One the Woman: Episode 4 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama One the Woman: Episode 4. Yeon-Joo is working in the kitchen. She gets a call from Eun-Hwa who asks for a meeting up. Yeon-Joo is happy to agree to it. She tells her that she will see her in the hotel.

One the Woman: Episode 4 Recap

One the Woman

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama One the Woman: Episode 4.

Yeon-Joo waits for Eun-Hwa in the hotel. She thinks she should thank Eun-Hwa for making her not wash those dishes. Eun-Hwa shows up. She notes that Yeon-Joo is full of energy. She mentions she intended to kick her out from Yumin Group but the big shareholder helped Yeon-Joo.

Yeon-Joo is confused because she doesn’t know who is the big shareholder. Eun-Hwa reminds Yeon-Joo that she’s just a small role in Yumin Group. Yeon-Joo remembers she was rude to Seung-Wook when she’s driving. She sighs and sees Seung-Wook. She gets off her car and greets him with smiling.

Yeon-Joo explains to Seung-Wook that she was rude to him because her head was hurt. She asks him why he didn’t tell her his identity. He points out that he didn’t get a chance. He asks for a talk. Seung-Wook takes Yeon-Joo to the cafe, and gives the papers about Mi-Na to her. She thinks he treats her like family. She decides to leave.

But Seung-Wook stops Yeon-Joo and tries to tell her that he’s very rich. But she doesn’t want to hear what he says. She runs away. Young-Sik calls Seung-Deok and scolds him after he received the paper. Seung-Deok explains to Young-Sik that the prosecutor who did it is missing. He tells him that he doesn’t intend to betray him. Young-Sik is furious to hang up.

Seung-Deok calls Yeon-Joo. But she doesn’t pick up his phone. Hak-Tae visits Seung-Wook and brings up the words that his mom said.

It flashes back. Seung-Wook is watching the stars from the ship. He receives a note from Mi-Na after his grandpa passed away. She asks for a meeting up because she wants to tell the truth to him. But he doesn’t go to see her because he thinks she has feelings for him after she got married.

Seung-Wook shows up at the his mom’s funeral. The guy hands over the box to Seung-Wook. He tells him that the box belonged to his mom, and she didn’t want him to see it. Seung-Wook sees a phone after the guy opened the box. He gets in his car with the phone, and sees the message in the phone. The message was sent by his mom. She worries that Young-Sik will kill her son.

Seung-Wook thinks he has to find Mi-Na if he wants to know the truth. Hak-Tae offers to report to the police about the woman’s disappearing. Seung-Wook is against it because he needs to use Yeon-Joo. Hak-Tae brings up the prosecutor. He tries to call her. But she doesn’t pick up his phone.

Yeon-Joo sits on the couch and tries to open the tablet. But she fails and wonders where Mi-Na went. She wants to help her. Seung-Wook walks out of his house. He spots the milk and pick it up. Yoo-Joon shows up when Seung-Wook is taking a look at the milk. Yoo-Joon tells Seung-Wook that the milk belongs to his friend. He tells him to drink it.

Yoo-Joon gets a call from Seung-Deok so that he tells Seung-Wook to leave. Seung-Wook takes the milk to get into the elevator. Yoo-Joon reports to Seung-Deok that he visited Yeon-Joo but he didn’t find her. He mentions Seung-Wook took away Yeon-Joo’s milk. Seung-Deok looks down on Seung-Wook.

One the Woman: Episode 4 stars Lee Ha-Nee, Lee Sang-Yoon and Jin Seo-Yeon.

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