One the Woman: Episode 6 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama One the Woman: Episode 6. Sung-Hye walks in the kitchen and asks Kyung-Shin about Mi-Na. Kyung-Shin tells Sung-Hye that she didn’t give Mi-Na the food she asked her to do. But Mi-Na still felt uncomfortable.

One the Woman: Episode 6 Recap

One the Woman

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama One the Woman: Episode 6.

Yeon-Joo calls Hak-Tae and asks him about Seung-Wook’s whereabouts. Hak-Tae throws a fit to Yeon-Joo. He tells her that Seung-Wook is very busy. Seung-Wook visits his dad’s grave. He remembers what Young-Sik told him that his father is a jerk.

Bong-Sik runs into Yeon-Joo. She doesn’t recognize him until he tells her that he was the driver of Mi-Na. Hak-Tae learns that Yeon-Joo had a talk with Bong-Sik. He thinks she should contact the guy until he stayed by her side. She points out that he talked with someone else over the phone. He explains that he talked with the police about how to find the prosecutor.

Bong-Sik talks a look at Yeon-Joo. He finds out that she’s not Mi-Na. Seung-Wook returns home. Yeon-Joo and Hak-Tae give Seung-Wook a big surprise because they knew it’s his birthday. Yeon-Joo prepares the meal for Seung-Wook. She reveals Kyung-Shin cooked the food she doesn’t like for her.

Seung-Wook is surprised that Yeon-Joo is good at cooking. She wants to open a restaurant. He shows the meat to her, and thinks it’s too short. But she takes away the meat and puts it into her mouth. Do-Woo reports to Sung-Hye that someone checked the record before he did it. He wants to inform it to the police. But she rejects it because she worries that it will damage the reputation of the company.

Do-Woo leaves the record on the table. Sung-Hye checks the record and spots Bong-Sik. Bong-Sik goes to the parking lot. He gets into Seung-Deok’s car. Seung-Deok worries that someone is tailing Bong-Sik. Bong-Sik denies but he remembers Yeon-Joo caught him.

Seung-Deok worries that Bong-Sik told something to Yeon-Joo. He gives some money to him, and tells him to leave Korea. But Bong-Sik doesn’t want to listen to Seung-Deok. Seung-Wook drinks beer with Yeon-Joo. He tells her that his dad died on his birthday. He feels guilty. She comforts him that his father wants him to leave a happy life. He remembers Mi-Na said the same words to him.

Seung-Wook stares at Yeon-Joo. She notes it so that she asks him why he does it to her. He panics to walk away. Myung-Won is furious to throw the phone to the table. Sung-Mi takes a look at the photo and finds out that Seung-Wook hugs Mi-Na.

But Young-Sik doesn’t think it’s a matter. He mentions Sung-Woon did the same thing. Myung-Won tells Sung-Woon to make Mi-Na get pregnant. He agrees to her plan. Yeon-Joo takes out the powder bag from the fridge. She pours the powder into her mouth, and calls it as magic powder. Seung-Wook stares at Yeon-Joo. He remembers Mi-Na did the same thing in front of him.

Myung-Won asks Yeon-Joo if she’s taking birth control pills after she returned home. Yeon-Joo calls Myung-Won “pig”. She thinks she shouldn’t step in her son’s personal life. But she finds out that the families are staring at her.

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Yeon-Joo tries to go to the second floor. Sung-Hye stops Yeon-Joo and asks her for unlocking the tablet with his thumb. Yeon-Joo takes over the tablet from Sung-Hye. She unlocks it.

Two Hours Ago

Yeon-Joo unlocks the tablet with Seung-Wook’s birthday. Seung-Wook takes a look at the tablet. He finds out that Mi-Na owned the evidences of her families.

Yeon-Joo walks Seung-Wook. She tells him that she will throw him to the ground if he hugs her. But she does nothing when he hugs her. He tells her to clean up the tablet before she goes home.

Sung-Woon meets with So-Yi at the cafe. He tells her that he cannot support her. She learns that he did it because of Mi-Na. She’s furious to pour the juice to her hair. She tells him that she regrets for believing in him. So-Yi walks to the elevator. She remembers Sung-Woon was in jealousy when he sees Mi-Na staying with Seung-Wook.

Yeon-Joo goes downstairs. She’s startled when she sees Kyung-Shin. Kyung-Shin tells Yeon-Joo that she knows she’s not Mi-Na. She thinks the families will find it out soon. Hak-Tae drives Yeon-Joo to the office. Yeon-Joo gets a call from Yoo-Joon who asks her for visiting him.

Yeon-Joo tells Seung-Wook that she doesn’t want to see the prosecutor. She asks him for reporting to the police about Mi-Na’s missing. But he rejects it because he worries that Mi-Na will get hurt. She thinks he only cares for Mi-Na. She’s furious to leave his office.

Yeon-Joo thinks she’s the only one who can protect herself. She goes to the hospital with the wheelchair. She tells the follower not to let anyone get into her room. The rumor gets spread that someone saw Yeon-Joo when he took the tablet.

Seung-Deok hears the rumor. He remembers Yeon-Joo returned the tablet to him and she told him not to get it leaked. He worries about it. Sung-Hye runs into Bong-Sik at the hall. The follower reports to Sung-Hye that the guy wants to see her. So she takes him to her office.

Yeon-Joo is hungry. She calls Hak-Tae and asks him for bringing some foods to her. But he rejects it because he’s very busy. So she calls Seung-Wook and asks for same thing. He rejects it. She’s furious to throw a fit to him.

Yeon-Joo wakes up. She’s surprised to see Seung-Wook. He takes out the food from the flowers. He tries to leave. But she stops him because she doesn’t want to eat alone. He has to stay to accompany her. He tells her that she’s like Mi-Na. She says that emergency room is a warm place. He remembers that Mi-Na said the same words to him.

One the Woman stars Lee Ha-Nee, Lee Sang-Yoon and Jin Seo-Yeon.

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