One the Woman K-Drama: Episode 7 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for One the Woman K-Drama: Episode 7. Seung-Wook leaves when Yeon-Joo is eating. She’s surprised because they just had a good talk. She takes the food to walk to the window. She sees him off. She doesn’t know someone is taking photos of her.

How Does Yoo-Joon Recognize Yeon-Joo?

One the Woman

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for One the Woman K-Drama: Episode 7.

Hak-Tae takes a look at Yeon-Joo’s photos. He thinks the person who gave the woman food is a fool. Seung-Wook admits that he was the one who gave food to Yeon-Joo. Hak-Tae thinks it’s not a good idea to let Yeon-Joo see the prosecutor.

Sung-Hye lets her followers to beat Bong-Sik. She tells him that she thinks she should kill him three years ago. He tells her that she won’t know Mi-Na isn’t Mi-Na if she takes his life. She tells him that she will forgive him if he brings the evidence to her.

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The people of Hanju Family scold Yeon-Joo after they knew she was caught by the reporter. Yeon-Joo gets angry. She intends to report to the prosecutor about about Hanju Family did. But she worries that she will be killed. Young-Sik worries that the reporters will catch Yeon-Joo again. He tells her to drive Jae-Hee’s car.

Yeon-Joo tries to drive the car. But Seung-Wook stops her and gets in her car. He reveals Hak-Tae asked him to drive car for her. He thinks she intended to report Hanju Family after she was scolded. She denies it and drives the car on her own to prove that she’s fine.

Yoo-Joon meets with the cop who thinks Yeon-Joo was killed by her enemies. Yeon-Joo drives the car with a very high speed. She finds out that the brake fails. Kyung-Shin arrives at the parking lot. She sees the oils on the floor. She calls the guard and asks him about Yeon-Joo’s whereabouts.

Yeon-Joo thinks the people of Hanju family want to kill her. She takes a look at the mirror. She finds out that there’s a car tailing her. Seung-Wook tells her to crash somewhere. She rejects it because she doesn’t want those bad persons to get what they want.

Seung-Wook yells at Yeon-Joo. He thinks what she does will only hurt herself. She wonders when he began to worry about her. She mentions he only cares for Mi-Na. He confesses to her that he looks for Mi-Na for saving her. She’s surprised. He reminds her that she’s going to hit the car.

Yeon-Joo avoids the car. She sees the flashes of the car lights. She remembers she was hit by the car. She releases the steering wheel. Seung-Wook holds the steering wheel to help her drive. The car passes by the cops. They get in the police car to chase Yeon-Joo’s car.

Yoo-Joon walks out of the building. He sees the car crashing. Yeon-Joo gets off the car. She wears sunglasses and headscarf. Yoo-Joon walks to her. He complains to her that he worries about her. She’s surprised that he knows her when she takes off her sunglasses.

Sung-Hye is furious to slap the table after knowing Yeon-Joo didn’t get killed. She asks Do-Woo why the bodyguards tailed Yeon-Joo. He reveals Kyung-Shin asked them to do that. Kyung-Shin explains to Young-Sik that she asked the bodyguards to tailed Yeon-Joo because she found the oil on the ground of the parking lot.

Jae-Hee mentions the car was fine when she used it. Young-Sik tells Jae-Hee to scrap the car. Myung-Won asks her husband why he did it. She intends to summon Seung-Wook and question him. Young-Sik points out that Seung-Wook won’t listen to his order. He’s confident that the guy will come on his own.

Yoo-Joon asks Mi-Na if she doesn’t know she’s Yeon-Joo. He returns her wallet to her. She checks the wallet and sees the family photo of her and an old lady. She realizes that she’s a prosecutor. Hak-Tae notes that Seung-Wook’s arm was hurt. He asks him about it.

Seung-Wook tells Hak-Tae that someone broke the brake. Hak-Tae mentions what he told Seung-Wook not to give Yeon-Joo a ride. He asks him if Yeon-Joo is a friend of the prosecutor. Seung-Wook admits it. Yeon-Joo throws the wallet to Yoo-Joon. She tells him that she doesn’t believe what he said. He tries to pour the water to her stuff. She takes the stuff aside. He tells her that only prosecutor cares for papers.

Yeon-Joo is happy to tell Hak-Tae that she’s a prosecutor. He mistakes that she’s the criminal who was arrested by the prosecutor. She tells her name to him. He realizes that she’s the prosecutor he wished to see. He shows the photo to Seung-Wook.

One the Woman K-Drama: Episode 7 Ending

Episode 7 of One the Woman ends with Seung-Deok walking downstairs to accept the congratulations from people. He wonders why he’s not happy until he sees Yeon-Joo. He’s surprised that she’s alive. He walks to her. She greets him.

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