. Huai Sang adds that the dog chased him when he picked up the stone. The Untamed: Episode 35 is so great.

Huai Sang wants to leave, but Wu Xian praises Huai Sang’s fan and returns it to him.

Wu Xian cleans the curse marks, but the blade spirit keeps jumping. Lan Zhan and Wu Xian play music to comfort the blade spirit, and they have an eye contact. Wu Xian wonders why the blade spirit is so impatient, and Lan Zhan points out it’s because of the curse marks.

Wu Xian realizes that the blade hall of Nie family is what the sword spirit wanted to take them to go. The two revisit the stone fortress, where Huai Sang gets people to fix the wall. Lan Zhan breaks the wall again, and Wu Xian realizes that the sword spirit didn’t point at murderer but his master.

Huai Sang points out that the people of Nie family don’t use sword, but Wu Xian asks Huai Sang to take out all of the blades of Nie family. Wu Xian checks all of the blades but gets nothing. Lan Zhan points out that Chi Fengzun’s blade Ba Xia isn’t there.

Huai Sang remembers Chi Fengzun was mad and didn’t recongize him. Wu Xian wonders where the blade spirit wants to take them to go. Lan Zhan takes the blade spirit and says west. Wu Xian thinks the person left the blade spirit at Mo village was to make them find Chi Fengzun. The Untamed: Episode 35 is worth of watching.

Wu Xian thinks Chi Fengzun was killed by someone, who wants to wrong him. Huai Sang is in tears when he thinks that they’re going to find his brother’s body. Wu Xian comforts Huai Sang that Lan Zhan will message him after they find the body of Chi Fengzun.

Wu Xian and Lan Zhan drink at the bar, and Wu Xian learns that Xue Yang became the guest of Jin family. Lan Zhan reveals Guang Shan was against to get rid of Xue Yang, and the only survivor of Chang family Chang Ping said that Xue Yang wasn’t the murderer. Xing Chen killed Chang Ping with his sword Shuang Hua.

Wu Xian sighs that Song Lan and Xing Cheng got wronged after they saved Chang family. Lan Zhan takes Wu Xian’s wine and drinks.

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