Oh My Cute Consort: Episode 2 [Recap]

This is the recap of Chinese drama Oh My Cute Consort Episode 2. Qu Consort doesn’t get chance to see Emperor, and complains it to Bu Meng and Yan Consort. Bu Meng asks Yan Er to take a bowl for Qu Consort. But Qu Consort takes out a big bowl. She wants to be the friend of Bu Meng and Yan Consort, and offers to take a walk.

Oh My Cute Consort: Episode 2 Recap

Oh My Cute Consort

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama Oh My Cute Consort Episode 2.

The three see Xiao Consort washing clothes herself, and the maid wets Xiao Consort’s pillow and throws to the rooftop. The three wants to help Xiao Consort, but seeing her taking the maid to the rooftop. Bu Meng thinks Xiao Consort’s temper is good so that she stood so long. But Xiao Consort flies down and wants to scoop out their eyes.

The maid tells Yan Er that Ru Consort summon Bu Meng, and Yan Er asks Yan Consort to help Bu Meng. Wei Yong reminds Emperor that Bu Meng hasn’t gone out for ten days, and thinks her chess skill is better than him.

Yan Consort tells Bu Meng that Ru Consort asked her to go to her palace. Bu Meng is scared. Ru Consort asks her maids to beat Bu Meng, and Bu Meng flees.

Emperor shows up and stops the maids. He asks Ru Consort why her maids chased Bu Meng, and Ru Consort explains that she just played a game with Bu Meng. Bu Meng says that it’s funny and tells Ru Consort not to play it constantly, because her heart cannot stand it.

Emperor thinks Ru Consort needs to rest, so he leaves with Bu Meng. Ru Consort rages but she thinks her family is superior than Bu Meng’s family.

Emperor thinks Bu Meng should thank him for saving her. But she cannot express it and tells him not to fall for her. He tells her to take a look at herself, and wants to give something to her.

Emperor tells Bu Meng that the tea he gave her is the poison, and expects her to cry. But she drinks up the tea and hugs him. He thinks she wanted to give herself to him, but she picks up the scorpion and wants to bury it. He yells at her that the scorpion is his pet.

Yan Er reveals Emperor saved Bu Meng, and Qu Consort is furious to leave. Emperor sends to doctor to see Bu Meng, and Yan Consort tells Bu Meng to catch the chance. The doctor reports to Emperor that Bu Meng doesn’t want to see him, and Emperor tells the doctor to keep visiting Bu Meng.

Yan Er brings the cakes to Bu Meng, but Bu Meng asks Yan Er to give the cakes to Qu Consort. The doctor tells Bu Meng not to eat the cake, and finds out that it contains toxin. Yan Er is hit by the stone, and the cakes drop. The dog Di Bai eats the cake. Xiao Consort tells Yan Er to go back to see Bu Meng, and Yan Er notes that Di Bai is dead.

The eunuch intends to push Yan Consort into the water. Someone calls Yan Consort and saves her. Yan Er cries to Bu Meng when they worship Di Bai. Qu Consort’s house is burning, and Bu Meng wants to save Qu Consort. But Yan Consort reminds Bu Meng that she doesn’t have martial arts.

Xiao Consort takes Qu Consort out, and Bu Meng notes that Xiao Consort’s hand is hurt. Yan Consort treats Xiao Consort, and Bu Meng thinks she brought the bad luck to her friends. Qu Consort thinks they should take the duty together. Bu Meng asks Xiao Consort why she helped them, and Xiao Consort reveals she just passed by.

Emperor knows what happened, and asks Wei Yong to look into the maid’s death. Qu Consort wonders who wants to kill them, and Bu Meng thinks she is Ru Consort. Yan Consort tells Bu Meng that avoiding is useless, and persuades her to get Emperor’s love for the position.

Bu Meng visits Xiao Consort who is dry the wet cover. Bu Meng thinks she gets Xiao Consort involved, but Xiao Consort points out that someone is jealous of the friendship and her and Emperor. She reveals her lover is Shen Shang. The man touched Xiao Consort’s chest while fighting and confessed his love to her.

Bu Meng learns that Xiao Consort still waits for Shen Shang after three years. Yan Consort thinks Shen Shang is dead as he was missing at the battlefield. Qu Consort thinks they should talk about men because they’re Emperor’s women.

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